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Now, they did manage to make this a bit easier to navigate using filters, so that's helpful, and now they've also fixed the ability to favorite attachments so they'll show up at the beginning of your list when you click into that category. However, with that, we are limited to favoring just 10 attachments total, which isn't very many when you consider the fact that we have hundreds of attachments.

So today I wanted to go through and simplify things a little bit and share the top attachments that I like, focusing on the ones that you're going to be seeing on the vast majority of my builds as well as the ones that I personally would recommend favoring. Now obviously, to some degree, this is going to come down to your personal preference, play style, and how you like to build your guns, but this should at least get you started as a good general rule of thumb.

Which attachments types to focus on

Which attachments types to focus on

Starting it off, we're going to narrow this down right away by not talking about barrel stocks or rear grips, and the simple reason behind that is that these are going to be different on a gunto gun basis.

And this is designed to be more of a general article, and I wouldn't recommend favoring a barrel, for instance, because that's only going to work with that gun, and when you only have 10 to choose from, you probably don't want to waste that favorite slot by only being able to use it for one single gun.

Additionally, to narrow this down even further, the biggest things that you generally want to focus on when creating your builds are balancing recoil control and your handling stats, and most importantly, aiming down sight time. The best attachment slots out of the universal ones to be focusing on for these particular stats are always going to be your muzzle as well as your underbarrel attachments.

And that's where most of my favorite slots are going to end up going; however, there's also Optics.


The optics list is ridiculously long, and it can take a really long time to scroll through and find the perfect optic, so I would say if you're trying to build that perfect top 10 list for your favorites.

I would select probably one or two optics that are my favorites out of that optic list just to make it really easy to navigate to those. So for me, the Mark II reflector is my favorite optic, and I'm definitely going to use one of my favorite slots on that one.

My favorite muzzles

My favorite muzzles

Without further ado, let's get into the real meat of this article, with the muzzle category. With this section depending on the weapon class we're looking at, of course we've got roughly 40 different muzzle options to choose from, which is a lot to be scrolling through, and I'm going to be pulling out the seven that I tend to use the most often out of these 40.

Now, this isn't to say that I'll never branch outside of these; sometimes a certain gun really needs to lean heavily in a different area, and so there definitely are exceptions to this, but the ones that I tend to lean into the most are going to be the first off the shadow strike suppressor, and this one's pretty self-explanatory.

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I want to stay off the mini-map. I don't want any downsides, and that's exactly what the shadow strike suppressor offers when you look at many of the other suppressors. Often times. I find I just don't want the downside that's attached to it, and all I really want is to stay off the radar now and say that I'm not going to waste one of my favorite slots on the Shadow Strike suppressor simply because it's one of the first options that appears on the list by default, so it would be kind of silly to waste one of your few favorite options on that.

Next up, we have the T51R, Break, and this is a muzzle I really like using for guns that climb really quickly with their recoil. Because this is going to give you a huge benefit to your vertical recoil control, it will harm our horizontal recoil control a bit, but generally you can offset that with a different attachment, like an underbarrel we'll get into.

The best part about this is that it doesn't harm our aim-down sight speed at all, and it's pretty rare to see this much of a benefit to your recoil control without hurting aim-down sight speed. While it does hurt our ranges a little bit, I find that this is often worth it, and it's one of the reasons I tend to go toward this muzzle break if I've got a gun with really heavy vertical recoil.

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And in my opinion, this one is definitely deserving of a favorite. Next up on the flip side of this, if I have a gun that's got a lot of horizontal recoil and I'm not too worried about vertical recoil and I don't want to hurt my aim-down sight speed at all, this is where I'm going to lean into the purifier muzzle break.

Now, with this one, the range penalty is a little worse than the T51R; it's 10% rather than 5%, so that is something to consider with the build that you're creating, but I just really like this attachment because again, you get an extremely noticeable benefit to your recoil control, at least horizontal, without having to hurt your aim-down sight speed at all, and again.

I would say this is possibly deserving of a favorite slot, next up for our muzzles. I really like the L4R flash hider, and the reason I like this one is that you get general recoil control across the board. Not only are you getting a solid benefit from vertical recoil control and horizontal recoil control, but this one also helps with gun kicks.


Unlike the previous two muzzles, this one will hurt our aim-down sight speed a bit, but I do consider this to be a very balanced penalty to our aim-down sight speed. If you compare this to a lot of muzzles, like the Modern Warfare 2 muzzles, that give somewhat similar recoil benefits, they're going to be hurting our aim-down sight speed a lot more than the L4R.

And that's why I really like this option as well for a nice balanced way of improving recoil across the board, and with this one. I'm kind of on the fence as to whether or not you should favor it because the thing is, this one tends to appear really late on your list of muzzles, and you can always scroll backwards, so it only takes a couple clicks to scroll backwards through the muzzles to end up getting to the l4r.

Modern Warfare III has hundreds of attachments but on 10 "Favorite" slots to use so today, I wanted to share my list of best attachments that I use frequently and that I feel you should consider using a favorite slot on.
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