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This bass B build is the fastest killing gun in War Zone 3, so in today's article, I'm going to go through and break down every single attachment that you need to be running on your bass B loto. Let's get into it. So jumping straight into the first attachment on the metab bass B build, we do want to start with the breu and Venom long barrel, which is going to give us a massive increase to the bull velocity and range recoil control aiming at all Sway and the gun kick control, as you can see in the more detailed stats.

20% to both the effective and minimum damage range and a 10–12% increase to the bullet velocity, making this gun a lot easier to use as well as a lot more effective in long-distance gunfights. Next up, we do want to go ahead and throw an optic onto this build, and the one that we are going to be using is going to be the eagle's eye 2.5 times.

We are going to be rocking an underbarrel, and we want to use the brew and heavy support grip, which is going to give us a huge increase in gun kick control aiming out of the sway horiz, the recoil, and the fire aiming stability. Which is going to be exactly what we're looking for on this build because it does have a decent amount of recoil, and it's just going to make this build a lot easier to use, especially at longer distances.

bas b best class setup

And for the last attachment to complete the metab bass B build, I am going to give you guys two separate options. The first one is going to be a suppressor if you're trying to stay off the mini map, and the best one to use is going to be the spear fire. On top of keeping us off the mini map, it's going to increase our recoil control bullet velocity and damage range easily, making it the best suppressor in War Zone 3.

For option number two, if you are trying to have the least recoil possible, you can throw on the Ty L, which, as you can see, is going to increase our horizontal recoil gun kick control and the vertical recoil, and it's not just a tiny buff; we are going to receive 7.1%. The recoil gun kicks 27% of the horizontal recoil and 7% of the vertical recoil, making this build even easier to use.

Here's the full metab Bas B is built in War Zone 3, one of the fastest-killing guns in the game right now, and with it. I dropped my PR of 33 kills on the new map, so without further ado, let's jump into it. Soldier, Incoming, don't ever land on me again. Wait, that could last. I was going to say there's absolutely no way I don't kill that.

bas b best loadout

My enemies are dropping into the area. Watch the skies. Kill confirmed, and we located the rest of them. Fire SS over adj. I'm just getting snippety-sniped. Leave me. Enem dropping into the AO kill confirmed located the rest of them slammed brother destroy your hun down the we are so back the rest on your I'm dead now though go.

Get my run.

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