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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So when taking a look back at the DG 56, it was a supreme meta here in Modern Warfare 3 until all the Nerfs received over the past three seasons. I would definitely classify this as a balanced option. By no means is it bad, but it does have some glaring disadvantages. I would say that the damage range is going to be the massive one, and of course it's not a close-range weapon due to it being a burst rifle, but at the same time, it is still a very usable choice if you're trying to bang out camos or just try out a different weapon.

Best class setup

Getting us started here with an optic, I have the Jack glassless optic, and as always, this is going to be a preference if you guys are undecided. I would highly recommend trying this one because it gives you fire aiming stability and is just a normal reflex site, but if you have a different site that you prefer more, you guys are using that over here for a rear grip.

best dg 56 class

We're going to have a steady grip. It's pretty self-explanatory, Attachment overall, and it's quite simple; it's going to make it easier to hit your shots with recoil control, gun kick control, and fire aiming stability. So on the recoil side of things, we got 10% of the gun kick and 7% of the horizontal and vertical recoil control, but that fire aiming stability is also that visual recoil on the weapon or shake, which is quite important.

Another preferred attachment I do like to use is the 40-round mag. Obviously, you can go with the 60; you can go with the 20 or the stock 30 round mag; but my preference is the 40. I do like those extra bullets in case there's a bunch of enemies in front of me, and I do need to pick up those extra kills over here to muzzle.

best dg 56 class mw3

pretty broken record attachment, as always, is the ZM compensated flash hider for not only fire aiming stability but also horizontal and vertical recoil control. When you pair this attachment with the rear grip, it is extremely easy to hit your shots. We got 5% for the horizontal recoil control, 15% for the vertical recoil control, and, of course, even more fire aiming stability.

And the final attachment we're going to be using here is a barrel with the CD GT25. Light barrel, and I'm using this one primarily for the bullet velocity and damage range increase, but we are also gaining some small amounts of mobility there, but like I said, the big one is the damage range at 20% and the bullet velocity at 10%.

That's the biggest thing they did Nerf with this weapon over time is the damage range, so this barrel does now become necessary, so as I stated before, it's not a meta weapon anymore by any means, but it's still a very viable one. As I stated before, if you guys want to knock out your camos or you're just looking to try out some new weapons on some of the new maps here in the game, it is a good shout here.

Make sure you copy down all the attachments. Give it a try. Here is also the restle loadout if you guys wanted to copy that down. In today's gameplay, we're going to be jumping over to the new map, Grow House. I know it's a remake from Vanguard, but it plays very well in this game, so if you guys haven't had a chance to try it, make sure you have watched the game through.

You can see how that plays out, and you can also see what the DG 56 in this particular setup is capable of. As always, let's get into it. I hope you.

Dg-56 gameplay

Dg-56 gameplay

I haven't played it yet, but I'll know that, yeah, it is 100%. It took me a second to realize what it was, but yeah, once I realized it, it's pretty easy to figure out. This is one of the maps I actually played in Vanguard. So you watch your shot. That's one thing: there weren't that many maps.

I played Vanguard, and it looks smaller. I could be bugging on that, but it kind of feels like there wasn't anything there, like a drop-down right there. I don't know how it feels smaller, and I could be bugging something that feels different. Not that this is a bad map by any means, but this is going to be a little slower than maybe I want it to be.

best dg 56 class setup

Just because of my lack of familiarity, I could have sworn there was more like a drop-down. I knew I saw somebody right, but here I don't know. It seems smaller. Am I bugging? Obviously, this isn't a competitive map by any means; it's too small. I am a smidge confused. Though I don't remember anything, I remember that it was super fast-paced, and it's not feeling very fast-paced.

Yeah, they're all in the game, so I don't know where I'm supposed to be. Looking at this guy's below, I didn't even see that guy keep it stacky. I did i'm blind i think I'm going to upload this regardless of the result just to get it on the channel. I believe they're going to be putting this on a 24/7 playlist.

I would have to assume they are, well, the spawns are not great. I can tell you that much. I should not be getting spawned on there; that is a fact. Now it's got me super worried. Joint Yeah, this is definitely an aggressive map. I probably didn't choose the right weapon, but I also didn't remember that this was what this map was, so the only map I really need to cover now is tanked, which I am completely unsure about.

I've played it once, and I was a little confused; it wasn't like I was; it was unplayable; there was a guy here there. Yeah, that map sounds unplayable, but it's just going to take me a second to get used to it. It's not like this one, where I at least had a little bit of familiarity because I do have familiarity with this map lit up.

I did, like I said, play this one in Vanguard, and it's looking like this game's going to be over. I actually got a lot of kills on it. Ligma Comprom, next time I play this map, 100% going to use an SMG cuz it definitely benefits that play style, you know what I mean, but H first nuke on it, so I can't really be my first nuke because I did nuke sphere back in Vanguard but first nuke in Modern Warfare 3 on this map.

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