News - New Snoop Dogg, Makarov, Konni Milsim Season 3 Battle Pass Operators Revealed. Warzone 2

Mw3 season 3 keyart leaked

Mw3 season 3 keyart leaked

Tomorrow's going to be.

Mw3 decays realm event early gameplay

Pretty big day for Call of Duty. Not only are we receiving the entire road map, which they usually drop on Wednesday before the update goes live, which is going to be tomorrow. But on top of that, there's also going to be an update that goes live for the game itself, and it's going to be the final update that we get for season 2.

The first piece of content that we get with that update is going to be the decay's realm. Vortex is an event that'll bring the vortex into the game, but on top of that, this is going to be a challenge-based event with a total of six different rewards. With five challenges, you'll be able to do them in either multiplayer war zones or zombies.


Each challenge that you complete will get you a reward. As of right now, we have an early look at what the page is going to look like. Unfortunately, because it was revealed before the release date of this, it's not fully complete yet, but you can see that there's a calling card reward you'll be able to get for the very first challenge.

You can expect other things. They gave us a list of what the rewards are going to be, which includes the apocalyptic calling card, which we see right here. We also have the valve replacement, emblem. Swarm weapon charm, grave war weapon sticker, a 1-hour double weapon XP token, and finally the regular weapon camo as the master for completing the entire event, and we actually do have early gameplay footage.

Shout out to Austin 6 for this, and you have an entire week to complete this event starting this Wednesday, which is tomorrow at 10:00 a. M pacific Standard Time goes up until season 3 launches, which is also going to be 10:00 a. M pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, along with this event, you can expect the brand new store update that's going to bring in the Horseman Decay Ultimate Skin Tracer Pack, which I believe is the most expensive bundle that we have with this update costing $2,400.

Cod points It has the new pesticide operator skin for Corso. It will be animated because it is an ultra skin, and this is what the operator skin looks like. Along with that, you get two different weapon blueprints. The first one is going to be for the WSP. 9 called the putrification, and that comes along with not only tracers but also a death effect, and this is what it will look like in the little showcasing.

Tab You also get a second weapon blueprint, and that is going to be for the MTZ Interceptor called the melees, with the same trace surrounds and death effect. The rest of the bundle contains things like an animated calling card, a large decal, a weapon charm, and an animated emblem. There's a couple other operator bundles you can also expect to start getting added.

Within these upcoming days for the final week of this season, but we already went over that and talked about that before.

Week 8 challenges & rewards early first look

Week 8 challenges & rewards early first look

The very first one is going to be called the Rook weapon blueprint for HRM. 9, and this is a first look at what it looks like. Shout out to reality leaks. He actually got this footage before the update was even live, and it showcases all the challenges that you get. So here's the list of Battle Royale challenges that you'll need to complete.

We also have multiplayer challenges as well as zombie ones. Feel free to pause it and check which challenges you plan on doing. The most important thing out of these weekly challenges is going to be the final reward, which is the rotten Inferno starting tomorrow. Once you complete your week eight challenges, you will be able to unlock this animated camo, but only if you've completed the past seven.

cod mw3 season 3

If you haven't, you have only this week to get all of them done because once season 3 rolls around, it's going to end up being permanently replaced with a different camo, which you don't know exactly what it's going to look like, but chances are you're never going to see a camo like this in the game again, so definitely go for it and make sure you unlock it.

Let's jump into the major topic that we have for today, and that is the brand new leak that we received for the season 3 Battle Pass earlier today.

Season 3 battle pass theme & snoop dogg operator skin

We got the Rebirth Island trailer they showcased. A little bit about what's going on and what to expect from it. The gameplay of Rebirth Island operators is being showcased, and we got plenty of new information for season 3, but something else that ended up popping up that we didn't expect is the key artwork for the season 3 update.

Usually, the key artwork will highlight the three main characters. In that season, we thought maybe it was going to be this thumbnail right here that they showcased for Rebirth Island, but that was not the case because there's actually a different one, and this is the new one that was revealed over on Steam completely by accident.

first look season 3

I guess they updated it when they weren't supposed to, and my guess is it's probably going to be going live tomorrow, so we'll end up getting a full-on HD version of this, but it says right here recent events and announcements for season 3. War Zone launch trailer, and Rebirth Island. When you click on it, it just takes you to the Rebirth Island trailer, and it doesn't really showcase the photo; it's not mentioned at all in the entire trailer or in the thumbnail.

But when you zoom into the photo, we get an HD version of it, and you can see three brand new operators. The first one is macarov. It looks like he's pretty much the same skin that we saw in the trailer, so he's not brand new. The one on the left is a new Cony Milsim operator. She was shown in the trailer a couple of times, and we got this angle, which made her look a little bit different, but I think it is the same exact operator.

makarov battle pass

And then we also saw her in the trailer, as well, and then there is a third operator that is shown on the right side, and that is Snoop Dog. It pretty much confirms to us that the leaks that we had were Snoop Dog is going to be an upcoming operator, and the major theory was that the team might be available in the battle pass because we saw that with Rick Grimes we saw that with spawn they started doing crossovers, and adding them to the battle pass, it's been a huge success for Call of Duty, which has generated them a lot of sales.

NEW Season 3 Battle Pass Operators REVEALED! Snoop Dogg, Makarov, Milsims - Modern Warfare 3.
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