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Wesley is here, and today I have a legendary wonder weapon glitch for you guys that will allow you to buff your wonder weapons to 300% damage. It was previously thought that this glitch was patched in season 1 reloaded, but I'm going to show you guys the brand new method that just came out that will allow you to apply it to whatever Wonder Weapons you bring into the game.

It helps the algorithm. It really helps me out. I put a lot of time into these articles, but with that, let's get into the requirements of this glitch. So first and foremost, the contract that you're going to be using is the weapon stash contract. This is now found on any tier of the map, so you can go to tier one and do this very easily at the start of your game.

Next, I just want to note that this glitch is still being tested. I wanted to give this glitch to you guys first and foremost before I actually look into it more, so I'm going to tell you guys exactly how I was able to do this glitch. So once you've actually got to the contract, what you're going to need to actually do this glitch is that you're going to go ahead and start the contract.


Now, I highly suggest that you have a pet dog because what that'll allow you to do is not waste 5, 000 Essence every single time that you need to get revived because you will be going down. The other requirements are that you need a Molotov equipped as your lethal, and you also need two weapons in your slots as well as a wonder weapon case, so it doesn't matter how you get these weap happens for me Obviously.

If you're doing that glitch, then you should always have Wonder Weapons at your disposal, so all you need to do is go ahead and equip two weapons, as you can see here, and let's get into the actual glitch. All right, so here we are at the safe itself. As you can see, obviously, I have my two weapons on me.

I have my Molotov available, and you can see my pet dog is killing zombies nearby, so if you have a pet dog, then you do not need to self-revive; if you do not have a pet dog, you need to self-revive. So just know that you should make sure that you have all the requirements for this glitch before you actually start it.


So here I am preparing for the actual glitch itself, so the basics of this are again that it's all about timing. You need to walk up to the safe itself, and you're going to activate it right before you go down, so you're going to watch me do it here. I'm actually going to throw down a Molotov. And as soon as my health gets down to almost zero, you want to start activating the contract, and what's going to happen is that you're not going to have a weapon in your hand, but you are going to actually be starting to take out a drill, so it needs to be in between the time in which the drill appears and, you know, putting on the safe.


If you've ever done the weapon stash contract, you know what I'm talking about, but I'll also show you in a minute, and it needs to be before that as well as after you've put away your weapon, so in other words, it needs to not all the way be at zero; you need to do it right before you go down. Now typically when I'm recording glitches I always mess up the first time it's like a curse if you will so the first time I did mess up there but here I actually do it correctly so if you watch my health closely, right before I go down I start to take out the drill so you start putting away your weapon and then you take out the drill so in between those two times you can kind of rewatch this article multiple times if you have trouble to make sure that you get the timing right and if you do you will get an empty slot without your arms out so remember I have two weapons equipped you can only have two weapons total in mon Warfare Zombies, but I'm actually able to have a third empty slot that's how you know that you did the first step to this glitch, correctly.

All right, so once we've done the first part of this glitch, you are ready for the second part. Now this part you really need to do in order because you can mess it up and shout out to Bman for this method. So what you want to do is go ahead and activate your weapon case, and that will fill the empty slot.


Then the second step is to drop your primary weapon, so you're dropping your weapon slot one, weapon all right. So now you have both your Wonder Weapons, and as you can see at the bottom right, they are still gray. Now, typically with these glitches, everyone but me can apply the ether tool to their weapon directly.

If you can't, what you want to do is actually drop the ether tool. As you can see, I can't apply it here. What you want to do is, if you have a crystal pack-a-punch crystal, make sure you apply that before the ether tool, but once you've done that, you can drop the ether tool and apply it like I did if you're having trouble; otherwise, just apply it from your inventory, and that's it.

That's the glitch; this will allow you to have a 300% damage wonder weapon, which is awesome. It is absolutely killer, and I highly suggest that you guys do this if you're doing any in-game content. This is what this is for. But all that being said. I would also highly suggest that you guys use these weapons wherever you see fit, so if you like to go to the Tier 3 Zone all the time, you 100% should be doing this glitch every game because it just makes your life a lot easier and prevents you from going down.

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I'd really appreciate the support. Make sure you subscribe if you haven't already, and I'll catch you guys in the next.Video,.

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