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Season 3 Reload is almost here, and with that, we're going to show you the top 10 best weapons to use in MWZ. And we know there is no secret to the top 10; in my opinion, now we're going to show you the top 10 best weapons to use, just in case you guys want to use something different. Now we're going to showcase each weapon to its fullest.

Pack-a-Punch level three either with an epic or legendary tool, and with that, we're going to start with number 10, the S VA 545. It's one of the best starting weapons in MW3. This weapon has fast firing and impressive accuracy, making the 545 share similarities with Call of Duty Black Ops 8 and 94, as well as the hyper-burst Fisher Now this weapon right here is really overpowered, especially when you can put it on the barrel, which is going to be the flamethrower.

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Now I know what you guys are thinking: the flamethrower got Nerf the SBA, a545. Already have enough accuracy and recoil, so using the attachment for the Jack purifier doesn't really hurt the weapon; it actually improves the weapon to the point that you can pretty much melt some of the zombies so fast and easily, and yes, it did get Nerf as far as the bosses, but one of the things is that we don't really need the flamethrower for the bosses; simply, the SVA is already strong enough to take the bosses on its own, but using a different attachment just to add more ads or accuracy when the weapon already is good enough like that instead of just using the Jack purifying to actually melt these zombies instead of focusing on the bosses and the fact that the thing got nerfed Yes, go ahead and use the thermite or cry gun, but this weapon is not as good as number nine, the amr9.

The AR9 is a fantastic SMG option in Call of Duty Mod Warfare 3, especially for the players looking for something in between SMG and assault rifle. The AMR is now capable of the best SMGs in Moder Warfare 3, capable of close range damage as well as long range comeback. When used with the right attachment, this weapon can become really overpowered.

best mcw class mwz

If you guys put the magazine there, it's going to give you 100. Once you pack-and-Punch this weapon, it's going to go all the way to 200 rounds. Now this weapon already has fast ads, and the mobility is already good. On top of that, you can snap between zombies and other zombies so fast and easily and get that critical heat damage when you use that dead shot perk, which makes this weapon absolutely broken.

You can take down a disciple so fast and easy with this weapon and having the right attachment with this weapon, which, by the way, we're going to go ahead and show you guys the best cluster out for each one of the weapons at the end of the article, but the next weapon is going to be the bass beat. This weapon needs no introduction.

The bass B is absolutely amazing. This rifle feels like an AR with the best features as far as range and accuracy. The Bass B is one gun that many are including in their best MW3 loadouts. It doesn't matter if it's War Zone or Zombie; it combines range damage and a very manageable recoil pattern, so you can take any fight on a highly controllable and powerful battle rifle chamber.

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277, designed for all-round reliability in performance in game, this weapon melts pretty much everything, and as far as the flamethrower, the same thing as the SVA You can go ahead and put the flamethrower on this weapon again. This is not for bosses anymore; we understand that, but it's for Forest.

If you can get into any situation where you have so many zombies and you cannot take the zombies out, make sure you put the flamethrower in there because it will get you out of certain situations. Now you don't need the flamethrower because this weapon is already so reliable, but the next weapon is number eight.

The Tempest racer backs this weapon absolutely, Overpowered; we're using this with a legendary tool Pack-a-Punch level three and an ammo mod. This weapon becomes incredible. The Tempest racer back does offer high handling and Fast Fire rate stats. Although the gun is a MW2 weapon in Zombie, this weapon is crazy.

best mwz weapon after season 3

The damage output is incredible; it can provide good follow-up for every single shot. Now critical hit damage is using this weapon, and I'll show you guys how to speed cola so you can reload this weapon even faster, and as far as Mega Abominations, it does a lot of damage to the Mega as well. This weapon has taken notice in the community, and it has a chance to actually move, even on the top five.

Now this weapon has become one of the most popular weapons, and you can actually snap from zombies to zombies and get 120. Imagine putting the mark on this weapon. Definitely use this weapon, but the next weapon. The side wind. What can we not say about the side wind? Okay, this weapon is a battle rifle.

A lot of people are sleeping on this weapon. Wait, this weapon was first introduced when we first started playing the game. This weapon was a one-shot kill, even in the Red Zone. Sometimes he was taking two shots when you used a legendary tool at level three, and you pretty much knew how to use the dead-shot perk.

best ram 7 class mwz

But this weapon ever since it had an after-market power attachment, which, like I say, we will put the class up at the end of the article for every single weapon, but when you put the after-market power attachment to this weapon, it shoots like lmg and starts speeding up as you actually. Hold the button down, and you get 100 rounds when you pack an A-punch.

This weapon is a monster, but the next weapon is rank nine. Okay, when the rank R-9 first was introduced, eha moved all the way to number two. The rain N is a SMG. It works super fast. You can snap from one zombie to another in milliseconds. I mean, it is so fast. Look at this. One of the things that is good about this weapon is that you have overall mobility in your character as well as the ability to move so fast that you can actually navigate between zombies and get through tight areas.

This weapon is powerful as well, which is kind of weird for SMG, being this strong, and the disciples. Same thing, disciples, mimics, mega-abominations, and manglers—you can pretty much take down these zombies and these mini-bosses really fast. This is one of the best weapons in the game, and I do recommend you guys definitely use this weapon.

best ram 9 class mwz

The next weapon is number seven for the Ram Seven. Why can we not talk about the RS now? If you guys remember long ago, I showcased this weapon as one of the strongest, and one of my best and favorite weapons to use is the twing of the Ram 9. That's why they are so close apart because it looks almost identical to the Ram 9.

Top 10 Best Weapon in MW3 Zombies After Season 3 Best Loadouts. On this video we going to show you guys the top 7 weapons in MW3 zombies and also give yall three bonus weapon outside the top 7. I appreciate all the support lately. Thanks everyone.
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