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We just got some new surprise updates for MW3, even more free operators and content to get new changes, and much more. We break it all down in today's article. Drop a like on the article, subscribe if you're new, and shout to you for GM. If you need C points, a rare unlock code from Zomax, and much more, there is a bunch of stuff over there.

Use cod for an extra 5%. We have a really cool Milsim skin available for free. It's a striker skin for Fender, and what you have to do is text Striker to. 29683 to get the free 511 Tactical Striker skin for Fender in War Zone Mobile. So again, this is a War Zone Mobile promotion. I did this here: go to Call of Duty, Com Regem.

I'll put a link down. In the description below, I obviously texted that number first. I got a code from the text message. I input that code into this website. I got the pop-up. I just unlocked 511 Striker operator skin cool stuff there, and I went into War Zone Mobile and I had the operator skin.

That's all great, but a lot of people are saying they're getting this skin for free, but they're not seeing it in MW3, so I do want to mention this here. A lot of these skins are available in MW3. They're just bugged out right now, but this skin, as you can see with a little marker there, says usable or designed for MW3, which means it's usable in all three games.


If you see that there, it means you're going to be able to use it in all games right now. It's just a bit bugged. Another skin that's bugged as well is that ghost-condemned operator skin in the War Zone mobile official subreddit. Someone actually responded, an official Activision employee, and pretty much clarified that yes, the ghost condemned operator skin, the pre-registration reward that we went for that we talked about for a while, is usable in War Zone Mobile MW3.

And in War Zone as well, the golden ghost operator skin for the Day Zero event in War Zone Mobile is also usable in all three games. The only one that is only available for War Zone Mobile is the Day Zero Red Ghost operator skin, so I'm breaking down a lot of that content on my second channel, which matters more than any of the War Zone Mobile events I'm covering.

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On that second channel, if you guys want to check it out, put the link. I don't know if it was just bugs for people overseas, earlier, or in different countries; it was just a weird issue, or if they literally made this for our residence only for whatever reason. I'll be sure to give you guys an update on that, but for more promotions, here we have this.

Buy Hot Pockets and get bonus War Zone mobile in-game rewards here. How this works is that you receive 30 minutes of Double XP, a speedy Chomps emblem, and a Bombs Away charm when you buy Hot Pockets, which ends April 30th, 2024. Available where GoPuff delivers, so I guess you have to order Hot Pockets through GoPuff.

If you're getting Hot Pockets anyway, I guess you might as well get it through here to get some extra rewards. I mean, it would have been cool if we had a separate Hot Pockets operator skin like that exclusive Ive Little Caesars operator skin. That's a bit more enticing to go buy something for pretty sick skin.

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This is not as enticing, but still as cool. Twitch, or Tik Tok, make sure your Activision account is connected to whatever platform you're watching on. You're going to get even more rewards, as well as a really cool conic Vapor operator, skin, an Operation Day Zero charm, and a longbow. Operation Day Zero weapon blueprint: Now, I said in my previous article when these first got revealed that the blueprint was just okay-looking, but if you get it in the game, again, it's usable in MW3.

It actually looks so cool if you add different camos to it, so this one here is with solid-color camos. The mastery camos probably look sick on it as well. I mean, this is the thing with blueprints; sometimes they start off not looking that good, but once you have other camos on top of it, it could completely change the look of the blueprint.

These look so much better than the base-day Zero blueprint. Sometimes that's not the case, but with this weapon, for sure, that is the case. These look so much better, so definitely be sure to get them here. It is so easy. Just have a stream running in the background. Just go to any stream again.

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What drops off? You should get all this free content pretty easily now. one last free operator skin we're still waiting for, and they keep on teasing. Is that soap the HWK operator skin from the Task Force 14 event last year? I don't know why they never released it. I mean, they had so many opportunities, from daily login events to much more, to just drop it and give it to us.

They keep on teasing it, and all the war zone mobile and trailer promotions for whatever reason are so interesting, so they must be teasing it for a reason. It has to be coming very soon. It'll probably be again a war zone mobile promotion, where they want you to go into war zone mobile, play it, or do a mini event, whatever they want to do to actually get the skin, but I think most likely it will still be usable in MW3.

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And to the normal version of War Zone as well, since it's been the files of the game, I mean, it was originally from MW2. And war zone right, which just didn't win that side of the event, so we didn't get that operator skin, but regardless, they're going to probably tie into war zone mobile, which doesn't really matter to me.

I'll get it in War Zone Mobile and still be able to use it in MW3, as long as I can still use it in the base game. That skin is what really matters there, so I'll be sure to update you guys on if and when that skin is available. It should be available at some point very soon if they don't release it.

If they tease it and never release it, that'd be so insane. I mean, it's not a big deal. It's just an operator skin, but it's just cool. They already made it. They keep teasing it. Why not just drop it? You know what I mean. So, I'll sure update you guys on that, but for some more updates, Here we got a surprise: an update in MW3 and War Zone.

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Let's run through the patch notes that we got for multiplayer progression and resolve an issue preventing the winners perks. Challenges from tracking progress for weapons and attachments, battle rifles, bass B Jack Outlaw 277, Kit decreases the upper torso damage multiplier from 2 to 1.4 * X. Increase the lower torso damage multiplier from 1X to 1.1X, and decrease the arm and hand damage multipliers from 1.6 times to 1.1 times.

Increase in fire rate from 193 RPM to 241 RPM, up 25%. Decreased sight rate of fire penalty from 300% to 1 15%, decreased rechamber time from 330 milliseconds to 264 milliseconds removed 50% bullet velocity benefit increased Target Flinch is up 11% here, and incoming Flinch is up 35%. And for the saw-off mod here, the incoming Flinch is up 157%.

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