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Call of Duty just released a surprise free Monster Energy operator skin for all users. I'll go through how to get it for a limited time plus more updates in today's article.

How to claim new free monster energy operator

It is so simple to get signed into your Activision account, and you should see this pop up on screen: just unlocked clutch operator, skin.

So it is really simple. Of course, make sure the account you're signing into is connected to the platform you want the operator skin on; you may be able to get it on multiple platforms. As well, they're really giving it to everyone here, and it seems like what they're doing is for a new Monster Energy Call of Duty collaboration.

I saw today that a lot of YouTubers and streamers are now partnered with Monster Energy. That would be a pretty sick collab, honestly, so they're doing this in honor of that, and there's other stuff happening as well. Ever wonder how you stack up? Have Aiden or Huskers guessed your resurgence? Rank post a clip on X by tagging Cod Monster Energy.

Cod monster plays, and your skill division must be on fortunes. Keep in ranked Resurgence using the monster skin, so if you guys want to do that, take part in that. That's pretty interesting, but of course, for the skin itself, it's a BBQ operator skin, the same operator we had the other previous Monster Energy skins for.

We have the Beast operator skin, which was pretty cool, the Zero Chill one, as well as the Beast Up one, which was a newer one just added, and of course the newest one right now, the Beast. It's a bit of a purple and black Vibe with that green monster logo, as well as a pretty solid operator.



GM If you need cheap C points, rare unlock codes, mastery camos, and much more, there's a bunch of stuff over there. Use Cod M for an extra 5%.

Call of duty giving cod points back to players!

Of course, we talk about the gas-up weapon Vault bundle being 3,400 C points, which was the most expensive bundle to date, and this is what happened here.

The gas-up weapon vault bundle has been temporarily removed from the store due to a pricing error; the intended price is $2400. Players who purchase this bundle for 3,400 C points will soon be refunded the difference of 1, 000 C points, and today we got this here. I feel like that would be a pretty good decision for Call of Duty.

I do appreciate the free operator skin. The event Cosmetics the Mastery Camos we're getting is all cool, but having a random update where they just decide to give us 500, 1, 000, or maybe even 2400 C points for free all players so you can get any bundle of your choosing would be a pretty cool thing for them to do just to increase the morale of Call of Duty players, so will they ever do that?

New silver & gold captain price mw3 promotional items!

New silver & gold captain price mw3 promotional items!

We have a new promotion. With Modern Warfare 3 and a gold bar and silver bar company. I don't think this is from Call of Duty themselves; it's from P, some interesting company there, so you're pretty much buying a silver and gold block; it's real silver and real gold, and it has a cool little Captain Price thing inside of it.

It looks pretty cool, but the problem is, here, it's way too expensive for what you're actually getting out of silver right now, which is about $20 to $25, and it costs $100. Here for this promotion, so I get they want to make a profit, but that's just not worth it now that you do get a cool in-game charm.

That's all you get there. So the charm is cool. Here's a look at it on some weapons, but is it worth that much? Probably not, honestly. If you got a cool mastery, camo, or something even crazier—an operator skin, a completely gold and silver operator, or a completely gold Captain Price operator like that—it might be worth it, but for 100 bucks or however much the gold one is, you're just getting a weapon charm.

Get extra free rewards with mw3 cdl pick em's & more

Get extra free rewards with mw3 cdl pick em's & more

Give you guys my pick for the CDL matches every week. If you correctly predict matches, you'll get extra double XP, cosmetics, and much more. Here's what I did for week one. I think I did pretty well. I only got two matches wrong, and those two matches are the ones that could have been tossed up.

Carolina could have easily won that match, and then LG could have definitely beat Vegas there, but for the most part, I was pretty accurate with my predictions. Here are my week 2 predictions for this weekend's matches. First off, I have New York and Boston in close match here. I mean, Carolina did beat them on land.

New York just looks shaky right now. Boston, the new pickup, looks pretty solid, so I do still have New York beating them three. I think New York is still the better search team, but Boston is getting better; they could easily win this one here through optics and rocker. This should be an optic win.

modern warfare 3

Every day of the week, rockers It's still good. They got into the top four at the major, but for the most part, Optics should definitely win this one. Here, I have 3-1, and for them, that's a double-point match as well. Next, we have Vegas and Miami. I think right now Vegas seems to be pretty good with their new pickup of Gio.

I think Miami could get better; they're not a bad team, but they've definitely fallen off a lot since the beginning of the year, and right now Vegas looks to be, you know, pretty hot, honestly, so I'm expecting a 3-1 win from them. Now for Saturday, we have Toronto and Vegas. Toronto should definitely win this; I have them winning 3-1.

Although Rocker almost swept Toronto, which is kind of crazy. Toronto is still the best team in the game; they just won the major, and they should definitely beat Vegas, which is a bottom-tier team. Optic LG. Next match here, optic three. I mean, LG is good, I guess, but optics are just so dominant.


I don't see LG upsetting them in any mood, honestly, but you know, you never know what might happen. There may be a Hardo, but I even think Optics is really good at Hardpoint too, so Optics should definitely win that one 3-1 there, maybe. Los Angeles thieves and Miami as well. This is another close one to where Miami was previously the better team.

I still have them winning 32. La thieves probably like one of the worst teams bottom two in the league right now they don't win any hard points they have one hardpoint win on the year could they get an upset win probably I mean I could have you know three you could easily do three2 thieves but I have three2 Miami I think Miami has a little, better, just gun power and a little more skill, at least right now, not that thieves won't have that skill in the future; they just formed and traded out two players while Miami just made a one-person change; it's easier to manage off of that, so I don't know if I have Miami getting a 3-2 win.

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