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This article is going to give you everything you need for Modern Warfare 3. There are lots of settings in this game that are huge quality of life boosts, and if you don't use them in the game, you'll be at a major disadvantage. I'm going to be showing all of you them. Today, there are a couple of quality settings, visually speaking, in terms of color customization, and also loads of quality settings in terms of audio and controller settings that are massive, and of course, if you're looking for the best possible Pro Player controls, this article is going to tell you that now everything on every platform, regardless of what you're using, has access to the view.

The best visual/graphic settings for modern warfare 3 & warzone 3

best controller settings mw3

Tab Here, you want to feel the view from around 110. I personally use 115 because I'm at a monitor, but if you're on a larger screen like a TV, a slightly lower one around 105 to 110 I think works best, but anybody who's sitting at a desk or a monitor. I think 115 is The Sweet Spot You need an effective field of view with a wide format, which is going to make the gun visually a little bit smaller, which is better for spotting targets, a fov for the third person, and a wide field of view for your vehicles.

World and weapon motion blur off because it makes the game look worse, and the film grain is set to 0.1. Just a tiny little bit of it will give the game a bit of a gritty edge, and you want your camera movements set to as little as humanly possible. If you're using an OLED display, inverted flashbangs are actually worth having because the blacker colors end up being better in terms of response time, but if you're on an LED monitor, do not invert your flashbangs or an LED TV.

Now one thing that everybody has access to is upscaling and sharpening, and if you're on console, it's Fidelity Cass. If you're on PC, I recommend Nvidia D, and make sure you have it set to Native at 70%. You don't want your render resolution to be low if you're on PC, but for those of you who are on Console Fidelity Cass.

I would put it in and around the 70 range because that tends to work better in the controller tab.

The best controller settings for modern warfare 3 and warzone 3

The best controller settings for modern warfare 3 and warzone 3

These are the pro settings that you're going to need. I would highly recommend using the tactical button layout of tactical flipped. I personally prefer shooting and aiming with L1 and R1, but you may prefer your triggers, so feel free to keep that non-flipped if necessary. But tactical is going to allow you to slide by clicking into your analog and dive by holding into your analog, which is worth having in this game.

Sliding is the most beneficial movement mechanic, so I would highly recommend having it easy on standby with a tactical layout. You don't want anything here except for potential flipped I recommend turning vibration trigger effects off, but if you do want to change your dead zones. If you don't have stick drift on your controller.

best mw3 settings

I would try putting this down as low as humanly possible. I put them at 04 or 0.4, or, as you can see on the screen here, just the value. But if you do have stick drift, feel free to slightly increase this value. You can tell if you have stick drift if your character starts to move without you touching either of your analog sticks.

I also recommend moving on to the aiming tab. I personally use a sensitivity of 1010, but I know that's not for everybody. If you're somebody who struggles with high senses, I recommend around seven; it's a sweet spot, but personally, the higher your sensitivity, the more you'll be able to flick onto opponents.

I recommend an ad sensitivity multiplier of 0.9. This is going to make it so that your ads and your hip fire are fairly similar, so you're not losing muscle memory, but it will give you a slight refinement in your aim-down sight engagements to make your weapons less sensitive and more accurate. I don't change anything on sensitivity multipliers or vertical aim axes, and if you do, you'll end up in some really weird situations with your controller, so I don't recommend that at all.

best settings modern warfare 3

But a huge option here is the dynamic response curve. This is something that 95% of professional players use; we all use the same aim response curve of dynamic, and what this means is that when your analog stick is all the way to the left and right, you're snapping really fast, but when your analog stick is in the center and you're adjusting for shots on top targets, there are very minimal changes and very minimal compensations.

You also want your ad sensitivity transition timing to be set to instant, which is a huge benefit for making your guns feel a bit more responsive and snappy. And of course, for aim assist, I would highly recommend using the Black Ops Aesis setting for gameplay. Auto-tack Sprint, I think, is worth having, and other than that, there isn't a huge amount to change here.

Automatic TX Sprint is pretty much the biggest one you'd want, but here are all the other settings on screen as well. Personally, I haven't really messed around with any of these. You may want to disable automatic airborne mantling instead of partial, but for the most part, for me, I think these are fine as is.

The only other setting I change here is prioritized interaction. I personally think this makes more sense because it means you have to hold square to reload, and it's more of a conscious decision rather than accidentally tapping square and reloading, which can cause problems. We do have slide canceling back, which is a huge bonus, but it's just something I think is worth putting on your radar, and of course there are some other settings here for the future of War Zone, like armor plates. I personally apply one on the controller, but applying all makes more sense on the keyboard and mouse next up, as you want.

The best clarity & colour settings for modern warfare 3

The best clarity & colour settings for modern warfare 3

To go to your interface segment, specifically color customization, in here, you can change the colors of all of your opponents and all of your friends and squadmates, and I personally think the darker these colors are and the more pronounced they are, the easier it is to see those individual targets, so I like to make those really bold colors as much as you humanly can.

In the color filter setting, you want to set this to filter one or filter 2, and you want the color for the world in sensity to be at the highest possible value to give you those popping colors, but you want the HUD intensity to be at zero so that the colors are really strong. You can see the difference between the two as I slide back and forth here.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is here and today I show you the pro settings for visibility, colours, and controller settings that the best players in the world are using.
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