News - How To Claim Free Konig Vapor Operator Warzone 2. New Updates Added & More Free Rewards To Get



There's a new free conic Vapor operator skin you could claim for a limited time in MW3, which you will go through to get that plus other free rewards, new updates, and much more.


As always, shout out to you for GMFC points.

New free konig vapor operator skin added!

And you don't even have to go into War Zone Mobile to get these here.

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All you have to do is just watch any war zone mobile live stream with drops enabled and this works for YouTube twitch or Tik Tok as well so as long as you're watching a stream that says drops on which most of them probably will tomorrow you'll be able to get these rewards here in MW3, but also war zone mobile and the normal version of war zone as well which is pretty sick but of course make sure your Activision, account is connected to any account you're watching so if you're watching on YouTube, make sure your activation account is connected to your YouTube account and for the other platforms as well same stuff there so pretty Sol stuff here the operator skin is actually really cool love The Vibes have the Longbow blueprint.

Not as much honestly, it's just a zero theme, but I guess it's okay, but the operator skin for sure, go for it. I'm not sure how long this is going to be available for. I would think they're not just going to do it tomorrow, and you'll probably have a good week or so to actually watch any stream and get this skin, so you probably have time, but I would just do it tomorrow.

Just in case you get the skin for free, it'll go away eventually. Definitely be sure to pick that up, and of course, be sure to check out my second channel. More matters where I just posted my first article on War Zone Mobile, where you can now get the ghost-condemned operator skin. In the game, I made a article going through how to get that, so that will be linked.

The game is a ton of fun played on Rebirth Island. Dan as well can't wait to see what content we're getting there; of course there's cross-progression. It's really good for leveling up your weapons and all that good stuff. We'll be covering a lot of that game on the second channel again; we're super close to 200 subs. I think we're like N subs away, so any support there would be greatly appreciated, but for more updates in MW3.

New lever action bas-b aftermarket part added!

New lever action bas-b aftermarket part added!

We did just get a new, aftermarket part for the best part, the lever action part here, which is so sick. I do want to check this out for a article, potentially testing it out in zombies.

Is it good? Is it overrated?

Get free limited-time cosmetics, weapon blueprint & xp!

The CDL Major 2 tournament is this weekend. There's going to be a ton of extra cosmetic weapon blueprints and much more to get. Over the past couple weeks, for each qualifier match, for the past 5 weeks, you've been getting double XP and double weapon XP for watching a couple hours of matches.

Not a big deal, but now, just like Major 1, for the whole tournament this weekend, you're going to get even more specific cosmetics, cool weapon blueprints, and much more, so for Thursday. March 21st. By watching again, make sure your activation account is connected to your YouTube account. Watch the official matches there; you're going to get an hour of Double XP, a 1 V1 me emblem, an hour of Double Weapon XP, and a clinic calling card.

Pretty solid stuff there. On Friday, the 22nd, you're going to get an hour of Double XP again, a Max Tilt calling card that's kind of cool double weapon XP an hour there, and a present emblem. On Saturday, the 23rd, you're going to get some more double XP, a 360 no scope sticker, double weapon XP, and a double need calling card.

Pretty cool, and Sunday is the last day here. Double XP, a GG sticker, double up an XP, and a smoke blueprint here, which does look pretty solid, so again, R limit time rewards are no longer available after this weekend. Be sure to just watch the matches so easily and get all these extra cosmetics, especially the XP, if you do need them. Now here, let's break down.

Cdl major 2 bracket pick em␙s for extra 2xp rewards!

Cdl major 2 bracket pick em␙s for extra 2xp rewards!

My major two bracket picks are here. If you predict matches correctly, you'll get extra XP and even more cosmetics as well. Now you can predict them incorrectly and still get stuff, but if you predict them correctly, you'll get even more content. Now obviously, I show you guys my picks each week, and I'm pretty confident in my match predictions.

I watch a lot of L, so I usually know who's going to win and who's going to lose. Now for a major tournament, it's a bit more difficult because there's specific matches in the double elim bracket. Sometimes the brackets are completely different than what you're expecting, and things could get crazy, so I'm confident in my predictions here, but things may change, of course, as it always happens at, you know.


CDL Majors if you ever watch them, but to run through my picks pretty quickly here, round one optic 32 Miami I feel like it could be close, but Optic is just the better team for sure, but it is Miami's major, so you never know what might happen there. Toronto 3-1 Vegas I mean, Toronto just won their major.

Vegas has been looking good, and Toronto has been a bit shaky, but on land, Toronto has to be the better team there. Although you never know what might happen, we'll see how Vegas shows up on land. New York Boston 3-1 New York New York is the better team; they lost to the Rockers and Ravens last major, which is kind of crazy, but that is a fluke.

At least in most people's eyes. I feel like they should definitely win this match here, and phase three thieves, who should be easy winners, will do quickly. Optic 31 Toronto This might be a hot take. I think Optics has looked really good. They just kind of not smoked Toronto but smoked them on the snds and the control, so if they could do that again, it'll probably be a 3-2.

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I should have picked 3-2 here, but I have 3-1. I'm just confident in them in this major and in the winners in round two. The New York Faze I actually got New York over FaZe, which might be a hot take as well, so two hot takes, honestly. I think New York is just a really, really good team. FaZe has been good; they're great on land, but I don't know.

I just have a feeling. New York is going to come out hot, so we'll see what happens there now for the losing matches. There are a lot of matches we have to go through, and here I'll run through them pretty quickly. I do have the Ravens beating Miami, which stinks for Miami; they're major, but I think the Ravens are good on land now that they've been pretty bad this split online, which could be a sign for what's to come; they could easily get into the top 12.

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