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It's your boy, Fza. Today we're back with another Modern Warfare 3: Zombies article for you guys, and in today's article. I'm going to be showing you how to secure your tombstone every single time that you guys want to go into the dark epoch. I've been getting a lot of questions about this recently.

Every time you guys seem to go in there, you lose your Tombstone, so in today's article. I'm going to cover everything that you guys need to know to know how to go into the dark EPA and keep your Tombstone every single time. This is also going to work very well for a few different things as well. You guys are going to be able to do this solo or with a team now.

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Solo is going to be a little bit challenging. Simply because you need someone to revive you in order for this to work so obviously if you are playing with a team then you can just get one of your teammates to go ahead and revive you but if you are playing solo, then you are going to want to make sure you are putting message out in the chat before you go down and stuff like that just so you know someone is going to be there to revive you so essentially, in order to do this guys it's basically like setting up a normal Tombstone, so you're going to bring everything that you guys want in or if you have a current Tombstone already you guys can come in game pick that Tombstone up make sure it crumbles, and then you're going to start from there so basically either crumble your Tombstone that you currently have on the map or bring in all the items that you guys want to duplicate and want to keep when you do go into the dark EA So now all you need to do is make sure you have the tombstone and perk, and make sure that you guys don't have a self-revive.

Otherwise, this is not going to work now. Once you've drank your Tombstone perk and it's active, just let yourself go down by the zombie, anywhere you'd like. This is going to be the location where your tombstone is going to spawn in the next game, so make sure it's somewhere convenient for you to go and get, and it's not somewhere that's going to be a bit troublesome, so essentially, just go down by the zombie.

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Once you've gone down, you're going to want to die out completely and then plead for help. Once you've pleaded for help, that's when the person that's on your team, if you're doing it in a team, is going to revive you, or if you're doing it solo, whoever you ask to revive you is going to come and revive you once you've been revived.

Now your tombstone is set, and you're ready to go into the EA. From there, you guys can do whatever you want. If you have schematics or stuff in your tombstone, you can hand them out, and they will still be their next game as you've already set the tombstone. So when you're ready, you can pretty much just go into the dark.

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Now you guys can go into any version of the dark EPA that you want; it's going to work on both variations. Whether you guys have a normal sigil and want to go into tier four or if you guys have an elder sigil and want to go into tier five the method is going to be the same and your Tombstone, is going to be safe, both times the first part of this article as you guys saw I did it with an the sigil and in the second part of the article I do it with a normal sigil just so you guys can see with both sigil, it works so as you guys saw I ran straight through the dark EA straight to the portal just to show you exactly how it works but obviously you guys don't need to do that you can play through the dark EA and when you are ready then you can go ahead and leave now when you are leaving the dark EA as long as you have set your Tombstone.

You can just go ahead and exhale as normal; you do not need to alt-f4, you do not need to dashboard; you don't need to do anything like that; you can just xfill as normal. So the main negative to using this glitch is going to be the fact that it's not 100% certain that you guys are going to be able to keep every single thing that was in your backpack when you did xfill.

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As you guys can see, we did xfill and we lost every single thing that we had in our backpack, and that's just something that happens with doing this Tombstone glitch and going into the dark EA. There's no way around it. Sometimes you will lose everything that was in your backpack; sometimes you'll only lose a few things; and sometimes you won't lose anything at all, and you'll be able to keep everything that you had in your backpack.

It's really random, and as I said, there's nothing that you can do in order to make it 100%. Dick it's just really random so we are going to be going into another game and I'm just going to show you guys me doing it with a normal sigil, and when we go into this game you guys will also see that my Tombstone, is in the new location where we died from last game and in order to do this process again it's as simple as grabbing that old Tombstone that we did last game making sure it breaks, once it breaks we just need to make sure that we go ahead and drink the tombstone Puck once we've drank the tombstone Puck we just need to go down once we've gone down we're going to get someone to revive us as you guys can see we're in a team so I'm going to go ahead and get one of my teammates to revive me make sure you guys don't have a self-revive.

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Make sure you plead out before he starts Revenue, and then once you guys have been revived, you guys can go ahead and head straight over to the dark EPA. Go in the dark, EPA, do what you need to do, and then when you are ready to leave, just go ahead to one of the xfill sites and then xfill from the dark.

EA as normal, and in this game, you guys will see we actually kept some of our items. We didn't lose everything like we did last game, but we did manage to keep a few things, which is pretty nice now. As I said previously, you can do this solo or with a team. When you are doing this with a team, you will drag your team into it.

Sometimes it's just really random, and sometimes you won't and sometimes you will, and you guys are just going to have to be prepared for that. Now, one thing to note is that if you guys are wanting to do this, then you're going to need to do this process every single time you go into the dark EA.

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