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In the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Zombie season 1 update, we got one new act 4 with one new story mission, and that is the one we're going to look at in this article today. The mission is called Bad Signal. Let's go first things first, just a quick preface before we get into the actual preparation and execution of this mission.

Those of you that have been following my guides for a while will know that I primarily play this game solo, and so my guides are usually geared towards people that are trying to finish these mission objectives solo as well, so that you don't have to depend on other players. That being said, this mission is particularly difficult, and it can be even more difficult if you are bombarded by the myriad of technical issues that seem to be stuck in the game right now, from disconnects and disconnecting from the dark ether to crashing out because of steam and whatnot.

I myself suffered four of these before I ever even saw the worm, and none of this had to do with me actually dying in any scenario but rather being disconnected or actually just desyncing. From the game, the situation is a lot better now than it was at the beginning of the season, but nonetheless, it can be quite disheartening.


If you to spend like 40 minutes prepping for the mission go into the dark ether and then basically be desynced or disconnected or something like that it's for this reason that I say that you should if you can team up and do this Mission you should do so because it will just make it go a lot faster and you know more guns are better in the case of this, particular Mission because of the boss that you have to fight at the end and because of his massive HP pull nonetheless the footage that you're seeing in the background is me doing it solo I've done it several times solo now to try and streamline the process and kind of like figure out what works best and I'm going to translate this information and give it to you but again you know the tldr, here if you can do this in a group.


Absolutely go ahead and do it it's just not worth the hassle unless you want the bragging points you want to do it yourself and then I'm going to help you do that so let's go so onto the prep then for this Mission, this is a two-parter with the first step expecting us to investigate the anomaly, and then secondly to leave the dark ether which is basically what you're going to go into when you go into the anomaly and then essentially exit out now the anomaly itself sits over here on the map and you can quite easily see it by just looking at the sky in that direction you'll see a giant dust cloud and what you actually looking for is a little portal to the south of this nonetheless you deploy onto the main map with your usual 45 minutes plus 15.

There are roughly 15 days that you can essentially spend preparing for this mission, and you absolutely should do this now. There's a lot of stuff that you can do to make your life a little bit easier in terms of preparation for this, like, you know, already bringing in the ability to pack your weapon at least to one, two, or possibly three, as well as increase the rarity of your weapons pretty much anything that you can bring in with you that you don't need to farm, up, or look for on the map, which is going to mean that your preparation phase is a lot shorter.

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And at least in my case, this helped a lot because the last time I spent prepping was the last time that the game could actually crash on me, starting us off at the top in terms of what I think is most important, and then we'll kind of get to the bottom of the list of things that are nice to have, so first and foremost, absolutely make sure that you have an energy mine equipped.

Yeah, you could use any other field upgrade, but I think Energy Mine works really well, especially considering that we have to hold out certain areas against zombies. It's a good way to deny enemies, and it deals a lot of damage to the enemies we're going to fight. Get yourself molotovs as well, because we're going to be using that in the case of the Big Worm boss trying to hide away from us, and this is a way that we're going to be able to get him to come back out, so just take the molotovs with you as well.

easy tier 1 bad signal story mission completion for act 4 mw3 zombies

Now the most important thing I would think of for you for this mission is a decent weapon. By decent weapon. I mean something that can deal a fair amount of damage and that you are familiar with or that you can handle quite well, and you absolutely need to consider taking this thing to Pack-A-Punch, tier three.

Even though you are going to be fighting tier two enemies, the boss that you're going to be fighting has a huge HP pull, and you want to be dealing as much damage to him as possible, so tier three Pack-a-Punch 3 is really going to help you here. The rarity of your weapon is also super important, so if you have any way of essentially bringing some tools in to increase the rarity of your weapon, I would say at the very least blue.

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Better is purple, and totally best is legendary, which is, of course, orange and SL yellow. If you can get to that rarity, then you are good to go. Now, let's say, for example, that you have a situation where you don't have any materials. To bring in to upgrade the Rarity and you don't want to leave it up to RNG to be running around the map doing contracts and hoping that some Rarity tools drop for you what you can simply do is go to the tier 3 area and look for one of the wall Bu weapons that already has the legendary Rarity on it you can buy this for 5, 000 Essence, and then you already have a legendary weapon look for something like an lmg like a hogga 26 or something like that which is a perfectly fine weapon to attempt this Mission with and by buying it for 5K you now have a legendary weapon that you can essentially then pack three times, and you're good to go the footage in the background you'll see me using an assault rifle this is the SVA.

545 this is the weapon that I attempted to mission with, and in the braen right now is the exact bolt that I use for this in case you wanted to use, of course, things like the WSB swarm and the tier. These are all the Lockwood 680s. These are all really, really good weapons for you to bring in to attempt this mission with, and it all depends on how close to the boss you want to be to be able to do this.

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Then, just rambling through some of the other things, of course, a three-plate carrier is really good to have. I've seen some guys do this with one plate, which is cool, but if you want to give yourself an easy time, obviously a three-plate carrier is good. Here, a large backpack is also good because that means you can drag more stuff into the mission with you as preparation.

EASY Tier 1 Bad Signal Story Mission Completion for Act 4 | Call of Duty MW3 Zombies.
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