News - Fastty 100% Caught Cheating Mw2 Warzone 2


A radar hack I've never even heard of a radar hack or that I was shooting too straight from a B for literally no reason. C She is a scumbag. There are no two ways about it. The man is a scumbag. A man calls shame a man so tired of these 30 IQ brain dead idiots who listen to people like call Recently.

I exposed a streamer known as Dougas Raw for being permanently banned by the valve anti-che in previous games. I then doubled down on my claims by showing more evidence of Ricochet mitigations, affecting the streamer gameplay in a recent Google Match, as we can see here when Nitro was caught also by the cloaking mitigation of the Ricochet anti-che, a glitch where you shoot bullets and the person disappears because of texture shaders or whatever, like the streaming The community remained silent and would not accept my claims, but I expected this meeting.

Iceman Isaac is a close friend of Doug, whom I exposed in a recent article trying to dilute the cheating claims, claiming he also had Ricochet, Mitigations. Well, he was desperate. So desperate, he decided to go all the way back to 2022. To find an old tweet of mine to try and rally a mob of hate against me to try to discredit this channel, let's see what he had to say.

anti cheat

The most popular one of them is Call of Shame. Mr text-to-speech AI himself is absolutely deplorable. I'm talking about being horribly sexist and homophobic, like absolute bigotry coming out of this man, but I think one that might kind of hit home for some of you in chat is that I know I've got a lot of fellow veterans and I know there are a lot of people that support this man that are veterans, and just so you know, ladies and gentlemen, if you ever left the military and you didn't serve out your entire life in the military, you're a deserter, you're a coward.

You're full of fear, and you're dishonorable to your country. Well, at least that's what he was telling me—absolutely nonsense, Spoiler alert: war zone streamers lie. First, this tweet was a reply to Charlie Intel, not Iceman Isaac, and it was regarding the US Army. It was reported that the US Army has seen a drastic drop in new recruits.

call of shame

They plan to pay war zone streamers hundreds of thousands of dollars to encourage members of their communities to sign up while using Call of Duty as a recruitment tool. The article was posted on December 1, 2022. My tweet was posted on December 2, 2022. This was clearly within the context of the article.

I even mentioned the article in my tweet. How much more context do you need? This streamer lied to you. Now I further stated, Do you know they are all cowards? This was also within the context of the article. The Army wanted to encourage people who watch streamers to join the military. I stated that the people who watch streamers are cowards; they watch others play pretend fighting.

There is no chance on this planet that these streamers will go anywhere near the real thing. Once again, this streamer took me so far out of context to fit his agenda. This streamer lied to you; now I also stated, Look at Iceman Isaac; he's a perfect example. These words were chosen carefully. He loves to claim veteran yet he failed to tell you he streamed on Twitch just about every day while in active service, bagging over half a million dollars.

call of shane

I found a leaked payout on the dark web when Twitch had a data leak. He went home every night to a home-cooked meal. I support vets. I have been very clear about this for a very long time. Many of my viewers, who are veterans, believe that there is nothing cowardly about completing active service and then gradually moving on.

However, the reason why I decided to use the word coward was because of the lack of respect this low-IQ streamer showed after he left the military flying light aircraft. The article stated that I quit. I explained at the time that the title was disrespectful. You quit places like McDonald's, but people graciously leave the military; they never quit.


This streamer took my tweets completely out of context to continue the idea. Blue Man Bad: The question mark should have been enough to clarify my position. Now consider this completely and utterly debunked. The rest of the claims are baseless and simply arise from bad research, but this was the only one I wanted to address due to the many veterans within this community.

Meanwhile, streamers are now even starting to expose themselves. This person uploaded a screenshot of his win as evidence but forgot to turn off his wall hacks. The red outline of the skeleton is a dead G. I posted this news to the community section of this channel. Some actually tried to defend him, so I instantly initiated a pin of shame.

The community you are looking at has its eyes open and is not fooled by scammers. These war zone streamers wowed schoolchildren during the pandemic using cheat software. Take note of any streamer suddenly jumping to the console to prove they are not cheating, as my recent article exposed the cheating there.


I am told Joe, one of the low-IQ streamers I feature on my channel, has already started doing this look here, as these closet cheaters all admit to cheating themselves all because their favorite streamer has been caught cheating. The problem is that the simps that support streamers don't even know what cheating looks like, even when wall hacks are looking at them right in the face.

The call of the shame community is not fooled by these blinded simps; the ones that follow streamers are the absolute bottom of the barrel. Even though this guy is not only admitting to cheating and exposing his cheat menu but also his wall, Hacks, now just act like you have never seen anything. The wall hacks are clearly visible; it's not you; this is me; this is my lifestyle.

After I make it to where I need to go, I can turn him off. Can you tell me then the streamer accidentally reveals his cheat menu is live on stream? Can you see that? [__]] Why did you put that on the stream? I'm going to clip it; don't clip it; don't be a [__]]. Go on; I know you want. Call of Shame is proud to partner with Total Antivirus, bringing you the best online.


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Today i expose multiple warzone streamers who i have caught with cheats. I speak out against warzone streamers lying for views. I re-educate expel that cheating using macros are infact "CHEATING" for the 20th time. I firmly put IcemanIsaac back in his cage as i debunk his lies and misinformation about me.
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