News - This New Bas B Smg Setup Is Now Meta After Update. Best Bas B Class Setup (warzone 2)

bas b build

BB has one of the fastest TTKs in Modern Warfare 3, and I just made the class even more overpowered. I turned the Bas B from a battle rifle into an SMG, which allows you to skate around the map with insane movement speed while still keeping that high ttk, so when we're looking at the basp, you can see that the effective damage range is 35.6.

M and the minimum damage range is 53.3. M, which means that this gun does have a really high ttk at mid and long range, so with the attachments we are adding onto this class, we're going to turn it from a medium and long-range class to quite a Close Quarters classwell, so to start things off, we're going to go over to the muzzle and we're going to be looking for the RAF guard, compensator.

And what this does is that it allows us to eliminate all the horizontal recoil and gives us firing aim stability as well. Since the BBY is a battle rifle, it only has 20 rounds, so we are going to be putting the 30 rounds on. It only decreases our movement speed by a little bit, but for the extra 10 bullets, it's definitely worth it.

bas b class setup

You can add on the 45 round, but it decreases your movement speed by 7.3% and also really hurts your ad speed, so we're going to be sticking with the 30 round mag, and for the stock, we are going to be using the no stock as this helps massively with the sprint to fire speed and our movement speed, which increases our ad speed by 13.9% and gives us a plus 8% on movement speed.

bas b class setup mw3

If we take just these three attachments into the firing range, you will notice that this class already has insane movement speed, and the recoil isn't either. Bad there is still quite a bit of recoil but with the last two attachments we are going to be eliminating, the recoil so for the Barrel we are going to be using the light 9 Brun, as this helps with the ads speed and Sprint to fire even more and for the fifth and last attachment we are going to be heading over to the underbarrel and we're going to be looking for the x10 Phantom 5 hand stop as this helps massively, with the remaining vertical recoil and also gives us aim downside speed and Sprint to fire and we also get a bonus recoil gun kit control as well you can also swap out the Phantom 5 for the dr6, hand stop but for this build I'm going to be sticking to the Phantom so if we take this over to the fire and rid you will notice that now this gun has barely any recoil, at all and for the rest of the class I am using the inventory vest and for my secondary I am using the core 45, for the attachments for the muzzle I am running the first muzzle.

For the underbarrel, I am running the FTAc MSP 98 hand stop. For the magazine, I am running the 30-round mag, and I am running that conversion kit. What the conversion kit does is allow you to, when you press your trigger down once, shoot the bullet, but as you release the trigger, it shoots again, so you can almost have a rapid fire animation when you just spam it.

And for the last attachment, we are going over to the rear grip, and we're going to be using the granular grip. For my tactical and lethal weapons, I'm going to be running the Steim and Seex. For my field upgrade, I'm going to be running the munitions box, as you can never really have too many bullets.

bas b loadout

For my gloves, I'm going to be running Scavenger as well, just in case I can't pick up my Munitions box for my boots. I'm going to be running lightweight boots so I can have that increased movement speed, and for my gear.

this NEW BAS B SMG SETUP is NOW META After UPDATE! Best BAS B Class Setup Modern Warfare 3.
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