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We finally arrived at the final story mission of Act 3 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 zombies; this one is called Death Zakay. Let's go as mentioned, this is the final story mission, and it has two objectives in it deployed to deploy the zaka of struggle in the first part and to cleanse the exclusion zone.

So, just like every single story mission, so far, at the end of the previous two acts, we've had to actually take an extraction helicopter and take us to the mission area. This mission is no different, so we have some prep time beforehand. You can use the entire 45 minutes on the standard map to essentially get yourself ready for this final mission.

I do want to mention that, in my opinion, the Act 2 final mission is far more difficult than this one, but some good preparation can make this last mission a lot easier than it is if you aren't prepared. I would absolutely advise three-plate armor. I would advise taking some spare plates with you.


I think at least you need to think about packing a punch in your weapon to pack two. If you can go to three, that is totally the best. I believe I finished it with a pack-a-punch 2 weapon, which made it take a little bit longer, but in the end it worked out. Also, consider increasing the rarity of your weapon a little bit, taking some decoy grenades to deal with the huge amounts of zombies trying to eat your face, and then consider getting yourself a Juggernog.

Stam up and possibly do something like Speed Coler so you can have quick reloads. Anything additional on top of this will obviously help you even more, but I would consider this to be a really good and strong setup as you go and attempt this final mission. Once all your preparations are done and you are good and ready, look on the map for the extraction with the little star next to it.


Of course, the previous two axe extractions are still there as well, so make sure you pick the correct one Zach has, and this will take you to the final mission area. In this final mission area, we can kind of divide it into three different phases. We have the container phase at the beginning as we're making our way to the factory, then we have the actual factory, and then last but not least, we have the neutralizer, area so in the first section the container area, as you move through this area you have to keep your head on a swivel because you will have huge amounts of mercenaries, pushing you so be sure to hide and essentially control the tempo at which they can get to you and kill these mercenaries, will be quite aggressive as they trying to like sort of push towards you as you move through this area.

Also, keep an eye out for snipers that are on the roofs of the nearby buildings, essentially targeting you as well, and last but not least, you will notice them as you move through these container areas. The mercenaries will blow the locks off these containers, which will force some zombies that are stuck inside the containers to now also rush you.

This area is super easy, and if you go through it slowly and methodically, you should have no problems now. As you get close to the factory itself, you will notice that there's an object active inside the factory that you need to blow up. Don't go in on the ground floor of the factory; take the stairs up on the side and go onto the roof and through the sun.

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I almost said the sunroofs through the skylights. Basically shoot the mercenaries, that are on the gantries in the top and basically walking around the bottom you'll have a couple of snipers at the top and just some normal dudes running at the bottom plus the odd zombie that will also push the area but this is going to allow you to essentially shoot them from the top which means you can control how much fire they can put back on you and you can basically clear out the entire inside of this Factory, also be careful of any AI that might be smart enough to come up the stairs that you came up because you can get some of these mercenaries to actually come all the way up there and if they catch you with your pants down this can be quite embarrassing.

easy tier 5 defeat zakhaev story mission completion for act 3 mw3 zombies

Once you are feeling secure about the inside of this Factory simply drop on down to this device here plant your explosives on it and get the out, this starts what I would consider the final part of this Mission which means you need to make your way to theut neutralizing at this point in time basically all hell breaks loose on this map so you'll have lots of zombies running around and you'll have mercenaries trying to kill those zombies and kill you so you can go one of two ways here you can either go loud and proud and basically shoot your way all the way through to the neutralizer, through these two different you know sets of enemies or you can actually play them off against each other and basically be kind of stealthy and only kill when you need to and make your way to the neutralizer, without drawing too much attention on yourself nonetheless once you arrive at the neutralizer.

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You will also see some reinforcement waves of mercenaries coming in, which once again either blow the helicopters or blow them out of the sky, and you will also get some of your people being dropped off once you go over to the neutralizer. And hit the prompt, an attack helicopter is going to spawn and come over to where you are blow this attack helicopter out of the sky and that is going to start the last part of this Mission which is orcus coming out of the ground the giant worm eating the Chopper and then wanting to pick a fight with you so you have to essentially kill this giant worm and it is quite tough as mentioned if you come here with a tier 2 weapon this will be a battle of attrition, the guys that you have with you your AIS are also shooting him and actually deal a fair bit of damage but this is going to take a while with a tier three weapon a pack-a-punch 3 weapon it is going to go a lot faster but nonetheless use the buildings for cover and kill the Zombies that Rush your position every once in a while as you dip in and out of the building, and keep shooting at orcus, now oras himself has basically three different ways in which he's going to try and do damage to you he has a beam attack which does a fair amount of damage but you can very easily avoid this by just going inside a building.

EASY Tier 5 Defeat Zakhaev Story Mission Completion for Act 3 | Call of Duty MW3 Zombies.
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