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More info on season 1 for mw3 zombies

More info on season 1 for mw3 zombies

Ahead of the Season 1 update from Modern Warfare 3 zombies, which is in just 2 days, on December 6th, on Wednesday, we have learned a few pieces of new information. However, recently youtubers and influencers got flown out to play the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer maps in season 1 early, and there was actually a crator call today where I believe some people did learn some new information.

So let's go through what we know. First of all, as you know, the X phills were a couple weeks ago because of crashing issues, so they reduced the number of zombies that would spawn at the Expo Point.

Treyarch making exfils way harder

Well, apparently, in season 1, they're going to be increasing the number of enemies that spawn at the Xville.

Again, we're not sure if it's going to be the same number as before. All we know is that they're going to significantly increase it, but apparently now at the XF, there'll be more enemy types that will spawn in with some Elite zombies as well, so things like that mimic the disciples. Etc., apparently later in the season Tre will be making all X fills increase the number of enemies spawning, and for the final X fill, there'll be a lot more zombies that will spawn in and enemy types, so right now it's not really making sense that the final X fill is pretty underwhelming.

And I'm constantly losing my loot; it's just making me not even really want to play. I want to give this mode a chance and keep grinding it out, and I'm crashing literally every single day, so I can't even progress, so hopefully Tra will fix some of these crashing issues, and that will be in the season 1 patch as well, in time for the X fills to be buffed, but so far we don't have any word on that, so I'm a little bit concerned.

Keep loot after crashing in mw3 zombies finally!

Keep loot after crashing in mw3 zombies finally!

Now, just for an update since recording this article, we've learned some more information, and apparently Trek is working on many different stability fixes with the season 1 update, and apparently they are also working on a system to keep your loot if you disconnect, and hopefully they managed to figure this out soon.

This is huge news, though, and I'm so happy about it because it has been such an issue, like I was just stressing. I'm guessing the reason it wasn't in the game just yet is because, of course, some people, when they die, might just turn off their internet or disconnect from the internet to trick the game into thinking they've disconnected.

New act 4 & dark aether rift info for mw3 zombies


So I'm guessing maybe if you die that it won't count if you disconnect at that point I'm not sure exactly how they're going to get it to work because they need to get it to work where it can't be exploited, where people can't force crash the game or Force disconnects from the internet to attempt to keep their stuff if they die the next big piece of information, is that of course Act 4 is coming in season 1 and we were previously thinking that in order to complete the axe four missions you first need to do the missions one to three, however apparently you were able to do axe Four's missions without doing the prior three Mission straight from the get-go and I'm quite surprised they have done this and it does seem like acts 4 will require you to go into the dark ether using these riffs but these riffs are accessible, regardless of the fact of whether you've done the prior axe this is really good though because the first three AXS have a bunch of tedious missions which are basically just doing things you would do in the game anyways.


It's trying to teach all of the mechanics of the mode but it's just so boring, and this way players are just able to jump straight into the new story content with Act 4 without having to worry about doing all of those tedious tasks I just hope that with act four all of the missions are juicy, and we're not just doing a bunch of repetitive stuff similar to the first few acts and apparently the very first mission of Act 4 will be a story Mission and it will take you directly into the dark ether I'm guessing though if you haven't done the first few acts it's going to be a lot more difficult so it's still probably best to do those three first there's apparently something new coming called sigils.

These are consumable drops from completing Tier 3 contracts; you can get them to go into the rift to enter the dark ether. And each signature has one entry key. There are also Elder sigil unlocks, which are for a hardcore version of the Dark Eternal for a much harder version, so I'm guessing the Tier 4 Zone isn't the default version.

This is just if you get this elder sigil unlocked, so it's probably tier two or somewhere in between tier 2 and 3 in terms of difficulty, especially if you don't need to do the first few acts. It can't be that difficult, but you have this hardcore version as an alternative.

More schematics announced & all in the dark aether

More schematics announced & all in the dark aether

Apparently, all of the new schematics that they announced are only accessible. In the dark ether zone, there's no other way to get them, including the new ether blade. As we already know, the ether blade is basically just the Hell's Retriever; this was already announced; it's exactly the same; it's just like a boomerang.

Essentially, there is also a new dog's bone schematic, and this will apparently spawn in a Tier 3 hellhound, a friendly, which will of course revive you, for example, and you can of course get this from the kennels, but this is a way to do it without that Easter egg straight from Spawn. This was not announced, but apparently legendary ether tools and flawless ethereum crystals will be coming at schematics in season 1.

This wasn't announced with the prior schematics. So this will mean you can fully pack-and-punch your weapon and get it up to full weapon rarity as well, straight from Spawn. Now we don't know if these are coming straight away with season 1 or if there'll be a little bit later. I don't know why they didn't announce it previously, and the golden armor plate schematic is coming as well, which replenishes.

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