News - How To Claim Free Warzone 2 Day Zero Event Rewards & Early Gameplay. Free Ghost Golden Phantom Skin

Mw3 day zero event & rewards revealed!

Mw3 day zero event & rewards revealed!

Welcome back to a brand new article. What I have for you guys is that we're going to go over the operation Day Zero event, and I got early gameplay. Access to the rewards you're going to receive again includes a brand new free ghost operator skin, how you're going to be able to unlock him, how to get him on your PC and console account, and all the details that you need to know.

Also, be sure to check out yesterday's article where we went over free daily login rewards for the War Zone Mobile update, what to expect from that if you're interested in it, and how to pre-register to get the other ghost condemned operator skin for properly pre-registering. Before we get into it, a quick word from our sponsor, {641}.

It's a store that can get you the most exclusive operators, help you complete your Mastery Camo challenges, and much more.

Mw3 day zero event rewards & challenges

cod mw3

So at 10 a.m. Pacific Standard time, we got a mini playlist update in Call of Duty, and they added a new tag in the WhatsApp area. Usually, bigger events like these will end up receiving this, and that's what they ended up doing.

The Operation Day Zero event is now available, and this is what it looks like when you first look at the page. You probably already saw it if you loaded up Call of Duty today, but here's what it says. Call of Duty: War Zone Mobile is coming in on March 21st. Earn free rewards. Call of Duty: War Zone Mobile is live now; it's actually not going to be live until the 21st, but they're not going to change the description on that day, and it says play Operation Day Zero to unlock limited time only.

Community Rewards that are accessible across Modern Warfare 3 war zone and War Zone mobile, including the ghost golden Phantom operator skin, and then they provide a photo of what that operator skin looks like, and when you go ahead and click on it, there's two tabs that pop up; one of them says mobile launch event, which is currently locked and will be unlocked on the 21st.

And the second one is the event details, which will automatically be on default, and then it gives you an overview. It says it starts in 6 days. Welcome to Operation Day Zero! Download Call of Duty: War Zone Mobile Drop back into Ver and experience the rush of Call of Duty action on the go, and here are the limited rewards.

The very first one is the golden Phantom operator skin. The second one is going to be a M4 weapon blueprint. It's basically like the Ari weapon blueprint from the pre-registration. They just changed it gold, so they haven't really adjusted them in any sort of way, and then the second one is for the X12.

It would have been nicer if they were for MW3, weapon blueprints, but it looks like they just recycled the pre-registration and rewards, and then you get three different things. You have an animated emblem, an animated calling card, a decal, or a sticker.

How to complete operation day zero event

How to complete operation day zero event

Let me show you how you'll be able to get these rewards, and then I'll go over the early gameplay showcasing of what these skins and items look like in the game. The first thing is that you want to go over to Call of {641}, {641}ile, and make sure that you are pre-registered.

If you have not pre-registered yet, I made a article yesterday talking about how you can do so. You can already start pre-registering. But you won't be able to start the download until March 21st. This will be a good time to gauge and see if your device is compatible because you will need to complete challenges on the War Zone mobile app in order to get these rewards.

If your device is not compatible, maybe you can find one of your parents who has one friend or sibling and use their device to access War Zone Mobile. But anyway, after you do that, it says to access the link above and start downloading the War Zone mobile link. your main Activision account for Call of Duty: War Zone Mobile.

cod mw3 day zero event

As I mentioned yesterday, you don't want to log in. As a guess, it gives you two options: play now or log in. If you click play now, it'll automatically create a brand new, fresh account, and you're not going to be able to connect it to Activision. So you have to click login and use your Activision email and password, and that will be able to get you into that main account, and then you play the operation.

Day Zero mode This is going to be its own separate playlist that will be available on the day of this update, and that's going to be available on War Zone Mobile. You'll get to play games like Verdansk and all these different maps, and they're calling it Day Zero now in terms of the actual challenges and the things you'll have to do within this Day Zero mode.

Some sort of XP hasn't given us the exact challenge, but it should be something very straightforward and easy for them to track, and usually kills and XP are very easy for them to work with. For you to be eligible for the rewards, you're more than likely going to have to play at least one match and maybe get at least one elimination, or whatever the challenge ends up being at least completed one time, and you should be eligible.

Even if you've never played before, they're probably just going to reward those of us who have played now. Here's where it actually goes into the store tab, and it does require you to have War Zone Mobile because once the rewards are available, they're not automatically given to you on your account, but you have to actually go into the store tab and claim them.

It even says, right here, to claim community rewards in the store.

Early ghost golden phantom operator skin gameplay showcase

Early ghost golden phantom operator skin gameplay showcase

My guess is that, for , if the emblem is the first reward or milestone that we end up reaching, it'll be available as a gift pack. You'll go over to the store and claim it, and then when the next one is available, you'll go into the store and claim that, and it will keep working that way, and you have to consistently keep going back to the store and claiming the operator's rewards.

And maybe they'll end up being there for only a limited time. If you don't get them, you're going to permanently miss out and lose out on these rewards even if you did participate. In the event, I'll definitely be sure to show you guys how you'll be able to do that once War Zone Mobile officially launches, but it should be straight.

day zero event challenges

Just like we have in the gift packs in the store right now. I don't see it being any different or any more confusing than that, and then the last thing that they mentioned is that rewards can be used across multiplayer. MW3, War Zone, and War Zone Mobile, meaning that they will carry on forward into the main account and prove that they are available in the PC and multiplayer files as of right now.

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