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Today I'm going to try to unlock every one of the legendary schematics and plans so you can craft the scorcher, the golden ether tool, and the flawless ethereum crystal for level three. Pack-a-Punch, and I'm going to teach you how to do the Easter egg to summon the red worm and defeat the red worm in this complete guide.

Check it out. There are four total USBs that you have to find. They're going to be at four different locations, all of them, in order to get the red worm to spawn. There are two locations to find the map and where the USBs will be for that specific match to get the red worm to fight. The first one's going to be here in H2 at the military base.

Sometimes a pack-a-punch spawns here, but if you come over here, you'll see these stairs, and right there is the main map. Obviously, there's going to be four different pictures. That's telling you where the four USB sticks will be. Now, these pictures will vary. I think there are eight or nine different ones.

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I don't know if the top of my head now is a different one from the article I'm showing where we actually fought the red worm, but I just want to show you that this is the first location in H2, the second location is north of LaVine Resort, way up here in C1, this building right There is a poor kid. You're just going to go right up in here, up the stairs, and there you go, and you're going to have the same exact main map.

We got a portal, nice. You're going to have the same exact main map, and you have the same picture, so it doesn't matter if you go to C1 or if you go way over here to military where is it way over here to military. H2 or this one. They're the exact same pictures. It's just whatever side you're closer to, so there's no advantage.

This is pop-off power. This is Tier 3 right in this area. This one, I think, is the raid stash. I think it's right about here in the weapon base, and then this last one on top of the military base is kind of right up in this area, and so each of those locations is going to have one of these little satellites; they look like the UAV towers.

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When you type it in, you're going to get a USB stick. Make sure to actually pick up the USB stick, or it's worthless. Alpha obtains you an Alpha Beta Charlie Delta shocker, right? I always think of pop-off power pop-off queen, Slay, that's number; two, that's Bravo; we're even doing them in order to look at us.

Hey, let's go. Thanks we're going to fly over to the third one in Tier 2, just using redeploys or ether tears if you can find them. Yeah, go ahead and hit that little USB stick. It's probably going to be Delta, based on my guess. Look at us. We're getting him in order. Let's go someone's shooting down here.

I hear you. Yeah, there we go. Is there a special? He's got a lot of people chasing him. All right, so this one is right. Here, number four, this should be Delta. Remember to pick up the USB stick, because if you don't have that, all your time is wasted. My buddy King Lance is putting in the work with the melee Tona, so yeah, so I feel like for specials, it's significant.

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You got down. You now have the four USB sticks you need to actually summon the red worm at the end of the round. The only thing I really hate about the red worm is that you have to wait for the storm to actually close. You have to wait the full length of the round to start the fight. Even if you're ready, you have to wait.

So in the meantime, you're going to have 20 or 30 minutes. This is where you gear up. What I recommend doing is, as one person is collecting all the USB sticks on your squad, have the other two people just run contracts as fast as they possibly can. What that is going to do is give the whole squad a ton.

Of essence, buy whatever you need when you need it, so it might take 10–20 minutes for the person to grab all the USB sticks. In the meantime, once you've stacked up 20–25, 30, 000 Essence per person, you'll be fine. I recommend bringing a flawless ether crystal for that level three Pack-a-Punch gold ether tool.

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If you have golden armor, absolutely use it; that's a big advantage. But then you're going to want a couple to self-revive. I recommend two or three; you can actually stack them in your inventory and you'll use all three of them if you need them, but then getting either a Tier 3 dog from the dogghouse on the west side of Tier 3 with four pieces of meat or bringing in a gold dog bone is extremely valuable because if you get down, your dog will revive you, and it doesn't cost to self-revive as far as your lethal and tactical.

I'm a big fan of the ether blade; it gets you out of a lot of trouble. If you don't have the ether blade, having something like sticky grenades could be good because you have two ammo caches, so if you get the zombies together, you can kill a bunch of them at one time. Decking up Casmir is very helpful, as are Symol monkeys, but those cannot be refilled at the ammo caches, so keep that in mind.

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You can only have so many. And of course, as you're grinding this, get all the perks; you'll have plenty of money, and the most important thing that you need to fight the red worm is a gas mask, specifically. I would say, a durable gas mask. Now, when you're fighting the red worm, you can refill your gas mask with the ammo caches; it's a unique thing that they have, but if you mess up and let your gas mask actually go full-dead, it's gone, so bring one extra gas mask just in case you get distracted and that happens.

I also recommend bringing one Juggernaut because there'll be at least one Mega Abomination that will appear during the fight between the red worm and all the stormed-up crazy zombies. Juggernaut comes in clutch right here. You are now ready to fight the red worm. If you're looking for the location of the worm, it changes every round.

It's always going to be near the storm, and you're going to have two ammo caches. That's how you know the location, so look for the storm and then look around that area for ammo caches, and you'll be fine. So head over to the location of the two ammo caches where the red worm's going to spawn as a storm comes in.

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There's one specific thing you need to do: actually step into the storm before you activate any of the refractors. If you're activating a refractor while the storm hits you, sometimes it'll glitch and you'll keep holding that tablet in your hand, and you can't summon the red worm anymore, and you're screwed, and those 50 minutes are worthless.

Now, only kill the zombies, and you're waiting for that red worm to spawn, so keep an eye on your gas mask. Here you can see mine is down to three bars and four bars right now; if that gets completely empty, you lose that gas mask and you will die in the storm, so keep refilling it like that. You see how they just went back up.

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