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Now i know right up front that some of you guys won't even listen to what I have to say here because your minds are already made up on this topic, so I know some of you won't sway at all and you'll immediately go on the attack with this. That's just kind of the nature of things like this, but I really hope you guys at least give this article a chance because this is one of the easiest theories to completely debunk, and this is of course referring to the idea that apparently Activision or Call of Duty has added AI bots to multiplayer, in the lowest skill bracket of lobbies, and based on all of the quote-unquote evidence that I've seen, this is absolutely not true now.

But all of the evidence that I've seen so far, most of which is labeled as undeniable, proof is actually explained, quite easily, now I do want to be clear up front here there are actual issues with this game and with this franchise and I'm not just here to like blindly defend the game or Activision or whatever it might be when there are real problems I talk about it I bring it up I'm highly critical of this franchise cuz I do want it to be the best it can be I just get frustrated, when people start complaining about and leaving the game for reasons that aren't actually real or at the very least they don't really have any solid evidence to support them so let's Dive Right into this and the primary source for this is coming from blame truth on YouTube keep in mind we're focusing on these specific clips and examples that he showed, that he claims are irrefutable proof that Bots are in multiplayer.

And there are several examples that he brings up that are supposed to undeniably. Prove that there are AI bots in multiplayer.

No # and number after activision id?

No # and number after activision id?

And the first thing is, he was running into players with Activision IDs that don't have the hashtag and the number after them. This has been the case since Modern Warfare 2019. There are plenty of people, myself included, that don't have a hashtag or a number after their name, and I promise, I'm a real person.

I'm not an AI bot. Do I know exactly why this hashtag disappears?

Strange player behavior in rb lobbies

Strange player behavior in rb lobbies

Or spinning in circles, or just randomly throwing grenades or shooting their gun up in the air, and just sort of spinning around or moving randomly. And this one is easily explained by the anti-kick. AFK scripts that are available online. I'm obviously not here to advertise any of these, but a simple Google search will show that companies offer anti-AFK scripts that allow you to just search for a game, set your controller down, and run this script.

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And then you can just walk away from it, and it will keep your player from being kicked for being AFK. And in the process it grinds battle pass XP for you cuz in order to progress your battle pass you literally just have to exist in the game and on top of that this is also a form of reverse boosting, because obviously your player is just going to be doing nothing in the game aside from running around spinning shootings that kind of stuff and obviously your character will die a bunch which will put you into the lower tier lobbies and then of course if you are reverse boosting into those lobbies that's where you're going to run into these people running these scripts which we know exist, so to me that's a very logical conclusion to draw from these Strange Behaviors that you're seeing certain players have much more logical than Activision, implementing a brand new AI bot algorithm, that makes a bot perform not only nothing like a real player but also absolutely nothing like the actual Bots that are in the game when you play custom games and you add those Bots why would they take the time and effort to develop something like this when they've already got the systems in place with a toggleable. Difficulty setting so you can have recruit regular hardened and Veteran if they really wanted to add Bots to multiplayer, and especially if they wanted to make them try to go under the radar they would very likely play exactly like the recruit or regular Bots that you see when you play custom games and this is nothing like that but it is exactly what it looks like using those anti-afk, scripts, so again looking at that and coming to the conclusion that these are Activision AI Bots that were added to the game is a massive logical leap when there is a much simpler and more logical explanation, for this we know these scripts exist and we also know the players that are using these scripts will end up in Reverse boosted lobbies like this so if you do reverse boost and you end up in these lobbies it would be kind of weird to never run into these people running these scripts because we know that they're doing that and that's where they're going to end up so undeniable proof number two easily debunked with just a little bit of research .

Terminal wallbang clip

Terminal wallbang clip

After that, let's get into his second article with more undeniable proof of these AI bots in multiplayer. The first one is from the terminal, where this player, based on his movement, doesn't really appear to be a very confident player. We'll say he's moving around underneath the plane, and then suddenly, apparently out of nowhere, when you watch the killcam, he looks up, and he wallbangs somebody through here now.

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Of course, if that were me and I died like that, seeing that killcam would absolutely raise an eyebrow, but instead of the first thing that comes to mind being that's an AI bot that Activision added to multiplayer. My first thought is that I wonder if this is one of those surfaces. Where you can see enemy name tags and diamonds through it because for many years in Call of Duty we run into various situations where there's a certain wall where for some reason name tags will appear through that wall, in fact we had a bomb angle spot just like that in skid row and this is something the developers have patched now but that was of course my first thought is he probably saw his name tag through there so what I did is I loaded up a match on Terminal with my testing account and my main account set myself up in the same position, and I was wrong the name tag doesn't show through that however the legs do this is an area where clearly your character model will clip through that and therefore when you're standing in that position even if you're not a very good player if you see some legs start to poke through a wall you're going to shoot those legs and that's exactly what happened in that situation, now the kill cam didn't show that but we already know from well over a decade of playing Call of Duty you can't trust kill cams to be a perfect recording of what the enemy player saw they are not recordings.

A common claim I've seen spread all over the CoD community is that ActivisionCoD have added AI Bots to Modern Warfare III multiplayer and I wanted to investigate these claims to see if this is true.
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