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Huge new day zero event coming soon

Huge new day zero event coming soon

Welcome back to a brand new article. In this one, we're going to talk about a massive event that's going to be coming soon to Call of Duty. This will include a bunch of different challenges, a whole lot of rewards, as well as a free operator skin reward that you'll be able to get. If you want to know more about some upcoming free rewards, be sure to check out yesterday's article.

We covered all 150, plus free rewards that you'll be able to get during the season too, and how you can get them, so you might be missing out on some of them because you just don't know about them. Anyway, let's go ahead and jump into it.

Warzone mobile crossover event & release date

We're going to talk about a brand new event called the Day Zero Launch Event.

cod mw3

This is going to be the first ever crossover between Modern Warfare 3: War Zone 2 and War Zone Mobile. It's essentially a celebration and event for the official release of War Zone Mobile. As of right now, the game has not officially been released over the last year and a half, but they have consistently delayed the release.

Daye was supposed to release around May of last year, but it didn't happen. Then they said it would release later on, like in September. It never ended up happening, and it just kept getting delayed, but during that time that it was, it started releasing all over the globe, and different areas and regions were starting to gain access to it.

You could go into your app store and download it. So sometime in early 2024, we would see a release date although they didn't give us an official date if you go on over to the app store it says that it's expected to arrive by April 30th so sometime during that month it should officially release and along with that release there's going to be an event called the operation Day Zero event that will go live and this will go live on all platforms meaning that if you are on multiplayer, console or PC this event will be available for you as well leakers were able to find a couple of photos of this event now surprisingly earlier today we actually got a photo of the in-game event and the challenges and the rewards you'll be able to do so it says right here war zone welcome missions, complete missions in any war zone mode to instantly earn free rewards, complete all missions to earn the massive reward for each stage, and this is the first stage that was revealed; it says complete all missions to unlock this large decal.

Warzone day zero event challenges & rewards

Warzone day zero event challenges & rewards

The challenges are the login game and login game once you get 2, 000 XP for doing this challenge. The next one is to complete a game of resurgence, and this will get you 15 minutes of Double XP. Complete a plunder match, and this will get you 15 minutes of Double XP. As of right now, apparently, in War Zone Mobile, there isn't a plunder, so that will probably be added with the Day Zero update as well, and then in combat, it says get one kill in War Zone, and you get 4, 000 XP.

Open up one supply box in War Zone that will get you 2, 000 XP. By completing all these challenges, you will unlock this brand new large decal, and that is stage one of three. Stage number two will unlock you a brand new sticker by completing all the challenges, and then we will get a photo of those challenges.

cod operation day zero event

It says to edit your custom loadout, and you will get a double XP token. I believe that's for 30 minutes, and all you have to do is just do that, and then if you pick up a loadout drop during a battle royale or revival match, you'll get a 30-minute double weapon XP token. Use a buying station; pretty much buy any weapon from a buying station; and War Zone gets 4, 000 XP for the operator.

Change your operator once in the war zone to get 4, 000 XP. If you complete a battle royale match, you'll get a 30-minute double battle pass XP token, and completing everything will unlock that sticker. Once you complete all those stages, a final stage will open up, and this is going to be stage three.

Unfortunately, we don't have the exact challenges, but as you saw from the past pattern of these challenges, they're pretty straightforward and easy to do. Maybe this one will start requiring you to get maybe one kill in Battle Royale and one kill in Resurgence. A little bit harder type of challenge, or place Top 20 something that will require you to put in a little bit more effort but overall should be very easy to accomplish, and once you do all those challenges, you will unlock this brand new operator skin, which we got a couple of photos of when we saw them in the season 2 road map.

Free safeguard operator skin reward

Free safeguard operator skin reward

There were multiple photos of this operator being shown. They're going to be available on all platforms, but we don't know exactly how you will be able to get them, so they may require you to play War Zone Mobile, which is the whole point of the Zero event. You probably have to load up War Zone Mobile, but at the same time, if you take a look at these photos that I showed you guys, these are not on the War Zone Mobile UI; these are on the console UI, meaning that this event will be available or will appear for you guys in the event tab of Modern Warfare 3's multiplayer.

As well as war zone, and because that is the case, everything will cross over, so all the double XP tokens, the XP, the large decal, the operator skin, and the sticker will be available on your PC or console account as well as on war zone mobile.

All rewards will crossover with mw3 & warzone 2

cod update

We know how they like to crossover things. For example, the same battle pass is available in War Zone Mobile, the same exact level, the same weapon level—all that progress pretty much carries forward.

In between those games, there are a couple of bundles and a couple of skins that have been released in the War Zone Mobile store that don't carry forward, but in celebration of this event, it's almost certain that these things will carry on forward, or else there's really no point in doing this event because many people are probably not going to do it or participate in it.

If the operator skin isn't given to them on their main accounts, anyway, with the expected release date of April for this event, you can expect that this probably won't take place until the season 3 update, so it's still very early right now. Maybe with season 2 reloaded, they'll add a little bit more information, and we'll figure out their next challenges.

day zero event challenges and rewards

How will you be able to complete them? What do you need to do if you can do them on PC or on console, or if you need to load up War Zone Mobile just to prepare for this event in advance? I would recommend you head on over to the App Store, look up War Zone Mobile, and then click on the check mark, and it'll notify you when it does release.

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