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how to get new schematics in mw3 zombies

I'm going to show you how to unlock and complete the new tier five Elder Cil for Rift, getting all of the new schematics in season 2 reloaded entirely solo. This is the ultimate solo-friendly guide, and we need to break this guide down into two parts: The first step is unlocking the rift solo and then completing the ElderSigil version of it solo.

Starting with unlocking the new Rift as a solo, you want an AR or SMG at least Tier 2 Pack-A-Punch. As a first step, we need to go into the new dark EA mission, so let's enter the anomaly immediately upon spawning in. We're going to go onto this boat to get our first item, and there are multiple ways that you can get up on this boat.

The quickest way is upon pawn spawn. Just immediately run backwards and make your way towards this sign. As you can see, there's going to be a little parkour puzzle. Let's climb up the ladder here. Climb up this ladder here. Do a little run-jump. Jump onto it, then run, jump, and open your parachute.

how to get new schematics mwz

Bantle up there, and we go. Now, right in the middle here, there's going to be a pedestal, which is going to be our MMA glove, so let's activate. There's going to be an inle that's going to spawn, and we just need to kill zombies with melee. Now, if you don't complete this within the 30 seconds of instakill, you're just going to have to wait around 30 seconds or so for another instakill to spawn.

There we go very, very easily, and inside that Rift is going to be our tatted MMA gloves. Let's now go ahead and go to the actual mission objective, because we need to start there. Okay, so now it's telling us to regroup and escort the ACV, so we're just going to continue the mission as normal until we get to the shopping mall.

We will then go for the next items. Okay, so now that we've gotten to this part, we're going to go ahead and get the other two parts. Right here, we're going to have another pedestal. This is going to be a head-shot challenge to give us the perforated target. Activating the seal is going to spawn us in a little circle, and we're going to need to kill zombies only with a head shot, so there we go, super easy, so let's go ahead and get the reward Rift, and there's our Target, so we make our way back to the shopping center.

mw3 zombies

Now we're going to be heading further north, and we're actually going to be going to this part of the map here, which is the bottom left, as we've got another pedestal. On the side of here, which is very hard to see. You're just going to have to run around, but I believe it's right here, and this is going to be an alternate ammo-type challenge, so when activating the seal, we need to pay attention to the effect behind us.

This is fire, so I'm going to be looking around. Try and find a napon burst. So we've got a napon burst. I'm going to interact with that there. It's going to drop it. I'm now going to pick it up. put it on my weapon and I now need to get kills with napon, burst on solo, it really doesn't require a lot of zombies at all, so now we can see that the ring has changed the cry freeze, so let's go ahead and find the cry freeze aat, put on our gun, and let's get our load of kills there, and now it's changed to dead wire.

mw3 zombies how to get new schematics

The dead wire is here, so let's go and grab that pop that on. It's actually crazy how easy this step is on solo compared to how it is in co-op, so the last one is brain. Rock, so let's go ahead and acquire that and get the last remaining kills, and there we go; that's complete, and we got the pristine mirror; that's all three items, so now we just need to complete the mission as normal.

And boom, he's down, and the final item we're going to need for the rift The Easter egg is right in here, which is the drum, so let's pick that up, and there we go, all right. Let's now go upgrade them. The first item we're going to upgrade is going to be the MMA glove, so you want to make your way to this boxing gym that's over here towards the bottom middle of the map, and once we go inside here, we want to go into the boxing ring itself, and there will be an offer.

mw3 zombies new schematic

The unattuned, Relic, so we'll do that, then we immediately want to run out and we want to melee these punching bags from left to right, so left to middle. Right, it's then going to spawn. A zombie that's going to have glowing hands and we need to melee it and kill it whilst in the boxing ring and there we go we've got the tattered MMA gloves to upgrade the target we go to Shaheen Mana which is right here on the map and all we need to do is go over and interact, with this Target and it's going to spawn a timed, shooting range where we need to shoot all of these targets and turn them red so we've got two that spawned in the main target we've got two off to the side it's actually one that's hidden right behind here which is really sneaky, we got one up on that roof there we've got one further back here and then the final Target is here and this is going to spawn a zombie, that needs to be killed with only head shot so there we go boom.

And it dropped the perforated target, so now that's gold, and to upgrade the mirror, we need to make our way to the graveyard, which is over here near the entire military base. With the mirror, offer it at this gravestone here, and it's going to spawn two zombies that are going to have an elemental effect.

mw3 zombies new schematics

This time there's only one, so we've got purple, which belongs to dead wire, so I'm going to run up here and I'm going to look for the corresponding alternate ammo type that I need, so let's see, dead wire, so let's go ahead and acquire that. Now we just need to kill that zombie using that ammo type, so there we go, and it is going to drop.

The pristine mirror Now that you have all four items in gold, you just need to go over to the new dark EA Rift, which is right over here, and you just want to place each of the items down in the corresponding icons that you see, so the target goes there, the drum goes there, the gloves go there, and the mirror goes there.

Once you've placed them all in and taken down the mimic that spawns, you now have access to the rift, and now you need a sigil or an elder sigil to go in, so let's now get the elder sigil ready. So for the current best solo Elder sigil setup, you're going to want to run the crossbow, and you might be surprised, but this is actually now incredible.

mw3 zombies new schematics solo

Again, and it's all thanks to the blast cap 20-in bolts. Be sure to copy this class and have it on, and make sure you pack-and-punch it to level three and legendary. Make sure you have an elder sigil, and for solo, it's heavily advised to have the golden armor plate and the EA blade. You don't need the scorcher, but I'm going to have it anyway because it is just a lot easier to go around the map with, and I'm going to bring in some perks.

ULTIMATE MW3 ZOMBIES SOLO SEASON 2 RELOADED NEW Schematics Unlock GUIDE! How To Unlock ALL Legendary Classified Schematics in MW3 Zombies Season 1.
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