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I'd love to hear from Modern Warfare 3 players that they find a major issue with the highly requested TTK change. Modern Warfare 3 made many significant changes to the multiplayer for Modern Warfare, and among them was the increase in ttk. While initially it was praised, some players are now pointing out the indirect issues brought about by the changes right from the beta of Call of Duty.

Modern Warfare 3 fans praise Sledgehammer Games for making much-requested changes to the multiplayer gameplay, like the addition of mechanics like slide cancellation and longer ttk. Season 1 continued to bring even more guns and maps that quickly became favorites for many players. No matter the changes and additions, players will however use gun guns that kill the fastest, and with ttk longer than usual, plenty will lean toward one-shot weapons like snipers, so some players find things pretty inconsistent.

What I think it is ultimately how much you get punished for limb shots in Modern Warfare 3. I've tried really hard to find some exact numbers as far as limb shots, but I will show you a damage breakdown between the MCW AR and the striker SMG. Headshot damage causes upper and lower torso damage, so the upper torso is within that upper chest or neck area and the lower torso is more toward the groin and hips.

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Also take into consideration that these can vary with range and certain attachments, so the MCW has a 26.7 effective damage range. What an effective damage range is Let's say the gun does 10 feet of damage at 10 feet. Within those 10 feet, it'll deal full damage. Let's say it has a 10% damage drop-off for every extra foot after that, so at 11 feet, it deals 9 feet, 12 feet, eight feet, and so on.

These numbers are just an example of how effective the damage range is. Works None of these numbers is cohesive with either of the weapons we are talking about here. Hopefully, it all makes sense. So once again, the MCW has a 26.7 M effective damage range, the ttk is 290 M seconds, which is the fastest in its class, I believe, and the RPM is 74.3 rounds per minute.


This is the fire rate of the weapon, so as far as actual damage, it does 44 damage per head shot. 37 damage for the upper torso and 34 for the lower torso. Now for the striker, this has a 9.7-meter effective damage range and a 297. Ms ttk has a RPM of 6452. Headshot damage does 46, upper torso damage does 39, and lower torso damage does 36.

Once again, unfortunately. I could not find actual statistics of how much damage these weapons do when you are hitting leg and arm shots, so circling back to my main point, that is most likely the root cause of the TT K feeling so inconsistent, as well as damage drop-off range and maybe even a few other things that we don't even quite think of.

I would love to know this for even more clarification. Many players are now finding the constant use of onot weapons annoying. A Reddit user pointed that out and said the most competitive lobbies are filled with one-shot users. I agree with this 100%, and the sweatiest lobbies are usually shotguns and S-snipers.


Plenty of players agreed that this is probably my biggest gripe with the game at the moment, and some also suggested potential solutions, saying that this is what you guys signed up for by asking for slower times. The same issue with Black Ops Cold War also suggests that maybe these one-shot weapons should be accompanied by more Flinch while getting shot by enemies.

Many others pointed out that it's down to the longer ttk in Modern Warfare 3, explaining that long ttk is slow and boring, so anything that can one-shot kill will get used more. Some, meanwhile, didn't think it was much of a problem and was necessary. Snipers are the counter to the crazy players jumping and sliding all over the place with movement settings set to 10.

Another user said other guns are still good to counter these one-shot guns. I mean. I do get a good amount of snipers in search, but the majority of the games I'm in are still just a bunch of sweats using MCWS and beaming everybody half of the time, so keep in mind that obviously a couple of these players are having different experiences in Modern Warfare 3.

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This can be because of the engagement and optimized matchmaking system, which we are supposed to manipulate into thinking that it's actually skill-based matchmaking, but that is not the topic of this article. Let's go ahead and move along while it is unlikely that developers will address the TTK concerns.

Modern Warfare 3's meta keeps changing, and there will be guns that will be competitive despite not being one shot, so once again, as far as the one shot weapons, especially shotguns. I am really looking forward to rank play so I can actually start to feel like I'm playing some organized Call of Duty, and I hate to say it, but that is a big reason why I'm excited for rank play.

Not the only reason; obviously, rank play is a whole lot of fun, but it takes a whole lot of the silliness out of Call of Duty when you are playing rank play. Something I do like about this whole situation, though, is that you really have to earn your kills in this game in Modern Warfare 2. It was literally a game where it felt like whoever shot their gun first would win the gunfight.


I think this does create a little more of a skill gap, or maybe even a lot more of a skill gap, along with the footstep dampening and increased game speed. If you like the content, I'll drop two more articles for you right here, and consider subscribing for two weekly Modern Warfare 3 articles as well as other first-person shooter content.

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After a year of having probably one of the fastest TTK cods in history with , there was a major adjustment to the TTK in modern warfare 3.
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