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So the last time I covered the bass B, it was in my top five weapon coding outs here in Modern Warfare 3, and I realized I never actually posted a gameplay with that class setup that I featured, so that's what we're doing today. I'm not so much focusing on recoil and control with this build, but more on the aggressive style of play.

We have a pretty decent aim down s side speed, and the recoil is definitely manageable where you can take medium and long-range gunfights, but if you start taking too many long-range gunfights, you are going to miss some shots, and you might end up dying because of it. By far, my favorite build has actually been made for the bass.

Overpowered class

bas b

B here, so we're going to start with a stock, and it is arguably the most important attachment of the build with the ravage 20 heavy stock gun kick control recel control and fire aiming stability is gained tier, and it's a large amount at that, and it's primarily that gun kick control, 20%. So that's going to control that original kick that your weapon has while shooting, and then we also get 5.6% towards horizontal recoil control and 9% towards vertical recoil control.

Now the rear grip is going to be the st88 grip for the same reason we chose the stock, but the values are going to be a bit smaller here; it's going to be third or 10% towards the gun kick control. 7.2% toward the horizontal recoil control and 7.8% toward the vertical recoil. Like I said, it's the same reason we chose the stock, but the values aren't glaring at 20%.

To any of those statistics, it's still an important attachment nonetheless. For the magazine, I have the 30-round mag, and as always, this is going to be a preference. If you want to go with the 45-round mag, feel free to do so. The 30 was just my sweet spot, and I don't feel like I really need more than that.

For the underbar, we have the SL skeletal vertical grip. We talked about this in the top five weapon classes article, and it gives you aim-down sight speed and recoil control. What more could you ask for out of an attachment? So this is going to help you not only at range but also while being aggressive.

We got 6.9% towards the gun kick control and 8% towards the vertical recoil control. 5.5% toward the aim down sight speed and 4.1% towards the sprint to fire speed, and the last attach is the Brun Venom long barrel, giving you bullet velocity and damage range recoil control and aiming idle span gun kick control, so I don't really need to explain this; we want to increase our damage range here, and that's why we chose this.

Barrel over the rest, we're getting 20% of our damage ranges along with 10.5%. Who knows, maybe this thing stays the same. I wouldn't be mad about it because I really enjoy using it. What do you guys think of the bass B?

Game 1 on underpass

Game 1 on underpass

You guys enjoy, Over on under bass, I figured this would be a good map to use the bass B on the bass B. I've been I've always kind of stuck to medium-range maps, but this gun actually has very good long-range potential. As always, let's get into it and see if we can lock in that swarm here under the underpass.

It's an underrated map in my opinion; it features various lines of sight, like throughout height, but it does a good job of doing it; it's not like the perfect map by any means, but it's definitely creative. I'm so dead. Chase me chase me I was about to say it's not the perfect map, but it is. I'm going to back up.

I don't i'm not trying to get shot. I think they're going to keep chasing me there. It does a good job of featuring a lot of changing landscapes, I guess, which is the best way to put it. Enemy Kia Gorgeous! We are cruising through this map right now. We are one kill off of VTO and definitely want to get that.

bas b class

Make sure we're paying attention here to our sight lines. There's a guy over here; somewhere, there's two of them; there's three of them. Look, I can't hit that shot, but maybe if I had an optic, that'd be a head glitch from hell. I think that's who I saw; we got the advanced UAV. This Snake City guy is going crazy.

I might have to pay attention to him. YT Snake City, from what it appears, has some ghost users. I'm going to hit this valve. Actually, the whole team's right there. And we got a swarm; that's what I'm talking about; that was called patience and resilience. No, it's not resilience, but it was definitely patience.

We were patient in the sense that we wouldn't run at gunfights. We used the gun to its advantage, and we were able to find success that way. I missed some easy shots there. Let's go this way. Here, I don't think my veto really got me any kills, which is unfortunate other than when it landed. You know what I mean.

bas b class mw3

I can't push this hill with this weapon. Target up and move to the point. Well, there's a double. Now, okay, we had two players leave; that's a little weird with us winning the game like this. What we have to hope for here is that the other team is willing and able to break some Hill time. I don't want to hit the swarm because every time I do hit the swarm, it ends up killing me, so I have to be very wary of that.

Let's see if we can get a kill. Maybe that's a. Yes, I think they're going to stay spawning back here, relocating the stand, or probably not; actually, it's probably going to rotate. I don't know where that nade came from. I don't know where any of these nades are coming from with my team there.

I don't care if I choke the nuke, but I do want to know where the hell I just got Ned and stunned. From out of nowhere, here they're still. Reloading okay, sure, Snake City is getting nuked. I only have 33 kills. Let's see if the swarm cranks us up, but it's going to end pretty quickly. I like using the bass, so I won't mind doing a second game with it.

It Yeah, rain hell upon them. I can only assume that I'm going to have to hit the MGB here. There's one that's too far, though. I can only assume that I'm going to have to hit this underpass was, fun wait Never run when you have a swarm; never run to where you just killed somebody from Bad. Idea Yeah, I got to hit MGB teams on the hill.

I always love when things just work out I get the, nuke I get the nuke. It's always a good time when things just go according to plan. MGB is called in there, and we ended up with 50 kills. Definitely, a second game is incoming.

Game 2 on estate

Game 2 on estate

Game number two with the bass B over on a state, I had no expectations for this game at all. I just wanted to feature a different map than my stereotypical ones. I've dropped a nuke on a state once, so that's not out of the realm of possibility, but there's been like three times I've ended up putting a state on the channel, so I've gotten a more I've gotten more familiar with the map and how people play like that guy.

How to make the BAS B OVERPOWERED in MW3! Best Bas B Class Setup -Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer.
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