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New mw3 season 1 content added today!

Greece, the new invasion. Karachi and Rundown, of course, have met 24/7. By the way, a super fun Close Quarters gunfight is here as well. We have a bunch of maps returning from last year; of course, we have rust as well, and the new gunfight map training facility is all the new playlists for now.

Mw3 season 1 reloaded & season 2 release dates revealed!

We also see that season 1 ends in 62 days, which brings us to Tuesday, February 6th. Obviously, you know that updates are released on Wednesday, so our expected season release date is going to be Wednesday. February 7th, 2024. Which isn't too bad by pretty standard from what we saw last year, a slightly larger season, but season 1 of MW2.

It was around the same length, maybe a bit more. Of course, season four and five of last year were like 30 days of super short seasons, but this season one here is on par with what we saw—last year's solid stuff—and of course that gives us a season one reloaded update release date of around either Wednesday.

January 3rd, or Wednesday. January 10th. We'll see which one they pick, which is the exact middle of season 1, which makes sense at that point the holiday event will be over. We'll move on to the boys event and other reloaded updates coming very soon. We'll break that all down in future articles and in game as well.

New mw3 ␜santa␙s slayground␝ holiday event in-game!

New mw3 ␜santa␙s slayground␝ holiday event in-game!

We have a new event tab here, which you can see teases the Santa's. Sligh Ground event, which begins in 13 days here at Seasons Eatings.

Major mw3 season 1 battle pass & blackcell issues

You get instant access to the battle pass and the entire black cell bundle, so be sure to redeem all of your content. I still have to go through my battle pass here; I have 25 tokens left over.

We also see a little preview of the new holiday event in the battle pass, again in 13 days, which looks really cool, and a lot of people have been struggling to get access to their battle pass and the black cell upgrade earlier today. I wasn't able to access any of this content. Hopefully, they will fix those issues very soon.

Four new season 1 bundles added to modern warfare 3!

Four new season 1 bundles added to modern warfare 3!

And today we also got our first four. MW3 specific bundles, here which we actually talked about that were previewed they're now in the game let's break them all down first one here is the painted. Auber bundle for by line this operator skin is pretty unique this is the one with the wings right this is a pretty interesting well let's actually preview yes so here we are with the wings kind of funny there I mean if you want to be hidden this is not the operator for you but it is pretty cool next here we have a cat AMR weapon blueprint we have a ram 7 as well okay a Cullen card here large decal, loading screen pretty mythical and an emblem for 2400 C points next one here is yokai's rat which is only 1, 500 C points comes with less content of course but we have this Riptide operator skin does look pretty cool with that devilish look definitely a decent vibe there we have a wsp swarm weapon blueprint.


There is a colon card here, a weapon sticker, and a loading screen. Okay, next one here, we have the Aries bundle of 1,800. So a bit in the middle there we have a BBQ operator skin pretty cool stuff there a little bit of a red glowing effect on the top okay we have a DG58 LSW weapon blueprint a DG 56 weapon blueprint a colon card large decal and an emblem, and for the final one here we have a CDL launch pack 2024.

Bundle which, of course, includes a bunch of operators, including the male home operator. The female home operator, the male away operator, and the female away operator all have pretty solid looks that are a bit different from what we saw last year—similar but different enough to be different. I guess it's kind of worth it if you want to get those new CDL operator skins.

We have the let him cook calling card, a beast emblem, a goated weapon charm (it's kind of cool), another calling card here, the icy emblem that's sick, and Universal Camo as well, which I love for all these events and even bundles. Now they're just giving us universal camos. Now there are all these camos.

Super cool, no, really, but it still is sick to be able to get a camo you could use on any weapon, a 1 V one-me large decal. And a weapon sticker—this is all for $2,000,000.

New ranked play & cdl 2024 operators, cosmetics & rewards

Gold, diamond, and platinum emblems. We have the first one here, gold, and then diamond. Platinum cool stuff there. We also got some new leaks here at a bunch of the CDL team operator packs here in Texas. Atlanta phas, I'll put a bunch of them up on screen. These should be available very soon.

Now that the league actually starts in a couple of days, ranked play doesn't come out until the reloaded update, so they might wait for the ranked play update anyway, but technically, it should release right now since the teams are officially playing very soon. We'll see when these officially come out.

I'll be sure to update you guys on that. We just got a new look here at a bunch of the calling cards releasing for the top 250, a bunch of the new CDL teams cool stuff, and a ton of new weapon blueprints also leaked out for these CDL team packs. We have optic Texas, a cool green look, Atlanta FAS, and the LA gorillas.

Seattle surge here we have the Los Angeles thieves, the Miami Heretics.

New mw3 season 1 twitch drop rewards are now live

New mw3 season 1 twitch drop rewards are now live

Multiple new weapon blueprints leaked for mw3 season 1

Multiplayer, trailer this one again is most likely a part of a bundle a lot of these are going to be part of bundles that we did talk about some are going to be for events here I just want to run through a bunch of these images and some early looks at These Blueprints cuz they're pretty cool we have the mirrors weapon blueprint, in MW3, a super cool blue crystal look here we have the geode weapon blueprint, almost like a dark matter Vibe solid stuff there we have the jaded weapon blueprint that's really cool super clean green camo we have the neon weapon blueprint we talked about this in a previous article pretty solid we have the calite weapon blueprint that looks really cool another dark ether esque camo we have the fossilized, weapon blueprint.

This unreleased ultra skin in modern warfare 3 is insane

This unreleased ultra skin in modern warfare 3 is insane

Hades Ultra Skin: This guy looks insane—a mixture of dark ether skin and a Greek god or Greek warrior. Right, let's have a look at what we're getting in this bundle. So cool! This is definitely a solid one again.

New upcoming bundles releasing in mw3

And for some more bundles releasing very soon , we have Tracer Pack Dark Rituals 4: Pharaoh's Choice Polyhedral.

Proton-powered quadric flow. Robo-scale Royal Flush. Blitz bunny bomb corvis electron energy, iridescence, motor freak pro pack saddle up Tracer pack Supernova Tracer pack insert coin Mastercraft.

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