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Introduction to article

Introduction to article

Jeffer obscurity here, and today I'm bringing you another article, but this time I'm doing lines of sight and jump spots, just as I promised like a month ago, and I'm going to actually try to get them all out this time. The problem is that it's a little tedious to record these articles, and it takes a lot of time to edit and show you guys every single spot.

And yeah, as you can see, we finally hit iridescent. I'm not going to lie; some of the games were on the keyboard and mouse, and some of the games were on the controller. But yeah, we did it. I tried recording my rankup game, and I absolutely got stuck in two games in a row, so I might post it just for fun so you guys can see what it's like up here, but I don't have a lot of content, so let's see what I can do.

Plus, I think I'm still editing the platinum and gold articles, so yeah, anyway, I'm going to get right into the article. It means the world to me, and hopefully we can hit even higher.

Best jump spots and lines of sight on karachi

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Video, all right, it's been a while. I'm not going to lie; I was sick. I tried recording one of these and I just couldn't, but there are jump spots in lines of sight for highrise, and we're doing it on controller this time, so bear with me. All right, so the first thing I'm going to explain is how to get on top of this really quickly.

Get on top of the propane. Cas you didn't know you can get on top of it like this and then jump, that's it, then from here you jump on top of this and jump here you can also get on top of this, propane, then if you want a nasty head glitch, just go prone. You won't be able to see them; they won't expect that, but at least you can get a nasty line of sight just by jumping on top of these barrels.

best jump spots and wallbangs highrise ranked

Nice little heav; you can also jump on top of the wing; they can't shoot your feet, which is good to know you can do it on this side too, on top of the wing. Nice little head glitch here. This is a nice little spot here that nobody knows about really getting on top of. You can jump up here, and you can just watch this right window.

You can get on top of this green building. I'm literally just jumping. Just make sure you're on this side with the hose and the nasty spot here; they will not expect this ever, and then another way you can get up there is just the normal way, like that nice and easy way. Another way to get on top of the hel pad would actually be to just jump on here and jump like that.

Get on top of this; it's like that, or you can use a ladder, but if you're holding on to this point, it's probably best to just go up here nice and fast and get on top of this simple jump. Nothing too crazy, and then another trick is that you can get on top of these boxes or electrical things and get a nice load jump.

best settings modern warfare 3

Nasty head glitch if you sit on these steps almost always a guaranteed kill same thing you can play this angle same thing you can play this angle can even play this angle they're all amazing head glitches definitely the most overpowered spot in this entire, map jump on top of this green fence you can also get on top of this but I don't recommend it cuz you're obviously going straight.

Down, you can hold this angle, which is a pretty nasty angle to hold. Let me also put you guys on the game real quick. You can actually play from the elevator. It's such a simple and obvious spot that people don't know about, and for some reason they just don't. So one way to get on top of this is to come here and basically sprint your life away.


Fall and I fell but whatever you get on top of that and then you get on top of that simple another way which I can't really show you guys cuz I can never land it which is why I just go the regular way if I'm ever going to go up there is you want to land you want to kind of jump in the middle of this so you can instantly grapple, up see yeah I'm not going to be able to land it I'll try one more time but when it comes to when it comes to trying to land this I fail every time but yes it's very possible to do it I just I can't show you guys cuz M Another angle I think you guys should know about is if you're trying to take a at the start of a round, especially you can actually just jump down here and run not to fall like I did with the other spot jump here and you just got behind their entire team and you can obviously go up to like here and then if there's somebody hiding here you and some TR that and TR, this.

When holding their spawn in control, let's say you're destroying these people and you want to be able to hold them down in their spawn. There's three ways that I like to play: this one is literally just playing from here, another is the obvious that everybody plays from here, and then my favorite is just hiding here.

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This one's almost always going to guarantee you one to two kills. Make sure you alternate between the three. You can even hide behind this if you want, but this one's kind of obvious. In my opinion, you can do it behind this one wherever you want. Just make sure you're always alternating between the three or five times.

You can literally jump on top of this by jumping out the window and running up to it. This head glitch works, but this is better. There's one angle on this map that almost nobody's going to be able to take you off of, and it's literally right here. Just go BR easy; guaranteed, one to two kills every time.

Obviously. I got to show you guys the fan favorite spot, so you come up here. Top of this jump on top of this jump on the crane, and you can play all of this on the whole crane or run up here, and you can play the top of the crane and have an entire view on the map, then you can run this. Here and you can play on top of this, so let's say you push up, you get them off, and you want to spawn trap them.

how to rank up fast in mw3 ranked play

My two favorite ways to spawn trap them would be to jump on top of this or get close to it. Jump on top of this insane head glitch that almost nobody knows about, so just as you can use this down here to push behind them, you can actually use it to spawn Tra. Well, you can watch it like this, or you can watch it like this.

I think it's easier to watch it like this, so the reason why I showed you guys how to get on top of this hut through here is because one really good angle you can hold is actually on top of this little pylon. It's nice and easy, and they will not expect you. You can literally repent. keep Ching, I don't know, so if you get on top of this one, you can actually get on top of this window.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Ranked Play is officially HERE! The grind has begun and with that, I bring to you all the "BEST JUMP SPOTS LINES OF SIGHT ON HIGHRISE MW3 RANKED PLAY"! I hope you guys enjoy this video, I worked extra hard to bring you another entertaining video.
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