News - This Smg Ticks All The Right Boxes. Call Of Duty Warzone 2 Zombies


Now today we're looking at a submachine gun, which is my favorite class to run in zombies, and this is the mini buuk, which is an old Modern Warfare 2 weapon, and this thing is lethal. Let's go so the thing with submachine guns in zombies. Is that generally you sacrifice, magazine size for increased fire rate and increased lethality in a close distance meaning like you have really fast bullets coming out of your gun and they deal a fair amount of damage and so therefore it kind of like trades off against you know having a smaller clip and basically having to reload a lot, now the funny thing about the mini Buck is that ain't no problem when you Pack-A-Punch this weapon you go from the 64 rounds in the mag all the way up to 200 so it doesn't double it up it actually triples it up and that is one of the reasons why I enjoy this weapon so much if you have something like the speed mod on you or speed you know tonic or something like that the reload is so crisp so fast that basically you are constantly just firing bullets out of this gun, and trust me the bullets that are coming out of this gun are dealing a shitload of damage, of course as always it goes without saying Landing crits is going to make you deal a lot more damage, duh, but one of the reasons why I thoroughly enjoy this is because this weapon is equally good whether you are firing down the iron sights.

Whether you're using it in Hip Fire or my personal favorite to use this weapon is, of course, the TX Dan Now looking at the attachments that we have on here, on the muzzle we're using the bruan pendulum, and on the barrel we're using the bu 9.279. Mm barrel then on the laser, we're using the FTAc Grim Line laser.


We're using the FTAC Elite stock in the stock slot, and last but not least, we're using the demo X2 grip in the rear grip, and not only does this thing show shoot fast and reload fast, as mentioned, it also has that nice magazine size, but its damage to bullet ratio is also really good. Last but certainly not least, one of the problems that you sometimes have with a submachine gun is that your engagement range is very small.

But once these happen, get nerfed; we're going to start looking at some other options and, absolutely, the Minick. I think it's probably not going to get touched by a Nerf bat or anything like that; it's probably not going to get adjusted. In fact, it might get adjusted up, and if that happens, this will definitely be something that you need to keep an eye on if you continue to dive into zombies and you continue on trying to do some of the more difficult content.

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