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Mw3 best controller settings season 3

Mw3 best controller settings season 3

In this article, we're going over the absolute best settings you guys should be rocking here in Modern Warfare 3 season 3. If you guys are trying to drastically improve your aim accuracy as well as your gun skill, you came in the right place, so that sounds good to you. Game all right now, this article is going to be for those new players looking to get right immediately and also for those of you who are trying to drastically improve your aim accuracy and gun skill and take your game play to the next level, as you guys can see here.

I play with an Xbox Elite controller on my PC, with one paddle on the back set up for jumping. These settings are going to work no matter what control you guys are playing with, no matter what console you are on, and obviously if you are a controller player that does have a PC. Now the button layout is going to be tactical.

This is going to be the absolute best butt L to play on because we're going to be remapping our Crouch and prone button, so all we have to do to perform a drop shot is to press down on the right thumb stick, and we can still aim down sight and be accurate. This is going to allow us to dominate. At those close ranges, and because they are putting a huge emphasis on running and gunning this season, this is going to be the way to go now.

Everything else here is going to be pretty much standard. I do have my controller vibration turned off I turn off vibration. I do not want to have any unnecessary stick play by allowing myself to be less accurate at longer ranges. If you are new to Call of Duty or trying to drastically improve your aim and accuracy, I recommend turning off vibration and seeing how you play, especially at those long-range gunfights again.

I don't want anything that's going to shake my controller, even at the slightest, that can throw me off. That's why the vibration is turned off. I've not played with vibration since Call of Duty: World at War many years ago, and I have no intentions of.

Mw3 best controller sensitivity & aim assist settings season 3

Mw3 best controller sensitivity & aim assist settings season 3

Turning it back on, as far as sensitivity goes, I play on a six-foot horizontal as well as a six-foot vertical. This is perfect if you are trying to run in a gun but still have the ability to out very easily at longer ranges.

Now you can turn on players with a six, so there's no need to go any higher. If you are trying to improve your aim accuracy and gun skill, I recommend playing within the 4 to 6 window. This is going to allow you, like I said, to be accurate at longer ranges because that's where people are going to be falling short now.

Ad sensitivity in multiplayer is so important; this is honestly more important than your horizontal and vertical sensitivity. Because if this is not set up right, you're going to have a lot of unnecessary stick play in your thumb sticks, which is going to drastically impact your long-range performance if you want to play on a 66.

aim assist

I recommend playing on A.055. If you are playing on a 44, I recommend bumping this up and playing it on a 75. Now, if you are playing on a 55, I recommend playing on a 65. You want to go ahead and compensate for your sensitivity with this ad sensitivity in multiplayer to remove a lot of that unnecessary stick play so you are laser accurate.

Now, it doesn't stop there because we are going to be adjusting our aim response curve type, and I recommend playing on linear. This is going to be perfect. If you are trying to take out multiple people at the same time that are on your screen, we're going to be able to snap aim from Target to Target to Target a lot faster, so you're not going to have to drag your iron sight or whatever optic you're using, which is going to be wasting time and getting you killed, especially if you are trying to run and gun, which I'm pretty sure a lot of us are trying to go ahead and do now.

aim assist mw3

What you also want to do when you have linear enabled is go over to your assist type and select Black Ops. This is going to allow you to have a little bit of a stickier aim assist, especially with linear. Because it is going to reward players who have the correct aim settings, we go back to linear; it literally says ideal for players who have matched the tweaking of aim settings, which I've conveniently Given you guys, you're going to love linear in Black Ops.

You are going to be dominating players at those medium ranges because the people who are not running these settings are going to be struggling, lining up targets at longer ranges when you are going to be simply snap-aiming, taking them out, and moving on to the next target. Now, everything else here is pretty much going to be the same.

I've not messed with any other aiming settings, and under gameplay, all I have switched to is automatic tactical sprint just to speed up my game play. I think a lot of you guys are going to be enjoying this because you're going to be able to get around the map and rotate from position to position to position a lot quicker and obviously a little bit smoother because you're not constantly having to go ahead and press down on the left thumb stick to enable a tack sprint, so definitely go ahead and make these adjustments under the controller settings to tie in your new found Ames settings.

Mw3 best graphics settings season 3

Mw3 best graphics settings season 3

I highly recommend adjusting your graphic settings now for the field of view. I recommend playing anywhere between a 100 and a 120. So not only do you get a bigger picture, but you can match this with affected, not independent. Sometimes, when you boot up Modern Warfare 3, it's going to default to 90 with independent; swap that out for at least 100.

I've played on 120 and switched this to effected. You are going to see a drastic change, and I mean a drastic improvement in your aim accuracy and gun skill, especially. At those longer ranges, that's where people are going to be falling short. This is going to mirror your vision with whatever optic you are running, so if you have an iron sight or a red dot, you're going to be having that 10 or 120 f/v with that, which is going to be giving you a lot less visual recoil.

best aim assist

If you're ever wondering why streamers, you know YouTubers have no recoil guns or it looks like they have some type of cheating device, it's because they are playing with a 100 to 120 fov. With effed enabled, it makes it look like the weapon has less recoil because it has less visual recoil. This is the exact reason they brought in the Jet Glass list: to go ahead and compensate for people who want to play on the 90 independents, y'all.

I'm telling you this right now if you are on the Jack Glass list with 110 to 120 effective guns. There is no recoil, so if you are struggling to control the WSP Swarm, the new FJX will help. Horus, or any other weapon that has a fast fire rate that has a vertical and a horizontal recoil pattern, change to these settings, and you're going to see a world of difference.

NEW MW3 AIM ASSIST SETTINGS in SEASON 3! Modern Warfare 3 Best Settings PS5XBOX Controller.
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