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Damage & multipliers

Damage & multipliers

Rate of fire & time to kill

And for those that aren't aware, this means every time you pull the trigger with the WSP 9, there will be a 55 millisecond delay before the first shot is fired, and then from there, when you hold the trigger down, it will fire normally at 600 rounds per minute, so this is actually a pretty big downside to the WSP 9, as for a time to kill, this is 300 milliseconds in our four-shot kill range and 400 milliseconds with a five-shot kill, and it's worth noting that this excludes that open bolt DeLay So if you aren't already firing your gun and you want to engage a target, from the moment you pull the trigger to the moment they're dead with a four-shot kill, this is actually 355 milliseconds.

I know that for some people, they like including the open bolt delay in their time to kill values. I like keeping them separate while making sure that you are aware that there is an open bolt delay just so it covers every situation, because there are also situations where you're already firing at one target and you can snap over to the other one without letting off on the trigger, and therefore you can potentially still get a 300 millisecond time to kill in either case. Even without that open bolt delay, this is a pretty slow time to kill up close for an SMG, and that obviously gets even worse.

Ranges & velocity

Ranges & velocity

When you factor that open bolt delay in, but next up, let's get into our ranges, and the WSP 9 has a very respectable range for an SMG; it's not bad at all, and it also has quite a good bullet velocity for an SMG at 540.

M/s When it comes to hardcore game modes, we actually get a one-shot kill anywhere in the body at any range, even in the foot at 100 m. You will get a one-shot kill with the WSP 9 unless, of course, you are shooting through some form of cover.


Next, let's have a look at our hip fire, and our minimum hitfire spread is standard for SMGs.

However, our maximum hipfire spread is the worst in the SMG category, at least for Modern Warfare 3 SMGs. At 6.2 degrees per second, and when you combine that with a slower fire rate, generally speaking, this isn't a very good gun at hip firing unless, of course, you're like right up close and personal and you essentially can't miss with your hip fire.


But then let's move on to our recoil, and as you can see with this gun, it's got a bit of a strange recoil pattern. With the first few shots that you fire, there tends to be a pretty big gap between those bullets, so you've got a lot of initial recoil. But then it tends to settle down quite a bit and that grouping tightens up nicely, and then on top of that, you get a little bit of an unpredictable Zigzag action here, so you definitely want to try to get control of the horizontal recoil on this gun, but at the same time, it does have a decent amount of vertical recoil with those initial shots that you fire, which does make this a little bit tricky to make a very accurate build. In saying that, I do have quite an accurate build that I will be sharing in a little bit.

Handling & reload add time

Handling & reload add time

But before we get into that, let's cover the handling statistics. Our aim-down sight time is quite slow for an SMG in this game at 240 milliseconds. This is more like what you would expect with an assault rifle.

However, our sprint to fire time is very fast at just 88 milliseconds for our standard sprint out time, and when it comes to our reload ad time, unfortunately, this is the slowest out of the Modern War Fair 3 SMGs at 1.84 seconds. Fortunately, with the slower fire rate, we're not burning through magazines way too quickly, but this slow reload time is something you should definitely be aware of with this gun.


And then finally, for the base stats, let's have a look at our mobility stats. Across the board, this gun is just slightly below average for SMGs, and there's really just nothing out of the ordinary when it comes to these movement speeds.

Broodmother .45 acp kit

And there we go. That's going to wrap it up for the base stats of the WSP 9.

cod mwiii

However, we do have an aftermarket kit, and this is the Broodmother 45, so it converts it to 45 ACP. And with this, it very noticeably boosts all of our damage value, so now it's a three- to four-shot kill to the body, and in order to get that three-shot kill up close, only one of the bullets has to hit the upper torso or arms; the other bullet can hit them in the foot if you want, so it's quite a consistent three-shot kill.

However, this also comes with a very noticeable fire rate reduction. It now fires at 444 rounds per minute, and what this means for our time to kill potential is that we are again excluding the open bolt delay, which still exists and didn't appear to change at all with this. Our three-shot time to kill potential is 270 milliseconds, which is a very solid time to kill now when you add that 55 milliseconds.

modern warfare 3

That does bring us up to 325, milliseconds which still isn't that great but it is still noticeably faster than the base version of this gun additionally and quite surprisingly, we actually get a better recoil pattern with this brood mother kit despite the fact that if you look at the advanced stats it appears to be very significantly harming our horizontal and vertical recoil when you look at the recoil plot side by side it's pretty clear that this is a much easier recoil pattern to control the magnitude is lower and it's also just a lot more consistent it doesn't have that tendency to zigzag on you a lot it just kicks very consistently upward with a lean to the right, after that this kit will also affect your ranges so now we just have three damage ranges rather than four and we can only get that three shot kill potential without head shot in the maximum damage range which is now 20.5.

M and then anything beyond that will be a four-shot kill, it's also worth noting here we get a very significant boost to our bullet velocity up to 756. Meters per second which is amazing for an SMG, and then finally for the important stats that this kit will change unfortunately our aim down sight time is slowed down by quite a bit it's now 271, milliseconds rather than 240, milliseconds.

Also, all of our movement speeds are reduced between 1 and 1/2 and 4%, depending on which one of the speeds we're looking at, and to top that off, our magazine capacity is slightly reduced; it's now 22 rounds rather than 25. And with that, that finally wraps it up for the breakdown of this brood mother 45 kit.

Wsp-9 - accuracy build

Wsp-9 - accuracy build

Now let's move into some excellent attachment-com combinations. The Marauder rear grips the duster's heavy stock, And finally, the Mark II reflector, and you might be wondering a little bit about that duster heavy stock.

Welcome to Modern Warfare III Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats of a gun and share the best attachment setups based on tons of testing and data collection! In today's episode, we're breaking down the WSP-9 and its Broodmother . 45 Conversion Kit.
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