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I've got exclusive gameplay in this article of the new Modern Warfare 3 zombie-reskinned maps. Sledgehammer has completely reskinned some of the multiplayer maps into zombified, remade maps, and I'll be going through all of them, showing you exclusive game play as I got to capture these at Sledgehammer Games when I visited them at the start of December ahead of season 1.

There are three maps in total, so we'll start with the first one, which is sparse. Now all of these maps are going to be coming to the game on January 3rd, so depending on when you're watching this article, these might already be out or they're just about to come out, but this is all part of a limited-time mode called Vortex.

This is a free-for-all mode where one player spawns in with the infamous ray gun, which is a one-shot weapon, and whoever eliminates the operator with the ray gun becomes the new owner of the ray gun, now immediately seeing the scrapyard. Like this, it just screams dark. I like everything about the color palette, especially with the fact that all the foliage on the ground is blue like the dark ether crystals, and then looking up in the sky, we have floating jellyfish.

modern warfare 3 season 1

There is no doubt in my mind that this is 100% set in the dark or meant to look like it, because it just looks absolutely amazing. This is a map reskin, on steroids, like it feels like the map's almost been recreated because there's so much different about the map visually to the original but it looks straight out of D machine from Cold War when you go into the dark EA like it just has that look about it and I spoke to one of the developers and I said how incredible this map looked and I asked if it was supposed to look like the dark EA from Cold War and they just sort of smirked they didn't really say anything.

modern warfare 3 zombies

Is just a crazy surprise to see this and this to me just screams that this is the perfect visual rescap skin for this to be its own zombies map if it was a round based experience or if it was an onslaught, experience which involved you taking down waves and waves of zombies on multiplayer maps like this is just so perfect for it and it's crazy that this is a limited time thing these won't be in the game forever but it's so evident that the developers put so much time and love and attention into reskinning these maps that I really hope this isn't the last we see of these zombie mat rekins but we'll move on to the next one which I think is the most visually exciting, and that is Quarry which is now renamed as Satan's Quarry and the moment that we start here this just looks.

Unrecognizable from the original map, like the fact we have these chains leading us to Hell in the Sky, along with the fact that every cinder block around Quarry has been replaced with lava-infused magma slabs with all these cracks in them in lava, it just looks like something out of Transit, like it just looks absolutely incredible; there's just so many visual changes to this map from the original that it just doesn't feel like Quarry whatsoever.

modern warfare 3 zombies gameplay

And I think that comes down to the fact that because of this demonic hellish setting, it makes the visibility of the map a little weaker; it's harder to see players from a distance, but I think you're just going to be in awe of visually how gorgeous this map is to even realize or notice that fact but that's the one thing that I pointed out when I played but that's the only negative I see to this map visually it just looks absolutely insane, and you can't tell me that this wouldn't also fit perfectly.

Inside of Zombies mode. I don't think there's ever been a zombie map except maybe some elements of Mob of the Dead where you could say that they were anywhere near close to having a map set in Hell itself, but this could be incredible for a zombie map in the dark. EA, this looks amazing, but they literally took the Pack-A-Punch camo from Mob of the Dead and reskinned the entirety of Quarry with it, but as I mentioned, there are three maps in total, so we got one more, and this is a reskin, of rust which is now called tetanus, and rather than it having a full zombie skin, it felt more like primarily a Zombies theme this instead really gave me heavy Vibes of if rust was set in infinite Warfare because rather than it having a full zombie skin it felt more like a futuristic.

modern warfare 3 zombies season 1

a dystopian version of Rust that was set on a planet that was orbiting a massive moon. The moment you look up in the sky, you can just see this gigantic. Moon, but the map has a green tint to it, and all of the pipes have been completely removed. Redesigned and remodeled now to have these sort of futuristic pipes rather than the steel works that we are normally used to seeing with rust, making it feel like this is set on a desolate planet where there is some sort of futuristic.

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Space station being developed here more so than it being a zombies map but you do have the atmosphere of like all these grains of rock and Ash that are floating, in the air which really just makes you question where on Earth are we and I don't think this is on Earth but I think this is extremely cool for them to do especially in a Modern Warfare game to kind of really go off the rails, and just have fun with it rather than keep everything so accurate to the Modern Warfare theme because it's set in this weird part where it seems like there is some sort of sun setting but it's not quite and there's also some sort of storms happening in the sky as well we've got this really cool balance of different atmospheric, things happening along with a slightly, darker lighting set on the map so the visibility is a little bit more difficult than it was back in the original rust but overall it is a Vibe but I think from a visual perspective scrapyard is still my favorite just because that screams dark EA with the jellyfish, with the blues and the greens and it would be really cool to see some of this visual representation.

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Here are the colors and the way it looks. Incorporated somehow into some sort of zombies that we see next year from Treyarch, but I just can't believe that in total these three maps are going to be in the game for about 2 weeks and then they're going to be gone forever these are really beautiful reskins of these maps and especially with the fact that they are zombified, reskins, as well to tie in with the mode with the ray gun, it really makes you question if this is the only time we're going to see this, if there aren't more reskins that are in the works, or if it's going to be part of some sort of bigger thing where we may eventually one day see these become Onslaught maps.

Exclusive Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Season 1 Vortex Gameplay All 3 Maps.
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