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Let's break down the new Day Zero event in honor of the launch of War Zone Mobile, all the free rewards you can unlock and use with an MW3, and much more. We'll break down all the information in today's article. Be sure to drop a like on the article and subscribe.

Operation day zero event with free rewards revealed!

If you're new, shout out to the GM if you need cheat C points or rare unlock codes.

Mastery camos, and much more. There's a bunch of stuff over there. War zone mobile coming March 21st, a whole operation The Day Zero tab has been added, so it says earn free rewards. Call of Duty: War Zone Mobile is live now, which isn't exactly true. Of course, it's available early in some countries, but the global launch for all countries is again next Thursday, March 21st.

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Play Operation Day Zero to unlock the limit time only. Community rewards that are accessible across MW3, War. Zone, and War Zone Mobile, including the Ghost Golden Phantom Operator Skin So a really cool look here at this operator skin again. If you click on this here, this is what pops up, so operation Day Zero has limited time.

Awards welcome to operation Day Zero begins in 6 days and 22 hours. Download War Zone Mobile Drop back into Verdance and experience the rush of Call of Duty action on the ghost. You're getting a ghostly golden Phantom operator skin, an AR blueprint, a pistol blueprint, and then some other, you know, emblems, calling cards, cosmetics stuff like that, so nothing too crazy but still pretty solid stuff.

The main one, of course, is that ghost skin. The ghost skin looks really, really sick here, and on the right, of course, are event details: scan the QR code to start downloading, link your activation account to War Zone Mobile, play Operation Day Zero to earn rewards, claim community rewards in the store, and rewards can be used across MW3.

War Zone, and again, so first off, the actual event itself is going to be within War Zone Mobile. We don't know the event details—if it's an XP progression event or if it's a challenge event or whatever—but they're pretty much trying to get people to download and play War Zone mobile, so I doubt you'll be able to unlock any of this content in MW3 and War Zone itself.

They want you to go play War Zone Mobile, but once you do unlock the rewards, they will be usable across all three games, which is pretty sick overall, so again, be sure to download War Zone Mobile if you can. I know some people were saying they weren't able to download it because their phone was too old, potentially.

Or maybe they're not in the right country, regardless. What's Happening Here is that the phone issue is a big deal because, right now, you do need a decent enough phone to run War Zone Mobile. It's just a newly developed game, and it's just not going to run properly on the older phone, so I'm pretty sure for the iPhone you need at least an iPhone 8.

Free ghost condemned operator skin cancelled?

Free ghost condemned operator skin cancelled?

And if you are able to pre-register for the game and of course as you guys probably know one of the initial rewards we got for pre-registering, for this game was that ghost condemned operator skin we knew for sure we would be able to use it in war zone mobile but we didn't know exactly, if it was going to be available in MW3, and the main version of War Zone we did get some leaked gameplay of the skin in MW3 in war zone in that main operator menu we had other leakers saying that yeah we'll be able to use it in the game we have the ghost condemn skin in the war zone infield cut scene you're seeing that up on screen so we kind of knew it was going to be available in the main game but right now we have no talk or word on this ghost condemned operator skin and instead, the day Zero of event we have the golden Phantom.

Ghost Skin, which, if you guys haven't realized, is pretty much the exact same ghost-condemned operator skin but with a golden look, so the theory is that potentially. The Ghost Condemned Operator Skin is still available but only usable in War Zone Mobile, and the Golden Phantom is the one you could get for all platforms. Or potentially, the golden Phantom, has replaced, the ghost condemned operator skin and the ghost condemn skin is no longer available for any players even if you did pre-register, for war zone mobile which kind of sucks it's not a big deal cuz the skins look the exact same and the golden Phantom one is pretty cool but the ghost condemned one is also a pretty solid look as well I would love for both skins to be available in the game across all platforms so maybe they'll update us on that I'll be sure to let you know what happens with that skin there but at least we are getting a similar, ghost condemn skin with the golden Phantom Ghost operator skin now for other events coming up as well in war zone mobile there is a daily login, event here so to earn all rewards log in on 14 separate days before unclaimed Rewards expire.

New daily login event with free soap operator skin

New daily login event with free soap operator skin

And one of the rewards, which looks like on day seven of logging in, is a soap operator skin, very similar look to that of the soap hawk operator skin from that previous task force one for one event we saw back in MW2. Obviously, it never did. We had many theories about its release and many potential opportunities.

There were leaks about the skin in the game as well, but it's apparently available in some way in War Zone Mobile. Not the exact skin, but very similar. Now you will be able to use this skin in MW3 and War Zone. There is no confirmation on that, but it seems like a lot of the events here have event rewards that are usable in MW3 and War Zone, so chances are likely we can bring this to MW3, but we'll see next week if we actually can.


They go through some stuff on in-game Chevrons that shows you what is meant for MW3. What is meant for War Zone Mobile and War Zone as well? They go through all different things about different zombies. Of course, it is not available in War Zone Mobile because there is no zombie mode, but you can unlock zombie cosmetics and stuff like that in War Zone Mobile and use them in MW3 Zombies.

I'm not so sure, but this was a previous war zone mobile event. You got this Whispering Blossom LMG Weapon blueprint here. Other cosmetics, as well as some of this stuff here, probably won't exactly be available unless they bring back all the previous event rewards for War Zone Mobile when it was in its pre-release and retroactively.

You know, give it to us. That would be kind of crazy. I doubt that's going to happen. The previous war zone mobile event rewards weren't too special anyway, so it's not a big deal if they're lost in the abyss and only a few select early war zone mobile players are able to keep them forever, but it would be cool to see overall But before we out some more stuff here for War Zone mobile quick shot to Apex Gaming PC, they're doing a pretty good St Patrick's Day giveaway for a bunch of PC gift cards.

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