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Season 3 dlc release times & early download

let's break down the new season 3 update for MW3 and War Zone all content releasing early downloads new free rewards and much more but first off here this update is going to release on Wednesday April 3rd at these times up on screen a pretty standard release here but for early downloads it might be a bit different because for the past only PlayStation players have been able to pre-download, a couple days early PC and Xbox players have to wait until the minute the update goes live which is not a big deal but it is annoying if you have slow internet and you want to play right when it goes live obviously ly which a lot of people do if you took off from school or work that day or whatever the situation is but for season 2 reloaded.

To my surprise and to a lot of people's surprise as well, we did actually get an early download, which is so sick now. Of course, early downloads aren't always guaranteed, because I saw some people get early downloads. I got it on PC, and some others didn't.

First look at rebirth island in warzone season 3!

First look at rebirth island in warzone season 3!

I'll start off with that section of the article because Rebirth Island has been confirmed to be released. On April 3rd, at the launch of season 3, we kind of already had leaks about this map releasing at some point during season 3. I told you guys already that most likely it's going to be the launch of the season; it's a big marketing and selling point for the game.

There's no way they're going to save it for the reloaded update, and of course, today we got confirmation that it is going to be for the launch of the update, which is pretty cool. You've been seeing images up on screen, probably of the TAC map for Rebirth Island, which looks exactly the same on the map, as well as some other leaked images of Rebirth Island in War Zone 3 or MW3.

Which looks pretty much the same overall; it seems to be maybe in a bit of a brighter setting, which is cool, and based on the images, there might be some slight map changes. There seems to be an earthquake crack into the side of the island, which is a bit different, but for the most part, all the buildings, the prison, and everything else should be the exact same layout as what it was back during War Zone 1, which is pretty cool and also a part of this update as well.

Multiple new season 3 free rewards releasing!

Multiple new season 3 free rewards releasing!

RSVP by replying with your activation ID and #, rebirthday. To secure your free Caked Up weapon blueprint, gift it when you log in on launch day. Here we got this that got revealed a couple weeks ago, coming in season 3, earn the free anniversary, weapon skin here, so a weapon blueprint, again in honor of War Zone's anniversary, which, again.

I thought should have been released back during War Zone's actual anniversary, on March 10th, but they're going to save it for season 3. It's not a big deal; there are no details on exactly how to get this one. We'll see very soon, but before we break down some more stuff, here's a quick shot of my partner's aim controllers.

This red controller you're seeing up on screen is the one I personally use every day at Aim. It is a really good, high-quality controller. The lifetime warranty is fully customizable, a lot of designs as well. Use code M for an extra discount if you do want to buy a controller. I really appreciate it, guys, but for more content here for season 3, we got to talk about weapons because we're getting some Advanced Warfare weapons, which is so cool.

New advanced warfare dlc weapons in season 3!

New advanced warfare dlc weapons in season 3!

We got some leaked gameplay here of a bunch of the weapon models in the game, which gives us a better idea as to kind of how they look in this game now overall, if they look the exact same or maybe a bit different from how they looked back in aw.

It's not a big deal. What's more important to me is how they perform because, again, at least from my memories, I played a lot of Warfare multiplayer. I was doing game battles back in the day. I was big into multiplayer. I didn't play any zombies. I played all MP back then, so for the B 27 and the Moors as well, those were in my memory again.

Super powerful weapons, I mean again, for competitive Call of Duty. In the first couple months of that game's life cycle, it was four bouts of 27 on the map for each team, which was so crazy. It was such an overpowered weapon, so to have some of that overpowered. Come to MW3, for the batt 27 as well would be fire.

MP9 is there as well, which is cool—not from Aw, but regardless, we're definitely more excited for the Aw weapons here, and we'll most likely get more weapons released for the season as well as other melee weapons and a potential attack knife. We'll go through all the info when it does release very soon, but there's still cool stuff there for operators here.

Multiple new operators releasing for mw3 season 3

Multiple new operators releasing for mw3 season 3

Battle Pass operators store bundles and other events here. The big one returning is the Snoop Dog operator bundle. A lot of you guys were kind of semi-happy and also disappointed to see Snoop Dog return.

I think he's a pretty cool operator; in Call of Duty, we saw him back in Vanguard as this skin for MW2, as this skin last year in COD Mobile as well as another version of him for a Christmas Cod Mobile update, so after a lot of iterations of Snoop Dog. I mean, we talked about, like, 50 cents. I mean, it would be crazy if we had Drake in the game; just stuff like that would be fire, but Snoop Dog—I'm not mad at that—hopefully has another cool operator skin.


I just hope it's not the same exact look we saw back from M2, because re-releasing that same bundle would be a bit lackluster. For other operators here chich and Chang which is a very interesting collab but I guess they're doing it here that's definitely going to be a separate store bundle for Snoop Dog though that could be a battle pass operator they've been doing that a lot more recently with actual licensed operators, in the main battle pass we had the spawn themed battle pass back for MW2, season 6 which was a bunch of operators, from the actual real world comics and stuff like that and of course we had the Rick Grimes battle pass as well I didn't think he would be a part of the battle pass but he was that's so cool so could Snoop Dogg be a tier zero and maybe tier 100 operator skin in the season 3 Battle pass.

I wouldn't expect the biggest 6v6. Update: We did get three new maps for season 1. three new maps for season 2 and for this upcoming season. I would expect maybe two the most, which obviously I would want to see more of, but it is what it is: The maps we've gotten so far, as I've said in multiple previous articles, are really high-quality, super-solid MP maps at a sledgehammer, so again, big props to them.

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