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I will show you how to get the ray gun schematic, the epic ether tool schematic, and level three pack-a-punch crystals. Let me teach you how to farm Tier 3 contracts completely by yourself. You don't need any special fancy weapons; you don't need any items; going in all by yourself, you don't need anyone else to check it out.

It's actually really simple to do. It just takes a little bit of practice and some specific items, so the first thing you need is absolutely critical to running in Tier 3, especially with low-level guns and decoy grenades, and you can actually refill them to get unlimited throughout the match, and I'll show you how and where to do that.

The second thing I recommend is either throwing knives because they're reusable or using them specifically for the hellhounds. Or you could use an explosive, but I'd recommend throwing knives and then picking whatever gun. The best gun in the game, hands down, no question about it, is the crossbow.

In Modern Warfare 2, specifically, you need the crossbow. With the bright Blaze bolts, now you can do this method without it, and I'll show you a couple tweaks you can do if you have a weak gun or you don't have anything good to bring in just a gray gun. There's another method, and now there are a couple things that you do need in tier three, level one, Crystal.

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You probably have one of those that's really easy to get when you're running things, and we'll go with an epic ether tool. Those aren't too hard to find as soon as you start running them. If you're running the thermites, I would say PhD Flopper absolutely, and then let's go, Speed. Cola, and then we're going to go to Stamina, Up, and we'll throw in Juggernog just because we can, but you don't need those.

The biggest one honestly is Speed Cola can for Tier 3, then I would say if you're running thermites, then PhD Flopper and then stamina up, so that's what we got: decoy grenades throwing knives. I'm bringing in the thermite. I got a level one. I'm bringing in purple. I've done this naked, meaning no guns were brought in, and it works the same.

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Just for the article, I want to have a way to defend myself so I can talk you through it, as I'm describing what to do, and we're going to go here to the energy mine since we're running solo. That's going to be the most important. Beneficial, all right, first tip: as soon as the map goes to black on the loading screen, hit M for map or whatever button it is on the controller, and you can actually look at the map the whole time this dumb little sequence is playing in the background and everything's loading.

Now you notice the contracts aren't all loaded in yet, so pay attention to that, but the contract we're looking for is this one. We're going to grab this escort, we're going to cancel it, and that's going to pop up a cargo transport contract right here. That's the one you're looking for, so we're pretty dang far away, but that's our goal: to grab that.

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ATV, now if we find an ether tear, that would be most beneficial, and we'll just float over to that contract; if not. I'll show you how to do it, and I've run hundreds of these contracts, so don't worry about it; they're super scary at first, but you'll get used to them real quick. The trick is, just don't be afraid to die, like if you lose everything, you're really not losing that much; once you get over that, then you're good, but you got to get over yourself on the losing the uhing, contract, so I'm keeping an eye on the mini map just to see if there's any ether tears, cuz that's by far the best way, but a lot of times those just don't spawn in, so you got to deal with them.

You've got to be careful with quads because they do wear down really fast, and you'll break them in a. Hurry! Definitely try not to hit zombies with the quad, because you will lose your quad very quickly. All right, there we go. We're in a good spot now. I mean, if you do, you do, so again, the more time you spend in Tier 3, the more, ah, boob, see, that was like the entire health baret there.

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We'll see if there are any other vehicles here. We got that truck; we're probably just going to have to hoe it from here, to be honest, so we're going to take the high ground and use it, so what we're doing here is the throwing knives we're saving. Here, to the ammo, and you're going to notice that we're going to have a contract pop up right here on that one that's the one we actually want that's going to be the cargo, transport.

You can run straight over to it. I'm just going to run straight over to it. I'll show you another method or another route to go that's a little bit easier, but I just want it for speed right now. I don't want anybody to come and swoop; it looks like we're good. Nobody's stealing it; remember, I haven't fired a shot yet, and I haven't killed anything but two hellhounds with my throwing knives.

Hellhounds are the only things you have to worry about. I'm going to grab that and run around. Corner make the jump makes this why you need one at least one decoy grenade load so we're going to launch that decoy grenade right there take that's going to pull those guys away grab your vehicle and go don't now there's a couple different routes you can take with this guy the easiest to explain in the easiest to not mess up go into the first overpass to the right go under the second.

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Overpass and you're going to make the first left then skip the next one and go to the dirt road instead you can technically cut over earlier but I'm just giving you the absolute simplest route there okay that's all I'm trying to get you and look how much money this is worth this is worth 5, 000 Essence plus you have a chance to get a ray gun schematic you're in tier three so it's all due to probability and chance there's nothing that can force getting a ray gun schematic faster there you go not that time but we got some good stuff now what I do is I just take that and I go and charge this vehicle up you could just go run back around to tier three but I run over here even if you don't have a good gun you're just going to go and get the health back on this guy here, that's all you're trying to do get some health back okay so we're going to run around a little bit see what pops up here got a hell hound what I've never had that happen before,.

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