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Let's take our first look at the season 3 Battle Pass: black cell operators, new weapon unlocks, and much more. Be sure to drop a like on the article and subscribe if you're new, but first off, here's the battle pass: a pretty.

First look at the season 3 battle pass!

cool blue theme Here we have a look at a bunch of these sectors and the main rewards you're getting for each sector, so standard stuff here.

Of course, you have your new weapon unlocks, which we'll talk about in a second. You also have some operators, some melee weapon blueprints, and all this cool stuff. L for the battle pass here Nothing too crazy, but let's go through the actual operators here and what we're getting, and of course we'll break down the black cell operator as well, so they say The season 3 battle pass is stacked with 110 pieces of unlockable content, including three free base weapons.

modern warfare 3

Two new operators. Banshee and Hush, have new skins for macarov. two skins there Snoop Dog Swagger Ripper Doc Riptide. Banshee, the new operator, Corso by line, and again, hush that new operator as well. So first off, here we have Vladimir Macarrov. This is his instant reward sector skin, and then there's also a Tier 100 version of Macarrov, which we don't know what that looks like just yet, but some people are saying this could be that Tier 100 macaroon skin.

I could kind of see it. This looks like pretty cool skin here. We'll see very soon for the next operator skin here, of course, in the instant reward sector of the battle pass. It's the Snoop Dog operator skin, which has a really, really sick look. Pretty much a Cony Snoop Dog again, we theorized that maybe he would be in the battle pass.

I talked about it in a previous article, but that came true. I think it's so cool to see him on the battle pass. Overall, the battle pass is cheaper, so previously, the Snoop Dog-operated bundle was a separate bundle for $20. At least now he's on the battle pass, which some people could get for free.

If you complete the battle pass every season, you'll get enough C points to buy the next season's battle pass, so I love that they're doing this here. Unfortunately, we're only getting a skin for that instant reward sector; there's no. Snoop Dog skin. I feel like it would have been so sick to see a fully kitted-up, beefed-up Snoop Dog in a crazy military suit.

Whatever they wanted to do, that would have been fire, but regardless, it was still cool to see him in the base battle pass as an instant reward. Next up is a new battle pass operator, Banshee, available in Sector 13. There is nothing much on this here; just a different operator to have in the game Sol.

At least with this skin, another new operator is available at Tier 100, and in the Max sector there is another interesting SK and cool stuff. There, we'll probably get more skins for these operators throughout the season and bundle future battle passes and stuff.

All new dlc weapons in season 3 battle pass!

All new dlc weapons in season 3 battle pass!

Like that, and of course throughout the battle pass as well, you'll be able to unlock weapons for free. The first one here is the FJX Horus SMG, otherwise known as the MP9, here available in battle pass Sector 8.

This is a pretty cool SMG. It says it is an ultra-compact SMG with best-in-class CQC, damage, and mobility. There's solid stuff there. We'll see how it is in the game when the update does release. The next one here is super excited for this one, the Moors sniper rifle from a w in battle pass Sector 4.

This single-load rail gun delivers a high-damage payload with excellent velocity and penetration. Cool stuff there again, so again, these two weapons are available for free. You do not need to buy the battle pass to get access to the weapons; just play the game. You'll gradually unlock battle pass tokens, and over time, you'll be able to get these weapons pretty easily.

But the next weapon here in the battle pass is the Gladiator melee weapon at sector 15, a compact concealable punch knife that was initially used by gamblers and politicians. Okay, kind of cool there, and then, of course, the Bow 27 assault rifle is available midseason; it says redacted, but it's going to be a part of that classified battle pass sector that will appear when season 3 Reloaded goes live.

A Bullpup prototype weapon is designed to increase fire rate over time while the trigger is squeezed. The first four shots are slower to fire but highly accurate, so about 27 Such a fun weapon back from AW. I can't wait to see how that and the Moors will play in this game, and unfortunately, again, we talked about the Asm1 and the EM1 from AW potentially coming in this season and getting scrapped.

Maybe we'll still see those in future seasons. I would love for them to add them, so we'll see very soon, probably not for this season, of course, but maybe for season 4. I hope we get that stuff because AW was an underrated game. In my opinion, those would be great to see in MW3.

New season 3 blackcell operator showcase!

New season 3 blackcell operator showcase!

But now, of course, here is the season 3 black cell upgrade. There's a lot of cool stuff here. First off, on this main operator, I'll talk about him more in a second, but it is a solid look here. The black and gold look is still there, but you have a lot more blue as well, and I love the new colors integrated into the black cell upgrades.

The black and gold again, as I've said, have been getting a bit boring season after season, so having more of a color scheme. That goes along with the season. Of course, this season is blue, so having that blue in the actual operator itself and the black cell weapon blueprints is a plus. For sure, we saw this with red for the previous season in MW3 as well, so I'm glad that they're doing that there.

This black cell sector unlocks immediately a pal purchase, granting access to the new stasis black cell operator plus the aggressive action frag grenade blueprint with death effect double barrel disrespect finishing move, the All That Glitters black cell animated blueprint for the bass b battle rifle tracers, dismember effects as well, and 1100 extra C points.

Claim your tiers and work through the sectors of the season. 3 Battle Pass black cell members can earn exceptional black cell rewards there, so of course if you get the black cell operator, you'll get a black cell version of all the 12 new oper skins as well as seven animated weapon blueprints, one for lethal equipment here, so this is in addition to the 110 regular battle pass items you're already getting now.

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