News - Huge Surprise: The Warzone 2 Holiday Event Is About To Release. Early Access Update



We just got a new update in MW3. The holiday event is being released earlier than expected.

All modern warfare 3 holiday playlist updates previewed

If you finish today's update, we have a bunch of playlists here of upcoming holiday events, and first off, they're releasing much earlier than expected tomorrow instead of on Wednesday, which is pretty cool overall, so let's break down what we're seeing here.

The first one is, of course, an infectious holiday. Eliminated survivors become infected, infect everyone, or survive the game to win kills, and win losses are not affected, so super cool stuff here again, of course, infected. I wasn't in the game previously, but they're going to bring it in here, and off the bat, they're going to have a hot version of Infected.

modern warfare 3

Probably after this holiday event, we'll have the base version of Infected in the game as well, which is pretty cool. As I said in previous articles, it was one of my favorite party modes of all time when it was first introduced back in MW3 2011. It was tons of fun, so I'm glad to see that it's returning in this game.

Although it's just a reskin, we won't have any other features in there; it should literally just be infected, but with a holiday theme, so still cool, but the next one here is Hangover 24/7. As pick game modes in a special winter version of Highrise, and here's some early gameplay up on screen. Highrise with a winter theme with all the decorations, the lights, the snow, and a nighttime Vibe as well.

I think is really cool. You know they could have picked any MW2. OG map to make a holiday theme out of, and I think Highrise was a pretty good choice here overall. Imagine all 16 of the launch maps, the OG MW2 maps, all being set in a blizzard at night with holiday decorations as well. That would have been unreal, but of course that's way too much development time to put into a two-day holiday event.


It doesn't make much sense there, but it still would have been sick. Overall, Highrise, Holiday Edition, is still solid next up here, though we have another skin. In the game, we have a ship named Miss 24/7. Again, MH picked game modes for a special winter version of the shipment. Based on the leaks here, we thought this would be the exact same version of the MW2 shipment we saw last year, which I said I didn't really mind because that was a pretty solid version of the shipment.

The colors were great—the snow, the holiday decorations—it was all pretty cool, but based on the image here that they show in the game, it's actually. A little bit of a different reskin I think the base map will still be the same, but it seems like they changed up the Sky Box a little bit. I think it looks super cool, so I'm glad there is at least a different look here.

We'll see what it actually looks like in game tomorrow, but overall, this looks pretty cool here, and for another mode here, we're of course getting a snowfight, the deadly snowfall fight around go toe-to-toe against another team and try to come out on top, so this one again will take place on The Hangover.

Holiday highrise map, and the new Miss map as well, which again is cool. We talked about this in a previous article pretty much exactly how gunfight works, but instead you have snowballs, and then there's one golden snowball in the middle of the map that everyone has to run to, and that golden snowball is a hit-and-kill, so you're going to want to go for that every single round there, but you know a pretty good variety here of MP modes for this holiday event now before we go any further.

I really appreciate it, guys.

Multiple new events added to modern warfare 3!

Multiple new events added to modern warfare 3!

Now you head over to the event tab here in MW3, and you can see a bunch of new additions. Of course, the Dune event ends in about two days, or less than two days. At this point, we have Santa's Sligh Ground, which starts in 22 hours as of recording this article. Of course, Tuesday at around 12 p.

M eastern Undead Santa has hijacked the train, tossing deadly snowballs, capturing trees, hunting zombie deer, and then battling for control of Santa's. Slay ride: last team standing wins We have another holiday mode here at Slay Ride this year. The holidays are horrifying. Celebrate the frightful festivities across the war zone, and then another mode here again, which starts a couple days after a double XP weekend mode here, which I don't know why is in the event tab.

PlayStation did send out an email about this double XP event, and the email was to celebrate 20 years of Call of Duty over the holidays, so this might not just be a normal Double XP Weekend; it might be something where you're getting double XP, but you're also getting some 20th anniversary rewards.

Will the reward be super crazy? Probably not since it's going on at the same time as the holiday event, but it still could be something a bit more interesting than what we normally see for a double XP event, so we'll see in a couple days when that goes live what we're getting there, but it's still pretty cool to see in the game.

Two new bundles just added to modern warfare 3!

Two new bundles just added to modern warfare 3!

As well, we have some new bundles here. The first one is the NTO bundle with a rip tide operator skin, which will be previewed here. If it ever loads a pretty cool one, we have a night vision outfit here. This looks like one of the operators we saw—for, you know, one of the raid episodes in M2—definitely has a solid vibe overall.

Like this look here, we have a sticking move and a finishing move, and of course we have a kit, melee, and knife. Yeah, this is definitely fire. The green look is super cool on the kambi here, so there is a solid little blueprint there. We have a striker SMG blueprint. This one looks pretty cool as well.

I got this green neon look on this black weapon here. Pretty solid stuff. We have a calling card as well, a dark patrol, and a large decal. A loading screen night vision look again goes into dark mode with Nea; that's pretty cool, and then an emblem as well, so solid bundle. There are 2, 000 C points, and we have another bundle as well.

Down here in the operator section, we have the myth maker bundle, an Alpine operator skin, which will preview pretty cool. Okay, this is definitely interesting. A little more is going on here. Not bad we have one weapon blueprint for the bass B, which is honestly a solid weapon here. This one isn't too crazy, not that vibrant, but it's a cool look again if you guys like the, you know, less vibrant camos, but still, with a bit of design, this might be a good one.

no tracer, but it is what it is. We have a colon card with a large decal and a weapon charm as well, so 1,600 C points for this one, and yeah, Sol stuff there. Those are the two new bundles in the store.

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