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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So the last time I covered the bass B, it wasn't using a magazine or it was using the stock 20-round mag, and somebody had asked that I maximize the ammo capacity here by using the 45-round mag to make it easier to pick up more kills in case you missed some shots or you want to get some crazy feeds, so that's what we're doing today.

It's definitely considered one of my more fast-paced bass B builds here, but at the same time, I'm going to say this: it's got very little recoil, and you still absolutely fry with this thing. No, I don't think any amount of Nerfs is going to make the bass a bad weapon.

Best class setup

As always, we're starting with a stock where you're going to want the ravage 20 heavy stock for gun kick control, recoil control, and fire aiming stability.

bas b best class

There are three great things we are gaining here. Yes, it's going to slow the weapon down a bit, but it is a very important attachment. 21% to the gun kick and 4% to the horizontal and vertical recoil control, and of course that fire aiming stability, which is that shake on the weapon or the rear grip, gives us even more recoil control.

Gun kick control and fire aiming stability match these two attachments. This thing's absolutely nuts, and it's not on a larger scale than the stock, but it's still 10% for the gun kick and then 7% for the horizontal and vertical recoil control. So, as I stated in the intro, somebody wanted me to use the 45-round mag.

There's not really much explaining that needs to be done here. Obviously, you guys don't have to run this. You could take it off. You could go with the 30. You could go with the 20. It doesn't matter to me, but the 45 R mag is what I'm using for the gameplay. Now on to the underbarrel. I have the Brewing heavy support grip.

I use this on a lot of weapons. Yes, it slows it down a bit, but it makes it far easier to hit your shots, especially with a weapon like this one, which is good at longer ranges. Gun kick control, aiming out-of-way horizontal recoil control, and fire aiming stability. Here we got 10% for the gun kick, 12% for the horizontal recoil control, and even more fire aiming stability in the final attachment.

As always, like I've said before and in the past, this is the most used attachment on the channel. The ZM-compensated flash hider for vertical recoil control, horizontal recoil control, and fire-aiming stability We got 5% there for the horizontal recoil control and 15% for the vertical recoil control, and this camo matched up with this blueprint.

Something to be admired. This thing's kind of sick, like the skull hand on the magazine. And as always, there's the rest of the load. Let's show off this bass B show what we're cooking with here; it's a pretty good one.

Bas b gameplay

Bas b gameplay

I hope you guys , Enjoy You know, it's kind of crazy. It's weird that with this sound, I've been struggling to actually get gameplay with the bass B. This is one of my most used weapons and one of my favorites, and I've actually been struggling. I choked multiple swarms with the thing I'm using.

I have no problem getting my Chopper, but like, I can't even get the advanced UAV. I don't know if it's just that. Okay, see Chopper in. I don't want to say I'm going to choke the swarm here, but if it were to happen, I wouldn't be surprised, to say the least. I'm one kill off an advanced UAV, and when I get that, I tell you that if I feel in danger, I'm hitting that [__].

bas b best class setup

We ain't playing this game; what the hell, taking well, what did I say, switching? Okay, so he is. There were you the ones shooting, me. I told you I was going to choke. It's been every game, and look, I spawn behind them every game. I feel like I'm going to get it. This game was a great start, but man, you just can't make that happen.

That's the type of bad luck that follows you around. You know what I mean. I do have the advance, so there's a possibility I could just hit that and go for it, you know, but I feel like it's early. I'm not i'm not even close to my Chopper there, so I don't think it's worth it. David's running a freaking bomb drone; he's got to be doing a challenge or something; there's no way he's willingly running that thing up.

David, all right, they're in the tunnel. Win the game and see if we can lock in something like 100 or more. If I choke. I'm probably going to be heartbroken for a minute, but I don't think I'm going to, you know, lose my marbles not hitting this swarm until I get it, or if I choke. I guess last time I did this, it didn't work.

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