News - After Patch" Solo Tombstone Glitch Mwz. Warzone 2 Zombies Season 2 Reloaded Tombstone Glitch

dupe tombstone glitch after patch

The reason being that you want to save those for your dupe so you guys won't have to buy those perks every game. At this point, you guys are set up. You are going to be going to this portal in this building and putting in this code. This code is by far the best code to use. There could be a Merk camp that is here, but if you just rush quickly and do this glitch, you don't have to clear the Merk camp at all to unlock schematics for a cheap price.

Check out silent services. We also offer bot lobbies where you can get Interstellar, camo, and hard camo unlock and nuke skin services. Here are the reviews; they absolutely love it. It is going to be this code on the screen now, and I'm going to put it in the portal, so what I do to remember it is I just say hook, this is the hook, then square, this is square, then a n with a DOT below it, and that's how I remember it.

You will also need 1,000,000 Essence to activate the portal. At this point, you want to activate the portal and drop your weapon, so you only have your fist out now. Run over to the ACT portal, then you want to run through the portal and activate it at the last second. Make sure you tap to interact in your settings.


To make that possible, now you want to run towards the portal as fast as you can. To make this as easy as possible, try to have Auto-Tack Sprint on in your settings. That will make it so you don't have to press the buttons to sprint, and it'll do it for you, and it'll be faster now that you guys want to continue to run and then go up these stairs.

Then go to this portal and enter it. You guys should be able to enter it in around 11 to 12 seconds. If you follow what I do, then just do a run jump parachute. Over this warning bar, you will see the timer on the left of your screen. You want to open up the map and then hold the button to accept, going into the act for the mission.

Once you're here, you want to look at your screen; it's going to count down from 10; you want to stand just behind this rock because this rock is where the warning barrier is. When it hits 6 seconds, move forward; stay in the warning barrier; and what's going to happen is that it is going to teleport you, but it's also going to kill you.

how to do the tombstone dupe glitch after patch

At this point, you will see the elimination screen. There are two things you can do. I'll show you what I do personally, but you guys can either close the app at the elimination screen and the dupe will still work, or you may lose your insured weapon. The way I do it is to wait until it says dark ether on the top left, then close my application.

At this point, when I load back into the game, it will still dupe no matter what you do; it will dupe and it will work, but the main difference is that if you close the app on a dark ether, for me, it's more consistent to keep my insured weapon, my ether knife, and all that stuff, but if you just go back into your game, when you're in the game, you will see your gear.

All of those items that you had in your game are still there now, and your tombstone will be in the game. If you were eliminated at this point, you had successfully duplicated the item. Now you guys can rinse and repeat. If you want to rinse and repeat, just go into the game and get your tombstone.

mw3 zombies

Then you will see that it will have the perks on the tombstone, but you will also have the perks in your inventory and your gear because you duped them. If you want to activate the perks, have a 5,000 Essence, then go to the ACT portal and just rinse and repeat. That's all you guys have to do. Keep doing the same thing over and over, and you can unlimitedly duplicate these items.

Okay guys, that's exactly how you guys do this to Stone duplication glitch after season 2 reloaded patch now. Stay tuned, because I'm going to show you guys how to keep your Tombstone while going into the brand new dark ether. You will see a article on that anyway.

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