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best controller settings mw3

We are checking out my new settings here from the Modern Warfare 3 season 2 update. The settings right here are these settings that make my game look how it looks and make you the player that I am, and overall. I will give you guys some of the best settings to help you be a better player here in Modern Warfare 3.

Let's hop right into these settings, starting off with the graphics tab here. My display mode is going to be full-screen exclusive because that's the best way to make the game look better and overall have more frames on the display monitor. That's the monitor that I do have on it. This right here is my graphics card, which is going to be my graphics card at 39 DTI.

This is the refresh rate of my monitor, which is going to be 240, and the display resolution of the monitor is also going to be 1440, which is the best way, in my personal opinion, the best way to play Call of Duty. The aeration is going to be automatic, and everything else is pretty much default except for the brightness.

best graphics settings mw3

I did set it to 50, which I think is also default, and I can't back out of that. We have everything right here. N Video latency, To be in echo mode, I left that at efficiency because that's just default to how it came when it was added to the game. Pry VN gameplay that's off my menus vsync is going to be 100%; you have on custom frame rate just Maximizing the frames in game so it can reach its maximum potential, and for the menus it's just set at 60.

I don't need the PC to be running extremely hard when I'm just sitting in the menus. The menu render resolution is just optimal. That's default pause game rendering that's off focus mode that's set to default that's regular and we have on the HDR or high dynamic range that's going to be set to off for the quality now obviously my graphic is going to be on custom because I did change everything so set to that resolution make sure that's on 100 Dynamic resolution going to be off on the upscale sharpening, be on philadeli.

Cast, which is literally the best out of all these here if this is going to be the best one to make the game look extremely sharpened and nice, but make sure you have it's strength on a 100 so you can get the maximum of that setting the path and tracing, and R Construction's off as well. We have one, the V-Ram scale.

best modern warfare 3 settings

Target is going to be on 70, same with the variable rate Shadow that's off. A lot of these details and textures are going to be set to extremely low. The details and texture resolution are going to be low. The texture filter, on normal that of field make sure you have that off makes the game blurry at certain ranges You have a detail quality level that's low; the same is true with the product resolution.

I personally turn off the blend imp packs; it really doesn't matter that when the persistent effects that's going to be on off shatter quality that's on low. On Demand Textur just downloads things in the back just to make the game look a lot better, but it doesn't make the game lag or anything like that, so it's definitely setting you should have on the same thing for the local texture streaming quality.

best mw3 settings

Make sure you set that to normal. You have the shadow and lighting. The shadow quality is going to be low. The screen space shadows are low as well. The collision is going to be on both screens. Reflections on normal The static reflection quality is low as well. The environment is now being tested.

La, you make sure that's on near the volumetric quality is on low. A lot of these are going to be set low, especially because this is just like weather, and you don't need the game to look crazy just in the background, so all of them are going to be set low or just simply off. My FOV is going to be set to 120.

That's just maxed out; we have it on effect; that's just literally the best way to play this game as well, especially since it eliminates any sort of visual recoil that the game could have, so in fact, it just gets rid of that up field. The view that's going to be on is just going to look smaller, nothing too crazy, third-person field.

best settings mw3

The view that's going to be default is the same as the vehicle field of view; that's a default as well. So now for the camera, you want to make sure you have the world and weapon motion blur off because you don't want the game to look all blurry. Whenever you just move around the same thing with the fill grain, it just eliminates a lot of the noise stuff like that, but it's set to low just so it doesn't look extremely blurry.

For the first-person moving camera, make sure you have this set to the least amount. You are screen-chilling too much, especially when you get hit by grenades and stuff like that. This definitely just comes in clutch. These third-party settings are going to be set to default. I didn't touch any of those things right there; the only thing I changed was the inverted GL.

I did set that on because I don't want to go blind playing this game. That's going to be it for the graphics tab, not for the audio tab. A lot of these right here are going to be set to just whatever is plugged into your PC or your console, so I'm just going to scroll through. One thing I did change on here was going to be the audio mix that's going to be on your headphone, a SPO.

cod mw3 best settings

That's the best way to play because you hear literally everything. Obviously, my volume is going to be 100, so I can hear everything in the game a lot. I just turned it off because these were just like music stuff like that, so there's really just no point, but a lot of these just default to whatever was just pluged into your PC or your console, and then that exactly, what it'll just pop up, you just change it to whatever you want it to be.

Scroll through this because none of these I did change the set for the hit markers, which I think comes on Modern Warfare. I'm pretty sure, but it's just set to the default one, or I did change it. I don't remember how the game came, but in modern warfare, the J music is on the War Tracks. The passenger that's on really doesn't even matter, and that's pretty much it just for the audio tab.

modern warfare 3 best controller settings

Now for the interface as well, these are all pretty much default How do you want the game to look? One thing I did change was the color customization, just in terms of the enemies and stuff like that, and you can literally just change them to any color you want, and you can also create. Any color you want as well, Lally, right here is how you can just do it.

You just change it to whatever color you want. You could make it however you want it to be or however you want it to look. That's exactly how you can do it here with the column customization. Tab, the only thing that I did change as well, which I think comes as default, is going to be the mini map set on Square.

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