News - Characters Failed To Save Samantha Maxis & Ravenov Is Ava's Father Explained (warzone 2 Zombies Cutscene)

act 4

Black Ops goof zombies. With that being said, I'm going to play the full-cut scene for you now, and then after, we will dive into it and break it down. Enjoy, you've got some explaining to do, you're hurt. I have had worse. I don't doubt it, or I wouldn't have to if your file wasn't a black hole, my father, how did you break the locks on a few cult case CIA files from a CIA terminal?

Not exactly a challenge; you're making a mess of that. Give it a try. Here you are, part. Requim, yes, what happened to them? Maxis sacrificed herself to end the outbreak. We promised we would find a way to rescue her, and when we failed, it was a blow. Some of us took it very hard. We vowed never to let this happen again, so you're zero for two on those promises, but I am still here.

Am I not Dr. Johnsen i am still here. Am I not Dr. Johnson i am still fighting, and he's the thing you shouldn't be. That was 30 years ago. Look at you. I have good genes. That's a Croc, and you know it. What was the focus of Ream's ethereum research? Johnson AA: Perhaps when the outbreak is contained, we will talk of the old days.

act 4 cutscene

Fine, if that's how you want to play; if you won't help me, I'll find my own. Answers: Even your parents would be proud of you; they are so very proud of you. You first things first is that this new Story Mission confirms that Dr AA Janssen grew up in South Africa now there has been a lot of speculation on her Origins because she seems to have a very unique accent initially I honestly thought she was Australian, and then people thought that she was British and even the Cod Wiki listed her as British for a while but yes it does seem like she is South African if you have not been paying attention to the radios inside of Modern Warfare 3 zombies basically it seems like her birth mother was in fact Dr Gray but at the age of three she was adopted, and I guess she then grew up in South Africa with different parents now she ended up finding out that she was adopted and did a lot of research into Dr Gray and ended up forgiving her but it seems like since she has dark ether Powers some of that has come as a result of Dr Gray and her research that she of course was doing on the dark ether but we still don't exactly know how she has these Powers but we've gone more clues from this cutscene so the cut scene starts off with renov.

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In his quarters, he got damaged during this story, Mission, inside of the dark ether. Now in this story Mission, he went into the dark ether to assist our characters, and interestingly. Fletcher worked on our side within this after the Terminus outcomes team got seemingly pulled in by The Entity, which I'll come on to in a second.

Truce. But FL. We get back to the E; you're coming with us. Yeah, Janson enters the room, saying you are hurt, and Renov is just trying to stitch himself up, and Jansen helps him out with these stitches. She is a very intelligent and multi-practice person. And while she is offering help to Renov.


Jansen says you've got some explaining to do because she managed to break into the C A's classified files and discovered all of the documents not just on renov but on Dr Gray and the other recum heads and even Samantha Maxis and we saw of course in the last mission in season 1 that she was monitoring these profiles on her laptop so she's dug into Raven's, past however she says that your case is entirely closed so she wasn't really able to identify much from digging into his file but yeah she is a very hyper intelligent person I think largely in part due to the fact she has this connection with the dark ether and looked into Dr Gray's research as a child and started learning and practicing in all of that was the motivation for her getting into the research herself she is a very bright and compelling individual, and AA questions renov you were a part of requim what happened there and she asked what happened to requim.

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And renov reveals some very groundbreaking, information because he says Maxi sacrificed herself at the end of the outbreak we vowed we would find a way to rescue her and when we failed it was a blow some of us took it very hard we vowed never to let this happen again to which Janson says so you are zero for two on those promises since of course the zombies are back and similar events are now happening, but the reason why this is so groundbreaking is currently we still do not know the fate of Samantha Maxis, of course she went in at the end of forsaken to trap The Forsaken in the dark ether and sacrificed her own life as a result and it seems like during the events of called 2024 Zombies Black Ops Gulf War the recum heads do in fact try and rescue Samantha Maxis from the dark ether which means it seems like we are going to be going in the dark ether directly maybe the final map in that game's DLC, we'll see them physically go inside the dark ether or something or another of course the post credit scene another The Forsaken set 5 years after in 1990.

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Shows Dr peek heading to an island in the Pacific because the reum heads were apprehended by Eddie rofin after he shut down reum and they were taken to an island known as ter Island this is going to be one of the launch maps for COD 2024, zombies now it seems likely that they probably managed to break out from this prison thanks to Dr peek and then they went on a rescue mission to try and rescue Samantha Maxis and that's probably going to be the basis for the storyline of cod 2024 zombies and of course in the intro C scene for Modern Warfare 3 zombies we had a shocking Twist of events that we didn't see coming where we see that all of the recum heads are long since deceased and they are all holding their hands attached to some sort of div Vice with these ethereum canisters, which of course zaka steals to then cause the zombie outbreak itself so this Revelation in this C scene basically reveals.

What they were doing with these canisters seems like they were trying to rescue Samantha Maxis, and maybe this device had something to do with that, but they failed, and that is why they are now dead. We don't know what this device does; does it put their soul inside the dark ether? Does it sacrifice their essence to try and free her?


We're not exactly sure, but ultimately, it resulted in their deaths. There are still lots of questions. A lot of people seem very annoyed that they have revealed this information because they're saying that the story line should be told chronologically, and I do partially agree, but at the same time we still have a lot of questions.

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