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The bass B is still one of the most broken guns in War Zone 3, so in today's article I'm going to go through and break down every single attachment you need to be running on your bass B to make it one of the best guns in the entire game so jumping straight into the first attachment for the best bass B build we do want to go ahead and start with a barrel and the one that we do want to be running is going to be the brew and Venom long barrel which is going to give us a nice little increase to our damage range accuracy and recoil control, as you can see in the more detailed stats we get a 20%, increase both the effective and minimum damage range as well as a 10 and 1 half% increase to the bullet velocity which is going to make this thing deal insane, damage at the long distances, and on top of that we do get a solid increase to every single recoil control stat for the second attachment as we use on every single one of our longrange weapon builds we want to go with the best longrange optic in War Zone 3 and that is going to be the coral Eagles ey 2.5.

Times This optic is absolutely dominating War Zone 3 right now because it gives our guns zero added visual recoil, allowing us to absolutely laser kids in long-distance gunfights. I would definitely check out SPMM. They are a 100% safe gaming VPN that almost completely negates skill-based matchmaking.

Now since this gun does only start with a 20-round magazine, we definitely want to go ahead and throw on the 45-round mag, which is going to make this gun a lot more reliable, especially if we are playing trios or quads for the fourth attachment. Since this gun does have quite a bit of recoil, we definitely want to throw on the best recoil control under Barrel in all of War Zone 3, and that is the brew and heavy support grip, which is going to give us a 10% decrease to our recoil gun kick as well as a 12.7%.


Decrease to the horizontal recoil, which is going to make this gun a lot more controllable and easy to use, especially in longdistance gunfights, and for the fifth and final attachment, as I usually do. I'm going to give you guys two separate options depending on your preference, and the first option is going to be the Ty L muzzle since the bass B is mainly horizontal recoil instead of vertical recoil.

We want to use this muzzle because it gives us a 27% decrease in horizontal recoil, which will allow us to focus more on pulling down on the right stick instead of going left and right. For the second option, if you would prefer to use a suppressor to stay off the mini map, like I know some people like to, you can also throw on the spirit fire suppressor, and with this on, you are still going to get a tiny buff to your horizontal and vertical recoil, obviously nowhere near as much as the Ty L, but this is still a very solid option.

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If you want to use a suppressor, here's the full metabash build for War Zone 3 season 1. This is still easily one of the most broken guns in the game right now, and with this build, I dropped a crazy 40+ kill game on Von Del Park. So with that being said, let's get into.

BROKEN BAS-B Loadout in MODERN WARFARE 3 new BAS-B Class Setup in MW3.
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