News - First Look At Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Update: Free Rewards, Exclusive Operators & Zombies

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All right, guys, so here's our first full look at the season 1 reloaded update for MW3 and War Zone. Let's break down all the content for multiplayer: War Zone Zombies, the Boys Event, New Free Rewards, and much more. They have a bunch of stuff over there. Use codat for an extra 5% off. First up, we have season one reloaded.

As I said, the release date is next Wednesday, January 17th, at 9:00 a. M pacific will be covering more details on the downloads and all that stuff as we get closer to the release, and full patch notes will release as well right before season one reloaded comes out next week, but for an overview of the MW3 content we're getting, we have a new 6v6 MP map.

Rio team gunfight infected, headquarters the boys LTM of course A new challenge event and multiplayer ranked play first up. Of course, we have the 6x6 map of Rio. Some new shots of this map look pretty solid and medium-sized. The map in Rio de Janeiro, of course, looks pretty cool. Be playing it next week.

That's the only map we're getting, but at least it's a uniquely made MP map for new modes. Here, team gunfight headquarters is infected, so team gunfight is pretty self-explanatory gunfight on a larger scale. It's pretty much a gunfight, but 6v6 instead of 2v2. On traditional MP maps, that sounds pretty cool.


Headquarters is returning as well; that's a solid classic mode that's going to be a ton of fun on the OG MW2 maps, and infected as well; we saw that actually for the holiday event, but now the base infected mode is returning, which is cool for the boys LTM and event challenges as well, so the soup up mode is actually returning here but for multiplayer.

And it's going to be in kill confirmed, which is actually pretty cool, so in this twist on the classic mode Fallen operators drop doses of temp V, giving temporary power boosts like heat vision to those who swoop in to collect them, and here are the six challenges in the Boys Soup Siege event MP mode: This is pretty interesting.

Get one operator heat vision elimination in the boys mode, reward a callon card, deactivate 20 pieces of equipment using DOS, get an emblem, and get four operator eliminations using the MTZ 762. You get a battle pass, tier skip, and two operator eliminations in a single life. The overkill vest is equipped five times.

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Get a large decal, get 15 operator orimo eliminations, get a weapon charm, and get seven operator eliminations using lethal equipment. You get a double x token, and the master reward there, at least for the MP challenge, is to complete all six challenges to earn the boys a special LMG weapon blueprint featuring four attachments equipping a whopping 150-round drum and incendiary ammunition for aggressive suppressive fire.

So it doesn't seem like a major event here, but it's still pretty cool. Mastery rewards some challenges in MP now, of course for multiplayer as well. We're getting ranked play, which will do a whole article breaking down all the ranked play content when it does officially release, but it's competitive 4v4, and you have specific settings, maps, and modes all the same as in the Call of Duty League.

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If you guys keep track of that, it's all the same stuff. Range play becomes available after players reach at least level 55. Ranked means you start at ranked one, and of course you have skill divisions. It's pretty much exactly how MW2 worked last year; maybe there were some slight differences, but you gain, Sr., as you get more wins based on personal and team performance.

Again, we'll break that down when ranked play is actually live. I'll play through rank-to-play and show you guys the best rank-to-play class setups. You guys probably know I keep track of CDL a lot, so I kind of know what's going on there. We'll go through all that next week, but it's still pretty cool.

Here's a breakdown of all the rank-play maps and modes that will be available next week. We of course have Search and Destroy, which is going to be on High-rise Invasion, Karachi Skid and Terminal, and Hardpoint, and of course Friendly Fire is on this as well. Invasion Karachi skidrow subbase terminal and control.

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We have Highrise Invasion and Karachi, and of course you're getting ranked. Play rewards as well, so win, Five ranked play matches to earn the MW3 season 1 competitive editor weapon sticker, Win 10 matches to earn the pro-isue gutter knife weapon blueprint. 20 matches, script writer, weapon charm 30 matches, build different large decals, 40 matches, get a season 1 loading screen, and win 50 rank play matches to get the MW3 season 1 ranked veteran weapon camo.

And of course there's more free rewards for different skill divisions that you'll be in as well, so for bronze and silver, you'll get a season 1 emblem gold through Crimson. You'll get some operator skins, and we did some early previews of those on the channel, which I'll break down in a different article.

There's a lot of cool stuff there, including iridescent, as well as a colon card with an operator skin animated emblem and weapon charm, and the top 250. Not many people will make it here, but you'll get some pretty cool operator skins, weapon charms, unique animated emblem callon cards, and all that good stuff.

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But now, for zombies, we have a new warlord. In the game Doabe, as we talked about on the channel, here's a look at the warlord Doabe on top of a skyscraper in Zaran City, so that's where we're going to go in MW 3 zombies to fight her. As we talked about again, she'll be able to use drones and the wheelson as her main line of defense.

That's pretty much it for zombies, though. Hopefully we get some more updates for the mode in season 2, but for War Zone, here are a couple cool updates. We have a new Champions Quest, a goog night vision public event, grab the weapon case, and a new way to escape the covert xfill. So the Champions Quest is a bit different.

First of all, here's the free operator skin you get, which is super cool, but here you could actually win 30 games in total within the season, or five consecutive matches in a row, so previously you had to win five war zone matches in a row, then you would get the nuke contract, you would have to complete it, and then you would get the operator skin, but now you can just win 30 games to get that contract, which seems a bit easier for people in the game.

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