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New surprise cod update in mw3 & warzone

New surprise cod update in mw3 & warzone

Welcome back to a brand new article. Today we got a brand new surprise update in multiplayer MW3, War Zone, and even War Zone Mobile, and I got all the details covered for you guys in today's article. A quick reminder: I did post a article yesterday going over nine different free operators and bundles that you can claim right now in Call of Duty.

Check it out after this article, but anyway, let's go ahead and jump into it.

Mw3 update patch notes & weapon balances

We I received some brand new patch notes from Call of Duty for a new update in multiplayer, and here are all the patch notes. So they said right here for Friday. March 22nd, multiplayer, the progression issue resolved an issue preventing the Winner's Perk Challenge from tracking progress for weapons and attachments.


The battle rifles, bass B Jack Outlaw 277, kit decrease the upper torso damage multiplier from 2 to 1.4; increase the lower torso damage multiplier from 1 to 1.1; decrease the arm and hand damage multiplier from 1.6 to 1.1; and increase the rate of fire from 193 to 241. Decrease the aim-down sight rate of the fire penalty from 300 to 150.

Decrease the rechambering time from 330 to 264. Remove the 50% bullet velocity benefit. increase Target Flinch from. 9 to 0.1 increase incoming Flinch from. 17, to 23, overall this new aftermarket par has received a buff. Give it a try to see if it's actually something that you might mess with, especially with War Zone, because as of right now it's been like the same couple weapons in The Meta.

Maybe they're trying to adjust that real quick before the season 3 update, but the next thing that we have is the saw-off mod that increases incoming Flinch from 21 to 54, and it dropped the paragraph where they said our goal for this conversion kit is to be a competitive option for players who enjoy a run and gun marksman play style.

cod mw3

Allowing one-shot kills to the upper torso proves that it is too powerful and overlaps with the identity of the Longbow and the Jack Tyrant 762 kit. Today's changes intend to carve a unique niche for this aftermarket part to thrive. Players will have plenty of room for skill expression and one-shot kill lethality if they hit headshot, but with its increased three-chamber fire rate and inflicted Flinch effect, two-shot kills to the body should remain competitive.

Even against weapons like the longbow, they're talking about the Jack Outlaw kit. The next thing that we have is the sniper rifles Longbow modify controller aim assist properties to align with other sniper rifles, increase incoming Flinch from 75, n to 1, n, and that's a 33% increase, increase target Flinch from 8.

N to 1. 7 113% increase, and then we have they said despite this weapon being a quick handling sniper rifle built upon what is more Convent an assault rifle receiver, its lethality benefited Too much from the aim-assist conventions typically reserved for full-auto weapons and close-range engagements; additionally, we want to allow more counterplay against the Longbow by increasing the amount of incoming Flinch to compensate for its unrivaled speed and one-shot kill zones. Automatic weapons will have more of a fighting chance in close-range encounters while not being hammered with the lethal, aggressive.

Warzone update patch notes & weapon balances

Warzone update patch notes & weapon balances

23 sought off the same exact change, and for the sniper, the long bow once again modified the controller, and they did one bug fix, which fixed an issue that allowed the irradiated perk to plate through any source of damage.

It has now been fixed to correctly only play through gas.

Mw3 ranked play update & new maps

Damage for those of you guys who play Modern Warfare 3 rank play We also have an upcoming update. Treyarch and Cod League have seen interest in expanding the competitive map pole, and we're excited to share that we'll be testing Vista and departures in ring play after Major 2 concludes this upcoming weekend, which means that starting on Monday.

March 25th. Vista and departures are going to be added to all competitive modes in MW3 rank play until Friday. March 29th.

Warzone 3rd person mode now live

Warzone 3rd person mode now live

If you don't know what this is, this gives you the opportunity to either play in regular person mode or you can actually play in third person by holding down on the d-pad or J on your keyboard. And this is just a test; I'm going to guess. Because of the Jugger Mush LTM that we have with third-person, it seems a lot of people were fans of third-person mode, so they decided to bring it back.

I'm going to guess that they're going to check and see how many players actually play it, and depending on whether a lot of people play it, it might end up being a regular playlist in the rotation. If not, they may end up removing it, so if you are a fan of third-person, definitely play the mode to show your support.

Operation day zero event now live

cod mw3 rewards

For it But the next topic that we have has to do with War Zone Mobile. They got a brand new update, and that is the launch of the Day Zero event. There's actually two events in one: the individual challenges and the individual rewards, along with the community challenges and community rewards, so the individual ones unfortunately don't carry over.

There's a whole bunch of these different types of rewards that you're able to get, so I'll go ahead and just showcase all of them right here for you. None of these will carry forward into your main multiplayer or war zone account. I know a lot of you guys are interested in getting rewards on your main console or PC account, but the individual ones won't carry over.

You simply need to get points if you want to get these rewards, and you can earn them by opening up supply drops, spending money in buy stations, getting head shots, and getting eliminations. And using kill streaks, you get around 150. Every time you do one of these tasks, I really stink at War Zone Mobile, and I didn't connect my controller.

cod mw3 soap

I only got like 270 points per game, so it may be a struggle if you don't use your controller. Community events, on the other hand, are actually rewards that will carry into your account, and the progress that people are making as of right now looks to be like they're probably going to get one a day or at least one done every other day because the first one is already halfway complete and the event has only been live for a couple of hours.

Once the first zone is complete, we'll be jumping into the next zone, and you'll be able to claim your reward in the war zone event store. You just head on over into the store, click on day zero, and it should be available there. Once the rewards are available for you to unlock, I'll go ahead and showcase how you're able to do that, but as I'm recording this, we have not finished Zone number one.

NEW SURPRISE MW3 CONTENT UPDATE! Soap Hawk Skin, Patch Notes, New Events MORE - Modern Warfare 3.
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