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I turned the bass B into an SMG, and it might be the best close-range weapon in War Zone 3, so I'm going to go through and show you every single attachment you need to be running to turn your bass B into the best SMG in the game. Let's get into it. Jumping straight into the first attachment for the SMG bass B build, we want to throw on the 9-in Brun Wyvern short barrel, which is going to increase our aim-down sight sprint of fire and sprint speed.

As you can see, if we open up the more detailed stats, we're going to get a 3.1% increase to the Sprint speed as well as a 7.7% increase. Decrease to the amim down sight speed and a 8.7%; decrease to the sprint of fire speed, making this thing feel a lot more like an SMG; next up, we do want to go ahead and toss on the no stock attachment, giving us a massive increase to the mobility and handling; we are going to get a 7.7%.

We post the best War Zone 3 loadouts every single day, and right now, over 96%. Back into the build for the fourth attachment, we're going to throw on one of the best underbarrels for SMGs in the game, and that is going to be the DR6, hand stave once again giving us another nice increase to the mobility and handling, a 5% increase to our movement speed.

bas b class setup

83%, a decrease to the aim down sight speed and a near 10% decrease to our sprint to fire speed, giving this build better mobility and handling than some of the SMGs in this game, and for the fifth and final attachment to complete the SMG bass speed build, you can either throw on the shadow strike suppressor, which is going to keep us off the mini map when we're shooting our weapon, significantly decreasing our chances of being third partied, but the final attachment that I'm going to be running is going to be the bore 490 muzzle, which is going to give us a huge buff to our recoil control, nearly a 15% decrease to the recoil gun kick.

194% to the horizontal recoil and a 14–12% decrease to the vertical recoil, making this thing a lot easier to control and use. It is going to cost us 18.2% of our aim-down sight speed, but 260 milliseconds is still pretty quick before I show you guys the full build. I get a lot of comments asking what perks I'm using, so here they are.

bas b mw3

I use double time to get around the map a lot quicker. A slight hand is super overpowered since you can run and reload at the same time. For the third perk, I am using Tempered, but another very good option is going to be a quick fix. For the fourth perk, I am using high alert because I do find I get shot in the back a ton in this game.

Here's the full SMG BB build in War Zone 3 season 1, one of the best close range options in the game right now, and with it. I dropped a crazy 30-kill game on the new map, so with that being said, let's jump in. There it's, cluess morning prone with the sniper, get, please don't hit it, please don't hit it.

I stink with the interceptor right now. Holy, you can't call UAV while you're jumping copy UAV is on St.yeah, it's.

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