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The huge season 1 update just hit for Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and I want to show you how to do the duplication glitch for any item you want in the game in the newest patch. Not only did they not only did they not patch it, but there's actually an even faster method to duplicate any item you want, so that includes your Wonder Weapons like ray guns or Scorchers that include level three Pack-a-Punch, ethereum crystals, even the new dog bone, and the golden armor plates can be duplicated using this, so check this out.

So to do this, the quickest way is to have two operators that already have large rucksacks. Take one of those operators, and then put every item that you want to duplicate in it. So all we need is our 2, 000 Essence and a tombstone tombstone's right here, okay? We can already see that you are here, okay?

So vehicle Tier 2 and then. Essence, and remember, we already have a large rucksack and all the items, so we just need a tombstone on Essence. Technically, if you had taken out a tombstone or if you could craft a tombstone, you would even have to get the 2, 000 schematics, but we have not, so you've got to do it the old-fashioned way.

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You know, you've got to be a good boy. Now, typically, a Tier 2 contract will net you 3, 000 Essence. That's what normally happens, but we shall see. We had so many people popping in on our live stream saying it's been patched, it doesn't work anymore, but thank you to my community. I had four or five people during our live stream that were actively testing it as we were doing other things live, and all of them confirmed yes, go to Act One, Dr.

Jensen mission Xfill, because that one always works. Just follow exactly what I do, and it'll work. You, freaking fracker, watch the helicopter on your tail. I wonder if switching seats will get rid of the glitch. Here, yes, sir, there you go, and we're. Okay, now I know that the tombstone is all the way back here, so I think we're just going to drive back and grab it, or we could do their Wonder Fizz.

I don't think I'm going to do Wonder Fizz, though if there was an ether Terr nearby, the most guaranteed way is just to go by the tombstone in level one because I only have one plate, and that's probably the smarter play. Dr. Jensen all right, yummy! Now we have our tombstone, so when we die, we'll have one opportunity to come back, but then we're going to activate the glitch.

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There we go, so we have our tombstone, we have all the items that we want to duplicate, and now we're going to let them take us. Out, so you can see, we're here in F6 near the dark ether, but not, but this is where I used to do it; now I do it right here. So what I was saying, though, is that this inner circle is here.

PRI is what I use, so no matter where you spawn in the map in one of these locations on the edges, you can go to Inland, grab a boat, then go straight to this location, get all your materials, and then this is the document. This is mission one. Dr jenson Xfill This one always spawns on Tier 2 on the outside of this river here, so having your duplicated items here allows me to use a boat to quickly get to my xfill from any spawn point on the map, and I always use Dr.

Jensen's xfill because I never lose any items on it when I use the normal ones. If you have a self-revive, don't worry about it; it's not going to mess up the glitch. I've had people tell me that it won't mess it up. Just don't, self-revive, and you're not going to plead for help. You want the full thing to time out so that your tombstone will be right.

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Want Okay, so now we're going to go back. You can see we're empty, but if you go to Strike Team, this guy still has the backpack, the large rucksack, so instead of having to go back in and get 10, 000 Essence, we're just going to change operators to another one that also has a large rucksack, like so, and then we can just go in, collect it, leave, and the glitch will be set to do it over and over again.

All right So this is the east side. I think yeah, it's the east side, so we're going to grab a vehicle and head in. Is there any boat that's the closest to being marked? So we're going to grab that boat, and then we bounce, moving here. Sometimes there's a about here or an ether tear. Let's see if there's an ether tear.

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There used to be an ether tear beyond that dock. Sometimes there is something we know about this game. Yeah, that's so you have the decoy grenades there. You go marking the extraction zone, so now we go straight for the extraction, going all the way over tier three. It's going to be okay. everybody the nice part about the mission one xfill is it spawns almost zero zombies on the mission X fills now if there's some already in the area you'll have to fight those those, bit, dead we got all our items got our dog bone got our golden plate all for tack stance and a hiti fire so you can just move constantly all right So as soon as this goes up in the air, we're going to alt-f4 to exit the game.

If you're on Xbox, you close the app and hit the home button. go to start the close app or exit app, and then do the same thing on the PlayStation 5 if you're doing that, so just wait for it to turn black all right. Now we're going to alt-f4 the game. Now we're back in the game. Boom, all of our items got taken out.

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Don't unequip them, because that'll destroy them. You're going to swap; you're going to go to Rewards or purchase either of those works; swap swap, so never use your rewards. Never use your purchased items because this is what you want to use them for. Down like that, and then you're going to unequip all those because they're from your rewards or your purchases; they go right back, and now in your acquisition stacks, you can see the dog bone golden armor plate, so let's go back in to confirm that it indeed has worked all right, and as you can see as you can see Tombstone is still there; they even gave us an ether tear.

How great is that? So now we can just use the ether tear; we'll go straight to the boat vehicle marked, and then we fly. Away there we go, so we're going to go straight for that boat unless there's a closer one here. Really, we'll go on that boat. We can just pull up and grab it, and then we're out all right.

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So now we have our boat. We had to wait for our X-fills. They aren't even here yet. It's going to be super fast, so we don't know where our X fills are spawning yet, but it will pop up. Go So just like that, there is the xill that we're working on, so just like I said, easy to get to, and then the xill is always going to be around this river, so you can just take your boat; it's literally the safest way to travel around Zombie Land here.

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