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I've been getting a lot of questions from people asking how I can open the portal for Act 4 and get into Tier 4, Tier 5, and get all the new schematics. Let me give you an entire guide from start to finish on how to do it, and I can show you how to do it. Solo, in case you don't have any buddies to run with right now, it doesn't matter what mission you're actually on; you have access to the Act 4 mission, so all you do is select it and select the bad signal.

Once you activate that, the portal will appear near Tier 3 across from that little island, and that will start the mission. From that point on, you'll always have that first portal open, but that is not the main portal that you're trying to open; there's an entire quest line with a bunch of Easter eggs.

To get to that point, let's move. Forward, now go into the portal; it's across from the little island on the south side of Tier 3. Choose to go into the dark ether, Rift; you have to pull up your map and vote. Yes, which is y or triangle if you're on Playstation or Xbox. If you're solo, you only have to vote once; otherwise, everyone's going to have to vote to go in.

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The timer will count down, and you will jump into the portal. Once in the portal, the story Mission: Break the Seal is going to pop up. You'll have four different seals to break; these really aren't hard to do even if you're solo, as long as you have a little bit of Pack-a-Punch and maybe a little better purple or gold ether on your weapon, but you have to kill all the zombies inside those circles, so that's the first one, and that's the second one.

There's the third, and these are all obvious on your map, and the fourth, if you have a squad, it's obviously much easier once you've done that. You are going to go to Xfill, and the big old worm pops up. This is a really fun boss fight. We actually brought three juggernauts in; all three of us had one and tried using it.

Here's the bad news: They've basically made them immune to the juggernaut, so we thought we were going to kill him in a minute and make an awesome article. That's not what happened at all, but you're just going to keep fighting this worm. He's got a lot of health, but stick with it. It's always easiest to bring an LMG, which tends to work best, and you can actually go from the top, not fight him from the beach, and it's much easier.

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Make sure to kill those little wisps flying around, because they will knock you out. Extremely fast when you finally kill the big old worm, he's going to drop a bunch of stuff on the ground. Sometimes some good C or Wonder Weapons, we got the new, was it vr11, but that's not actually the important thing.

What you actually want is in the portal. You need that small, sealed, leather-locked diary. Grab that and go through the portal. Now that you've filled it out, congratulations. You have the first item now, and you're ready to make the other three golden items. All right, so we just got the lock diary from doing the act of defeating the worm.

Now we're going to try to run, Solo. And get all the golden dog collar, the golden security camera, and the golden pills with the lock diary to then unlock the new dark ether Rift personally. So what we're bringing in is a Flawless Ethereum Crystal Level 3 Pack-a-Punch, a legendary ether tool. The Diary Of course, we need Speed Cola, which is, in my opinion, the best perk in the game.

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If you only have one, this would be it. I do have golden armor plates that I've already found that recharge your armor constantly. I do have a golden dog; it's going to be helpful later. I'm bringing in a brain rot turret circuit because I know I have to do some Tier 3 Mega bosses. And then I need the brain rot ammo for the pills, and then the dead wire ammo for the security camera, so we're going to see if we can get it all done in a single round, which is our goal, and doing it solo is the hardest one to accomplish.

So I chose to get the golden dog collar first, and so I chose to get that one first, and so I brought in just a gray grenade launcher. In order to get the dog collar, you need to get a chunk of flesh and bring it in or find a Molotov. I chose to use the grenade launcher as it's the easiest way to collect flesh.

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Then I went over to Tier 3, to the dog house. The reason I chose this one is that this is the one dog house in the entire map that always spawns there; all the other ones have random spawns at different locations. I actually spent like 10 minutes driving around the map to all the normal locations, just to not find a dog house, so make your way up to the Tier 3 dogghouse; it's right here on the west side of Tier 3.

Once you get closer on the mini map, it'll show that it doesn't show on the big map, but on the mini map, it'll pop up when you get close, and you are going to put the chunk of flesh and the molotov cocktail in that when you do this, it's going to break, the dog is going to pop out, you have to kill it, and you will find the purple dog.

Collar, boom, just like that, and bounce from Tier 3; you no longer need to do that now. Once you have the purple dog collar, you're going to need to find an ether tear or the riffs, the little portals that take you again. I find that for the most part, if you drive around the edges of the map, you tend to find them; they will not show up on the main map, but they will show up on your mini map, so keep an eye on the mini map as you're driving around.

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Once you find one, hop out and go through the ether; it'll put you up in the sky, and you're going to notice. There's a red ether tear in the middle of the sky. That's not normal. That's because you have the dog collar, so go through that. This will take you to Tier 3, and a special purple Bounty contract will pop up or high value Target—this one in Tier 3—is pretty brutal.

I was really hoping to use the turret circuits I had brought in, or I'd made sure I found one before I went there, but at least for me, he spawned away from all of the turrets, and I could not get him to lure over to the turret, so I had to do it solo the old-fashioned way. When we found this free perk here, death perception is always helpful, so grab that contract and head over to the high-value Target.

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It's going to be a high value Target Mangler but he's got two other manglers with him and he is, extremely high in health it probably took me about 10 minutes to beat him cuz my gun selection for this specific one wasn't great and I kept running out of ammo literally like all the way out of ammo I have to run the other side of the map to get it but we finally finish him off here, and when you go in you'll see the gold dog collar that is the second gold item that you need, now for the third item we're going to get the gold pill container all you need to do this is brain rot on your weapon the brain rot ammo mod and then go into an ether Nest once you shoot it once it'll turn weird and then you can open the toxic.

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