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Now I've heard some people say that it's just the Jack Tyrant kit that needs adjustments, not the Longbow itself, whereas other people are just saying no, it's the Longbow in general; it's broken and it needs adjustment. So in today's article, I first wanted to take a look at some objective comparisons with the Longbow versus the other sniper rifles, and then I wanted to get into some more subjective things.

I want to share my thoughts and opinions and my experiences with and against the Longbow, and toward the end of the article. I'll be sharing my opinion on whether or not I feel the Longbow is overpowered or whether or not I feel it could use some adjustments.

Range & one hit zone comparison

Range & one hit zone comparison

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So let's dive into the comparisons, and we're going to start it off with the range and body multiplier comparisons or one-hit Kill Zone comparisons. And as we can see here I'm sure this is no surprise to many of you the Longbow is by far the worst in this particular category it has the worst one hit kill potential to the body by far, in fact the next worst in the category is the KV inhibitor and that has more than double the oneit kill range to the body over the Longbow, so that's clearly a big downside with this gun but in saying that with the map design in this game for many of the maps at least it's pretty easy to keep yourself within that oneit kill range with a longbow at about 25 M or so or just over 30 m if we're looking at the Jack Tyrant kit and another thing I'll mention here is a lot of the complaints about the longbo have come from people that seem to play a lot on these small map playlists, and that's where many of the complaints are coming from so while range is important when we're looking at overall versatility in a wide variety of situations.

It's not the only factor we want to look at.

Rate of fire comparison

Next, let's get into our rate of fire values, and just a reminder: the rate of fire values stated in the game for bolt action weapons aren't accurate to what you actually experience in the game, so the values I'm sharing are the actual rate of fire values, and as we can see here, the Longbow is the second best out of all the snipers, and the KV inhibitor is going to beat it out here since it is a semi-auto.

However, it is worth mentioning that the base Longbow at least does have a bolt attachment that can bump that rate of fire up to 99 rounds per minute, which is very solid. The Jack Tyrant kit can't use that bolt, though, and the KV inhibitor doesn't have anything to boost its rate of fire any higher than 130 rounds per minute, but mainly here, what I wanted to point out is that a longbow is about twice as fast as the XRK stalker and way more than twice as fast as the cat's rate of fire potential.



Additionally another huge upside that we definitely don't want to be glossing over here is the fact that the base Longbow has a 30 round magazine capacity, and with the Jack Tyrant kit this is still a 20 round magazine capacity, and that's pretty insane for a one shot kill sniper rifle and that really allows this gun to excel a lot in situations where you're being hyper aggressive you never really have to stop to think about that reload you just keep going with your streak, next let's have a quick look at hipfire this is a factor that's worth mentioning and in this case I just want to show you the Longbow versus the sniper rifle averages or at least Modern Warfare 3 Sniper Rifle averages, and we can see that it is very noticeably better than average with both minimum and maximum hitfire spread, so your odds of being able to hit fire in a really close quarter situation and get consistent kills, that's going to be much better with the Longbow compared to the other snipers .

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Handling comparison

Then let's have a quick look at our Flinch comparison with the sniper rifles just to see how much you will Flinch when being shot by just a regular gun in this game and as we can see here the Longbow is the best in this category as well and the KV inhibitor is the worst that's actually one of the areas that holds the KV inhibitor back from being right up there with the Longbow , after that let's get into our handling stats since these are extremely important if we're looking at aggressive sniper rifles, and as we can see here the base Longbow is better than all of the other sniper rifles and then with the Jack tyon kit that makes it even better this recently got nerfed back to 470 milliseconds but that's still by far the best, and not only that our Sprint out times are very noticeably better than the other sniper rifles as well so again if you're being hyper aggressive. This is clearly going to be the best choice for you now that covers it for most of the important factors that we need to consider when comparing these sniper rifles and it is pretty obvious to me that if you're looking at this in the context of being aggressive and playing on smaller maps for instance, the Longbow is by far the best in this category in saying that though if we're looking at Raw versatility, and being able to use this on a wide variety of maps like big maps and small Maps then at that point you can see there are a lot of trade-offs that tend to keep the Longbow in check and this is generally not going to be the sniper rifle I want in my hands if by playing on Wasteland for instance .

The aim assist is different!

The aim assist is different!

In either case, there is one last thing I want to show a comparison of here, and I think this is actually one of the most important factors, at least for controller players, and that is the assist. It turns out the Longbow has a totally different style of assist compared to the other sniper rifles.

The first thing to point out here is that the Longbow is the only sniper rifle in the game that has a hip-fire aim assist. Not only are you getting aim assist slowdown when you sweep across a target, you're also getting rotational aim assist. Without even having to aim down sight, whereas for all of the other sniper rifles, or at least Modern Warfare 3 sniper rifles, none of them have any aim assist whatsoever until you're aim down sight, so you don't get that helping hand with the other sniper rifles if you're trying to sweep across a target, maybe like drag scope.


as you're aiming down sight, or maybe you're in a close quarter situation and you're in the process of aiming down sight and you're strafing and keeping your feet moving against enemy players, the longbo is the only sniper rifle where you're going to get that aim assistance to help you out in those situations.

Then once we do get fully aimed down sights, there is a clear difference in the strength of how much that aim assist is grabbing you when using the long bow compared to any one of these other sniper rifles, and this applies for both Amos's slowdown when you're sweeping over your target as well as the strength of that rotational assist.

A hot topic in the Modern Warfare III community lately has been the Longbow sniper rifle and many are claiming that it's game breaking and overpowered in its current state so today, I wanted to compare the Longbow with the other MWIII sniper rifles and then share my thoughts on whether or not I feel it's overpowered.
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