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Modern Warfare 3 rank play release date maps modes and rewards. Rank play and Call of Duty have been staples for many years, and Modern Warfare 3 will soon get its own take on the mode with the release of season when reloaded on January 17th. With it will come Modern Warfare 3 rank play, and with it will come numerous rewards, ranks, and rules you'll need to follow while playing Modern Warfare 3 rank play.

Here's what you need to know. When does Modern Warfare 3 rank play? Release Currently, Treyarch is planning to release the new iteration of rank play for Modern Warfare 3 during season 1. While rank has been confirmed to be an in-season update, it's to be assumed that the mode will be bundled with the season 1 reloaded update, which touches down on January 17th, 2024.

The release of Modern Warfare 3 rank play will be separate from the new release of Warzon's rank play, which may not end up releasing until season 2 or Beyond Treyarch confirmed that they will be providing more details about the future of rank play in the coming weeks. Here are the rank-play details: The game modes will consist of hardpoint search, destroy, and control; all competitive modes are limited to 4v4 rather than the standard 6v6; and the weapon loadouts are restricted to certain items.

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That being said, let's touch base on what's either banned or G8 for rank play. These weapons will not be available for use, so for primary weapons, all Modern Warfare 2 weapons will not be available for use in Modern Warfare 3 rank play, so no, you will not be able to use the tack 56 or the vast Nev 9k from Modern Warfare 2.

This was something that I was pretty curious about, so it is cool to have some clarity on that. As far as Modern Warfare 3 assault rifles, most of you can probably guess the Hoger 556. It looks like it will be the only AR unavailable for use during rank play at this time, but things can always change later on down the road.

Also restricted will be all of the battle rifles, the Boss B, the Side Winder, and the MTZ 762. All of the shotguns will be restricted, as well as the Lockwood 680, the Haymaker, and the Riveter all-marksman rifles, the M1 Grand, and the SVT40. The g43, all lmgs, as well as the pulat 76, the DG 56 LSW, the hogre 26, the kbd enforcer, the MCW 6.8, the DM 56, and the MTZ Interceptor, as well as pressors, will also be banned, along with the number of ammunition attachments.


This is no surprise, as the Call of Duty league rules have a large number of restricted items toward the meta of the MCW AR and the Rival 9 SMG. While we could see the MTZ 556 Mak make an appearance on some of the larger maps, I am very curious about the status of the SVA. That is just my personal favorite weapon in the game, and I understand I may be outclassed in a lot of situations going up against the MCW.

If you didn't absolutely have to use the MCW in rank play, what AR would you like to use? That being said, there are still a lot of restrictions that will be in place with secondary weapons, weapon attachments, lethal tactics, and so on. A quick rundown about the hardpoint game mode The first of these game modes is hardpoint.

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Hardpoint will have a 5-minute timer with the 250-point score limit, and each hardpoint zone will last for 60 seconds, with the next zone being revealed after 50 seconds have passed. The maps you will be able to play for hardpoint are Invasion Karachi, Skid R Subbase, and Terminal. The second game mode that will be available in rank play is Search and Destroy, which is a turn-based mode where teams alternate offense and defense.

Rounds last for 90 seconds, with a total of six wins necessary to win the game. The objective on offense is to detonate one of the bomb sites by planting a bomb on either of the SES and defending it after you plant it on defense. Your goal is to stop the other team from detonating one of the bomb sites by eliminating them.

If the other team wants to bomb, you must diffuse it. Both teams can win by eliminating each other if they so choose. You also now need to win by two points for the first time ever, with a maximum of eight wins. That is huge for Modern Warfare III rank play. The SE destroy maps will be Highrise Invasion Karachi, Skid R, and Terminal So this may be a game.


Cher, instead of losing those heartbreaking round 11s in SND, you now have the opportunity to win the game if you lose that 11th round, but if the score ends up being 87. Needless to say, the team that has eight has won the game. This is something that I am familiar with as a cap. I personally think this is an absolute W addition to the SND mode, and it's going to make things so much more intense.

Do you think it's a W, or do you think it's unnecessary? And the third and final game mode is control. Control is a battle of attrition where one team's objective is to capture two points on the map while the other team must defend the points. The match starts with a 90-second timer, with each point captured awarding you with bonus time.

You and your team will have a limited number of lives, so play carefully and try to get ahead at all costs. The three maps for control include highrise invasion and karach. So from what I can see, there are not a whole lot of changes from Modern Warfare 2's rank play other than what Snd has in store for us, but in my opinion, that may be enough.

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One thing I would like to see in rank play is that it's more of a series-type deal instead of one-and-done. Dynamic: I would like to see these rank-play games go the best two out of three. For example, the first game can be hardpoint, the second game can be control, and if necessary, the third round will be search and destroy.

Not necessarily in that order, but I think it adds even more intensity to rank play and creates a little bit of that rivalry feel. Unfortunately, though, I do not think this will be a thing, so that is kind of just on my rank-play wish list. If you like the content, I'll drop two more articles for you right here.

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