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Modern Warfare 3 rank play is almost here. In this article, we're going to talk about some things to consider, or maybe you can actively start practicing. Well, let's go ahead and get right into the article. There's no need for an intro, so first things first, you're going to want to remove the casual gamer mindset.

When it comes to ranked players, they should remove the casual gamer mindset because it's all about taking the game a little more seriously and striving to improve. Obviously, it is still a game at the end of the day, and it is meant to be a fun time. In rank modes, things are typically a little more competitive and focused on winning, so having a casual gamer mindset might not lead to the best outcome.

It is important to approach rank modes with a more strategic and determined mindset to give yourself the best chance of success. So yes, you can still crack jokes and laugh with your squad. This will absolutely help the team chemistry, but make sure you know when and where you should lock in next.

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Next, you're going to want to choose your cosmetics. Choosing your cosmetics wisely in ranking won't necessarily give you a competitive edge, but certain skins may give your opponent the upper hand. Let's say, for example, that if you are running the New York subliner skin, that color yellow cuts through anything on the map like no other, even the Boston breach skin, one of my favorite skins in the game, just because of the color scheme, that I will most likely not be running in rank play.

Try to find certain skins and weapon camos that can provide a little bit better camouflage and make you a little less of a moving target, so take your cosmetics into consideration—your skins, weapon camos, whatever the case. Yes, a lot of these skins look cool, but still, be smart with your cosmetics and prioritize winning over aesthetics.

And obviously, you're going to want to squad up; this is probably one of the most crucial points. First off, playing with a coordinated team gives you much better communication and teamwork, which can lead to strategic gameplay and better coordination. It's so much easier to communicate and execute strategies when you are playing with a squad and/or teammates you can trust, and let's be honest, playing with randoms is hardly ever a good time.


Are there exceptions to the rule? Absolutely, but in most cases, playing with randoms usually calls for a bad time, plus having a squad means you can rely on each other for support, cover fire, and objective gameplay. All that being said, please make sure your mic and headset are appropriate for competitive play, and if you are able to avoid Modern Warfare 3 game chat, please do so if you are able to get into Discord and TeamSpeak.

Skype playstation party Xbox party I'm not entirely sure what everyone is using today, but I do know Discord is probably the most popular. Take advantage of one of these things. I highly recommend Discord, and I'm sure most of the community does, because not only does Modern Warfare 3 game chat sound a bit weird, but it also has a nasty delay from where you actually say something into your microphone to where it travels to your teammate's ears.


If this cord has a low latency that is slim to none, make sure your teammates can hear you articulating yourself very clearly when you are trying to communicate. Try to make sure you aren't too muffled, and try to eliminate as much background noise as possible. This next one is probably common knowledge for a lot of you, but learn the hardpoint rotations and beat your enemies to the new point.

Learning the hardpoint rotations and rank play is crucial because it literally gives you an advantage against players that may or may not know them like the back of their hands. Hardpoint is all about controlling specific areas on the map, and knowing the rotations means you can anticipate where the next hardpoint will be and position yourself accordingly.

By being in the right place at the right time, you can secure the objective and soak up those points for your team, so study the rotations and stay one step ahead at all times. Next is another one that's a little more obvious, but run meta guns and loadouts. Running meta weapons and loadouts in rank play really just gives you a fighting chance to compete.

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Meta weapons are those that are considered the most effective in the current game. Using these weapons can give you the best bang for your buck as far as overall performance. That being said, there will be a lot of weapon restrictions, making it a lot easier to choose an appropriate loadout for rank play.

The tricky part will be the attachments for a lot of players, again helping your overall performance, which can greatly increase your chances of success in rank play. So I'm going to show you guys a couple of weapon builds from notable names in the community, including Celium NZ from Atlanta. These will most likely be some good blueprints for you to use in rank play.

Maybe you don't necessarily have to copy and paste these word for word bar for bar; that's my bar. He copied my whole [__] throat, word for word, bar for bar. They are literally two of the best Call of Duty players in the world, so you can assume they knew what they were doing when building these weapons.


However, it's important to remember that skill and strategy also play a significant role, so while running metal weapons is almost the rank-place standard, it is always good to find the best weapon that suits your play style, and next in Search and Destroy, diffuse the bomb immediately. Diffusing the bomb in Search and Destroy is super important because it can literally turn the tide of the game.

When the bomb is planted, the clock starts ticking, and every second counts. Literally every second counts. Obviously, you still have to be strategic and exercise some critical thinking when saying this. This does not mean Ninja diffuses right away, brainlessly. Let's say you win a 1 V. The enemy bomb is planted, but there are 15 seconds left.


Do not even think about shooting bodies, trolling, spinning around with Max sensitivity, or DPI. You get what I'm saying. diffuse the bomb right away because it does take a little bit longer than it will in a public match. It is all about making those clutch plays and securing the win for your squad, but at the same time, don't waste time and go for that diffuse the second you were able to next keep your composure.

Keeping your composure is super important; it can greatly impact your performance. When things get intense and the pressure is on, it's easy to get frustrated or pissed off, which can lead to poor decision-making and just sloppy gaming. By staying calm and composed, you can maintain a clear focus, make better decisions, and react way more effectively to the game.

Ranked play is almost here and in this video were going to talk about some things to consider or maybe you can start actively practicing before ranked play touches down, let me know what skill division you plan on reaching this ranked play season. Well let's go ahead and get right into the video, no need for an intro. Send this to your ranked play squad members! bclidPAAab4lTOapGL1tBIWjOn8M9Ff9Fdzg4chLKdhjX-Ebjpa4esu0H-bRJF07lw.
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