News - Early Look At The New Warzone 2 Zombies Overhaul Update



Let's take an early look at the next major MW3 zombie update. There's a bunch of stuff to go through here in today's article time.


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Mw3 season 2 content preview

Go through some stuff you are releasing. This is not only for zombies but also for the game overall.

This seems to be the season 2 weapon list here. I just want to add this for you guys. It's going to be in a couple months, but it's still pretty cool to see we have the AV LB, the AK2, and the Ruger P85. Act five in zombies and new enemies in Zombies as well so this article will be a combination of season one reloaded content and season 2 zombies content as well so act five obviously is expected here we're going to see a lot more missions there act four not really anything too crazy it was cool with the boss fight and stuff but not a big list of missions like we thought it would be we'll go through more of that later on in the article but cool stuff there and of course very soon we're also getting this chainsaw, aftermarket part in MW3 which seems pretty interesting we'll go through how that is in game very soon but for some season reloaded content here expect a release date for that mid-season update in MW3, is Wednesday January 17th and for zombies they already confirmed a bunch of stuff we're seeing here The first one is the new warlord.

New warlords releasing in mw3 zombies update

Doabe they say this here, hoping to counter the deadbolts of technological advantage in the exploration zone. Jack Fletcher, the leader of Terminus Outcomes, will deploy another of his lieutenants to the battle space in the coming weeks. South Korean Bourne Doabe will bring with her intimate understanding of electronic warfare and a fleet of self-programmed autonomous drones ready to wreck carnage on operation Deadbolts operatives from the sky, and we have more leaks going through how she's going to attack us through the Swarm kill streak.

She'll have a UAV as well. A bunch of voice lines leaked out for her, so there was a lot of cool stuff there. She should be a pretty interesting warlord to fight, but there's other warlords releasing as well. A big lineup here; we have Kis here. The other warlord locates and eliminates Kadis. Cadis Fortress unlocks Kadis Fortress doors, and Kadis eliminates them.

We have the same stuff for Doabe as well, and then another warlord releases the rainmaker. Same stuff: locate, eliminate the foress, unlock the door there, and eliminate them as well, so I can't wait to see that stuff there that all should be releasing very soon, and for a whole list here of upcoming MW3 zombie bosses, not just for season one reloaded in season 2, but for future seasons as well.

We have some returning from DMZ, which isn't too surprising. We have a juggernaut, a hammer knut, and for one, the chemist is returning, which is cool gunsling. The maestro we talked about. MD, falls rain maker Rush Hour Shadow, and then for some unsure stuff.

More operators releasing for mw3 zombies

More operators releasing for mw3 zombies

Vera Trap shield Maiden, and Pyro, so a lot of these here sound pretty cool, some from DMZ, some completely new, and as we talked about, some of these here are potentially going to be added as operator skins as well as operator rewards for completing, let's say, all the Act Five missions, which sounds cool, probably in bundles as well, which makes complete sense.

Maybe they just drop it very soon as a zombie-themed bundle. Who knows the new Tomb Raider operator skin as well, which is kind of random, but I guess it's pretty cool personally in terms of zombie-themed operators? I would much rather see just more straight-up zombie operator, which is like the reward for completing all the missions in MW3, zombies that operator is so sick, so more of that type of vibe in the game again, whether it's a reward or a bundle.

Multiple new dlc perks coming to zombies!

modern warfare 3

MW3, Zombie Features: Here, we're getting a bunch of perks in the game. The first one here is Mule Kick, which makes complete sense and will allow you to carry three primary weapons. There's nothing too much to talk about, but there's a standard perk overall. You guys know what that's like with zombies.

Another one here that got leaked out is Electric Cherry, which is pretty much just like when you reload, you have that spark effect. Whatever that electric effect that you know kills zombies or stuns them around you, that's pretty cool. They might change it up a little bit here, but we'll see what ends up happening.

Another one that got teased here, which I really would love to see, is widows wine, first introduced back in Shadow Bo3, and I want to go through a list here of a bunch of different tiers of the widows wine perk. This is a concept that we talked about back during the Black Ops Cold War. Now, will they add all these features?

stw3, zombies, not so sure, but maybe they'll combine all them together. That'd be pretty cool, but widows The base ability here is getting hit by a melee attack, while missing health will cause a cobweb explosion that will destroy or slow enemies nearby. You could store up to three charges per round, so tier one in this instance would be the cobweb explosion, which will affect a larger radius; tier two, the cob-up explosion will last twice as long; tier three, the amount of charges you can store has been increased to five; tier four, sliding will create a cobweb trail that slows down any enemies inside of it.

30 second cooldown, and tier five charges are now time-based instead of round-based (30 seconds to regenerate a charge), so of course they're not going to bring back the tier system in MW3. They would have done it at the launch of the game if they were going to do that for zombies, but they still have a lot of these abilities in some way in MW3.

New zombies exfil streak rewards

New zombies exfil streak rewards

On that, but for some more MW3 zombie stuff here, of course we're getting xfill streaks in the game; we saw them in DMZ. This makes complete sense here. This should have been at the launch of the game, but we're getting them a bit later in the game's life cycle. It is what it is, but xfill streak one here is starting with 500 Essence streak, two is starting with five armor plate streak, three starts with 1, 000 Essence streak, and four is 30% off perk machine cost.

streak five start with, 1500 Essence streak six increase contract payout streak seven start with 25 200 Essence streak 8 50% off Mystery Box cost streak nine starts with $5,000 Essence, and streak 10: 20% off Pack-a-Punch cost So these aren't too crazy, in my opinion. Good little rewards and bonuses for going on those xill streaks there, but nothing too overpowered.

This might be a bit different when it actually releases in the game; we'll see very soon.

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