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Base health regeneration

Base health regeneration

And in this scenario. I figured out that I could deal exactly 75 damage to myself if I shoot a wall with this trell from 3.5 M, so all of my tests are going to involve taking 75 damage, and with this, our healing delay from the last damage that we took is going to take 4 seconds, so in that 4 second period of time, you don't regenerate any health at all, and if you end up taking more damage in that time, it resets that timer back to 4 seconds, so you're going to have to wait another 4 seconds to start your healing.

Now, once you start the healing process by default, our healing rate is 40 HP per second, so if you were hurt really badly, let's just say you took 140 damage. It's going to take you 3 and 1/2 seconds, after that 4-second delay in order to get back up to full health which means that's a total healing time of 7 and 1/2 seconds, now obviously that's one of the more extreme scenarios where you're taking a ton of damage and if you take less damage obviously once the healing starts you're going to be finishing the healing faster, but overall this is a fairly standard healing time for a Call of Duty game now there is some variance from game to game but this definitely Falls within the range of being quite normal for a Call of Duty game next let's have a look at some of the items that state that they improve our healing time and the first obvious thing to test here is the stim shot, and with this what I found is the moment you've actually injected yourself with the stim shot which does take a little bit of time for that animation to play, your healing will start immediately, so it completely cancels out that regeneration to delay.

Stim healing times

Stim healing times

And not only that, the health regeneration rate has significantly improved; it's now roughly 115. HP per second, so in that same scenario where we get hurt really badly and take 140 damage, it's going to take us roughly 2 and a half seconds from the moment we press the button to use the stim shot to the moment we are full health, so that's obviously a massive improvement.

We're saving about 5 seconds there, and 5 seconds in Call of Duty terms is a very, very long time, so Sims are great in this game, but the problem with that is that you only get one or maybe two sims depending on the vest that you're using, and they don't automatically regenerate like they did in Black Ops Cold War.

Battle rage healing

In either case, let's move on to battle rage. This is another tactical that states that it helps with your healing time; however, it doesn't appear to have any effect whatsoever on your base healing time at all, and that's whether you have battle rage already active when you take the damage or if you try to use it like a stim shot and you activate it after you've taken damage, it's the exact same health regeneration time.

However, the upside that you gain with this is actually like a timed version of Quick Fix. So if you have battle rage active and you've taken damage, the moment you get a kill, it immediately triggers your health regeneration. From that point on, the health regeneration rate is still the same at 40 HP per second, but this does still provide an excellent benefit in those very specific scenarios where you happen to have it active and you also get a kill well damaged.

Now there's one final item that can improve your health regeneration: And this is the Medbox field upgrade.

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Med box healing

Med box healing

So let's get back into the Medbox breakdown. This is a field upgrade that you throw down just like you would with a munitions box, and you and your teammates can collect from it. When you do this, it cuts your healing delay down to just 1 second, but you still have the standard healing rate of 40 HP per second.

Even with that standard rate, cutting that healing delay down to just 1 second is a huge improvement. However, the kicker here is that this only works once, so it's great for healing up quickly after that first gunfight you get into after collecting this, but then after that, you're just back to your standard health regeneration, which may be great for something like Search and Destroy.

cod mwiii

If you throw one of those down at the beginning of a round and a bunch of your teammates pick that up, that's actually going to be a nice leg up for your entire team. However, in my experience with respawn game modes, one single time that you can heal faster is generally not worth taking up your field upgrade slot.

And there we go, wrapping it up for all of the items that are in the game currently that have the potential to reduce your health regeneration.

Is "quick fix" coming? (leaked vest)

So now let's answer the big question: should this game have Quick Fix or something like it? Well, the first thing I want to point out is that before the game launched, there was actually a list of perks that were leaked, and these were from a data mine, and many of them turned out to be 100% correct, although not all of them, so it looked like it was from an earlier build of the game.

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