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It's Ninja Cinnamon. I'm bringing you a quick settings guide for what I think is the best to use for graphics, sound aiming, and movement, which we're going to hop right into. Graphics: Personally.


I do use full-screen borderless, but if you are on a PC, full-screen exclusive is going to give you the most frames , but I do tend to click out sometimes, so I keep it on Border LS just so I can move my mouse out of the screen and do other things.

Make sure you have the right monitor selected here. I have the Nvidia 39d graphics card, so these are locked since I have the borderless on and the aspect ratio. I keep it on automatic for display gamma. I have it on 2.2, and for my brightness, it's on 52. This is going to be a personal preference; it kind of depends on your monitor.


Have the constrained mouse off the Nvidia reflex low latency. I have that on plus boost. I have an eco-mode preset on efficiency, Pync off, and a custom frame rate limit. I have set it to 300 for the game, 80 for the menu, and out of focus to 30, so basically, when I'm doing something else, the game drops to 30 frames, and really, the last thing on this page is that I have HDR off before moving on to quality.

I have the graphics preset to customize; make sure your render resolution is at 100. I have dynamic resolution off scaling. I use Nvidia image path tracing. I have off VI Ram scale. I have set to 90, variable rate shading is off, and I'm going to kind of Rapid Fire go through these details and textures, so texture resolution is very low, texture filter is low depth of field, detail quality level is low, article resolution is low, bullet impacts off, persistent effects off.

Shader quality is low. On-demand texture streaming off local texture streaming quality is low. The shadow quality is very low. Green Space Shadows is off. Ambient occlusion is off. Green Space Reflections is off. The static reflection quality is low. The system is off because volumetric quality is low and physics quality is off.


Weather grid volumes are off, and water quality is off. Basically, having these on very low or most of this stuff off just helps the game perform better, so moving on to my favorite, this is my personal preference. I play on 102. You're playing on a controller, and you probably want to stick anywhere between 95 and 107.

I've heard that you lose some aim assist if you go above 107. I don't know if that's totally true, but I would stick between 105 and 95; the ad field of view is affected, and the weapon field of view is wide motion blur. These are huge. Please turn these off. As you can see in these two images, it is extremely hard to tell what's going on, especially with wide motion blur.

Your gun isn't as bad, but just turn both of these off. There's really no reason you'd want this on, so I have it on zero. First-person camera movement is 50%, and then I personally have an inverted flashbang on it, which basically turns your screen black instead of literally shining a flashlight in your eyeballs.

cod settings

That's a personal preference, and then moving on to the interface, but still, kind of in the graphics realm, these are the colors I use. This is all pretty much personal preference. The only thing I would recommend doing is changing this to Filter 2 and then changing this color filter. Target both, and I personally use 90 and 100.

It just helps your game look a little more vibrant and enhances the color intensity, and then down here I have the HUD. Most people set up their HUD to be the BCE of their screen. I personally have it inside a little bit so the mini map and stuff like that don't have to move your eyes as far, so you want it centered for sure, but maybe not all the way to the edges of your screen.

And then, for the mini map shape, you definitely want it on Square, where you can see a lot more mini map rotation. On the horizontal compass, this is a personal preference, but I just have it off. I use static crosshair, and then my center dot is on, and I have it set to larger, but I think that does it for graphics.

Let's move on to my controller settings. I do play tactical.



I have a scuff, so I jump with the back right paddle controller. Vibration is off. Dead zones are super important. You can test right here in the game to see if you have any stick drift. Maybe just move around your controller and see. Personally, I think having the minimum is pretty low, so you can make those little minor adjustments.

But also, you don't want that stick to drift without you touching it. All kinds of mess around with this and see what applies for you, and the maximum is also super important, as you can see in these little examples. I only have to push my stick 75%. Of the ways to get the maximum output in those little gunfights where you don't really have time to make those major adjustments, it basically lets you get to the maximum output ranges quicker before moving on to aiming.

I personally play on 66, and I don't really mess with the advanced stuff under Show More of My Ads. The sensitivity multiplier is on one; I don't mess with any of this under the sensitivity multiplier either or aim response curve. I use Dynamic, the sensitivity multiplier. One transition timing is set to instant.

Target a assist is on an assist type; I use default; this is honestly a personal preference; you can play with any of these. I think default and Black Ops are the most popular, but I personally have been liking default lately. Behavior off and then moving on to gameplay, if you want automatic tax Sprint: This is where you turn it on.

I personally use single-tap run, so I only have to click that sprint button once. T Sprint grounded mantle: I have off automatic Airborne mantle off automatic ground mantel. SL hangs off. I still play on SL, but you can now use hybrid; you can slide or dive. I still personally use Slide only if you don't want to use anything else because it adds quite a bit of input.

So you want to be able to cancel those slide shows as quickly as you can, which does it. Game play is now.



We can move on to audio. I personally think the PC speaker is best if you are playing on a PC with a headphone base boost or headphones. I can't really hear footsteps as well, and you can use sound EQ if you really want to sound whining for those footsteps, but I personally don't, and that's a whole different setting that I'm not going to get into within your Windows settings.

Make sure this is on stereo and your sound device is set to the correct one. I have a master volume on 100 and basically everything. Besides the effects turned down, I do have the dialogue on, so I can hear the game announcer and voice chat. This is all just going to be a personal preference, so that's going to be it for my graphics, audio, and controller settings for Modern Warfare 3 ranked play.

COD MWIII RANKED - Best Settings! Let me know if I missed anything. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Ranked Gameplay Settings.
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